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The Sea Beast (2022)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
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Rayting:   7.1/10 31K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: July 8, 2022

When a young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, they launch an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history to boot.

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niloynil-36985 8 July 2022

The story it self was great for me, they cover all of the aspect, bravery, comfort zone and friendship....

That last scene also have powerfull feels. Good job, really good job,,love it 😌

Spiritus33 8 July 2022

Fmovies: Unlike some people here, that clearly need to upgrade or properly setup their tv, say, this is another step up for graphics. You can take it from someone that has seen and loved animated movies for a long time, this is amazing.

The lighting and reflections, specially through hair. The fabrics on cloth's, reflections in a puddle of water on the deck, different collouring throughout the day, underwater scenes and so on. It really pops off your tv. I would especially recommend an oled for this.

Besides all the graphical splendor, the story is compelling and bold. A mixture of Moana and Raya and the dragon. Liked the story, loved the graphics!

HlenSki 10 July 2022

Stunningly beautiful and colourful. Attention to detail in graphics is amazing. A story about befriending assumed enemies and leaving behind a generations long cycle of vengeance in exchange for peace. Effortless story telling. Funny, but in a warm fuzzy way, not over the top.

felixstaffanson 15 July 2022

The Sea Beast fmovies. It started out great, but after a short bit it became quite predictable. A little girl who has never been on the sea and who has dreamt all of her life too become a hunter just knows that the sea beasts are the good guys and knows everything that's going on with them. In my opinion it became quite cliche.

The animations and so were great and the voice acting was amazing.

oscarflash 9 July 2022

The Red Beast, Huge like fish, is how the story got it's new beginning. The Plot is about doing good.

Living a great life and dying a great death, shouldn't be about fighting the so claimed monsters rather, living in peace with them. It's about doing what's right for the greater good and telling the truth. Not selling more lies for our own benefits and to satisfy our greed.

It's a very nice anime about lot's of great meanings.

High Recommended. 8/10.

(First day of Eid Al-Adaha).

9th of July 2020.

IonicBreezeMachine 9 July 2022

Set in a world of fantastic Sea Beasts, orphan Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator) grows up admiring the heroic exploits of monster hunters in various books with no ship of monster hunters more revered than Captain Augustus Crow (Jared Harris) of the ship The Inevitable who is respected by his crew especially Jacob Holland whom Crow rescued as a boy and views as an adopted son. Following the Inevitable's successful hunt of a sea beast, the King (Jim Carter) and Queen (Doon Mackichan) of the empire they serve are displeased with Crow for having abandoned pursuit of sea beast, The Red Bluster, in order to rescue fellow monster hunters from another sea beast. Declaring the age of hunters over and assigning Admiral Hornagold (Dan Stevens) the task of bringing down Red Bluster with the royal frigate The Imperator, Crow and his crew soon setout in a race to bring down Red Bluster to prove the age of hunters is still alive. Maisie stows away having lost her monster hunter parents on board the ship The Monarch, and Crow allows her to stay despite Jacob's objections but eventually Maisie and Jacob discover the true nature of the sea beasts isn't aligned with what they've been told.

The Sea Beast is the latest animated film from Netflix and fourth directorial effort from Chris Williams following his work on Bolt, Big Hero 6, and co-directing Moana. Williams directs from a story he co-wrote with Nell Benjamin and the film in many ways feels like a spiritual successor to Williams' Moana with the seafaring setting and emphasis on adventure/exploration making them feel like cinematic cousins. While Williams does revisit familiar territory, he does so in a rousing fashion that harkens back to classic swashbucklers and seafaring stories that results in a great animated adventure.

What really stood out to me with The Sea Beast was the dedication to creating what looks and feels like a livable and believable world. Too often these days a lot of fantasy films, especially animated ones, will feel the need to insert more contemporaneous dialogue into the film rather than tailoring the words for the world. Many recent Disney films have had this issue for me such as Raya and the Last Dragon where there were multiple utterances of the phrase "Dragon Nerd" that felt way too contemporary for the setting presented. The Sea Beast does a nice job of sidestepping that trope and I was appreciative of how the screenwriters avoided contemporary terminology or slang (with the exception of a very subtle nod to Xenomorphs of all things in a dialogue exchange, didn't see that coming) and the actors felt like they were inhabiting written roles rather than presenting themselves as is.

The characters are all nicely rounded with Karl Urban playing dashing hero Jacob Holland whose appearance harkens back to swashbucklers like Errol Flynn's Captain Blood in movement and design and despite possessing an edge, the movie gives him a lot of humanity and vulnerability with some great scenes between him and Jared Harris' Captain Crow. Jared Harris is also quite good as Captain Crow and there's definitely more than a little bit of Captain Ahab in the character as he carries a deep seated grudge against Red Bluster but like Jacob the character also gets some solid moments of humanity which adds to the sadness and rage that motivates his character. Zaris-Angel Hator does well in her first starring role having previously only done supporting work in series such as Black Earth Rising and she does a solid job of bring

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