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Luck (2022)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Popularity 12
Rayting:   6.3/10 8.9K votes
Country: Spain | USA
Language: English
Release date: August 5, 2022

The curtain is pulled back on the millennia old battle between the organizations of good luck and bad luck that secretly affects everyday lives.

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gab-67599 5 August 2022

As a fan of animation movies I could not wait to see this one. But afterwards it was not as I expected. I only laughed once or twice in the beginning, the rest of the story just played out. The story was cute, but not for kids to follow along with much. As an adult I am still not sure where Bob came from originally. Our word or BL world? Desite facts, this was just a bit too long for any child to stay in their seats and watch. The animation was good, big heads, even bigger eyes to match them. This felt more like a 6 star for me, but I added one star for Pegg. This should have been much funnier, but sadly no.

chaakar 5 August 2022

Fmovies: It's no Zootopia, but not every animated film is going to entertain all ages perfectly -- that said, the choreographed sequences in the film are all really well done and well scripted: kids will love them, adults, you'll see it and smile. I really enjoyed it though, and am thrilled that we have a new nicely made, original, entertaining animation for families AND there was no out of left field subliminal -"let's model cultural change for children"- messaging to need to work with -- just a simple message about how lucky we are to have people who care for us in our lives.

Looking forward to more from Skydance!

pingalingo 6 August 2022

A really enjoyable film for both adults and children. Lots of funny moments but also many heart warming moments just what you want from a great animation.

thugwyfe 8 August 2022

Luck fmovies. I'm 31 and loved this movie. Yes I have kids but they are a little too young still. It was so cute and entertaining. Sometimes I get sick of kid movies and stop watching halfway. Not with this film. I love all the characters and voices they chose for them. The plot kept me interested and the ending was incredible. Its very wholesome and clean. I recommend for any age.

daisukereds 5 August 2022

A simple and rather childish story about an unlucky lady, trying to make things better for others.

With a good emotional core, and a catchy song that came out of nowhere. It's also visually stunning. From Architecturally, to character design and models.. to lively luck-related cat animations, and unlucky-girl moments (the best part of the movie).

But I must say, I was quite disappointed at the stiffness and lack of good facial expressions.. specially during the delivery of emotional lines! It's like the models don't move, and just their mouths were articulated and animated. Something you wouldn't see in something like Turning Red, where it might even go overboard! But is that added energy that makes watching an animated movie so fun.

Does not fail to entertain and pass the time, but it doesn't linger.

ryanc-49973 6 August 2022

This was well done! I enjoyed the whole movie. Was it a bit cliche in some regards? Yes! But it's okay and the whole family from 7-42 liked it a a lot! My only gripe: why is there always an orphan or single parent involved?

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