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Lightyear (2022)

Animation | Action | Adventure
Popularity 10
Rayting:   5.8/10 80K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: June 15, 2022

While spending years attempting to return home, marooned Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear encounters an army of ruthless robots commanded by Zurg who are attempting to steal his fuel source.

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User Reviews

dreamingnothing 17 June 2022

My 7 and 8 year old were bored so much they almost fell asleep. I didn't notice if they actually did, because I did.

The robot cat scenes were the best parts by far. Which is a huge problem.

THIS was Andy's favorite movie? That had to be a lie.

Sandra-durand80 19 June 2022

Fmovies: I was disappointed. We expected more from this movie. The storyline was okay. The cat was cute, but that was it. Could've made a movie based on the cat and it would've been better. Buzz Lightyear is not the same without Tim Allen voicing the character. Two thumbs down.

Airman87 18 June 2022

Let's be clear here: Disney is lying through their teeth. When you buy a Maui doll from Moana, you get Dwayne Johnson's voice. Disney pretending that because it's an origin story it requires a different voice actor is one of the most feeble attempts ever to avoid backlash. If it had been an origin story of Woody, you can be damn sure Disney would have cast Tom Hanks.

With that out of the way, does this origin story of the Buzz toy bring Pixar a worthy return to theatrical releases? Absolutely not. This very much feels like it should have been the third Disney+ release after Luca and Turning Red. The visuals, while not the best from Pixar, are still quite good. Chris Evans does his best to fill Allen's shoes and his performance is palatable once you get over the change. But what is ultimately lacking here is any heart or substantive story. Attempting to be 'real life' events makes the whole plot feel fabricated beyond an already hardly believable story.

There isn't a universe here where I want get lost in, and frankly, I don't think many viewers will, either...

brianjohnson-20043 30 June 2022

Lightyear fmovies. This film seems to spark a lot of people to say that this film is completely terrible or that it's completely fabulous because it included a gay relationship in the periphery of the main story, and to an even lesser extent, a convict character who is sympathetic. So. I'll address that quickly: None of that seemed like a big selling-point or issue with the movie to me. And those reviewer who make the movie all about those things seem to say more about themself in their review than the movie itself.

Overall I found the movie better than what I was expecting based on it's IMDB score, but still far from being a Pixar classic.

The animation is very good, the story is solid even if it feels like a lot of the ideas have been done before in different ways and feels like a few ideas didn't quite work as well as possible. In some ways it reminded me of an inferior "Up". The main protagonist's circumstance were less sympathetic and more a result of his actual decisions. Overall I wonder how the movie would have looked if it had explored a B storyline for another character during some of the time-jumps. I also think the twist could have been established a little better than it was.

The voice acting for the film is fine. I didn't think a lot of the comedy landed well for me. But it wasn't awful like a lot of kids movies either and didn't detract much from the drama of the main story. Overall it will be acceptable to most audiences, with the robot cat being a likely favorite character for many viewers. Most kids will probably like it a bit more than adults and not notice or care much about the politically controversial content unless their guardians have already primed them to have an major opinion about it like them.

I'd say it's a good time at the theater and better than the average score right now of 5.8. But don't expect it to be a classic Pixar film like Coco, Up, Walle, or Toy Story 1-3.

jpmock 24 July 2022

Wow I just can't believe the bad reviews. I use imdb scores and written reviews religiously and 95% of the time u think they are spot on. I watched this with my family and we were all very entertained throughout the entire movie. That should say enough. It was pretty well done and interesting.

Balnyetnikoff 17 June 2022

I saw this in the theater with my 6 year old. She fell asleep and I almost did too...boring, nonsensical, inconsistent, and worst of all, not funny. What was the point?

Should have been free to watch on Disney plus.

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