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The Bad Guys (2022)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Popularity 129
Rayting:   6.8/10 31K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: April 27, 2022

To avoid prison, a gang of notorious animal criminals pretend to seek being rehabilitated, only for their leader to secretly find that he genuinely wants to change his ways.

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User Reviews

ops-52535 2 May 2022

The best animated crimecomedies made in the latter years thinks the grumpy old man, and yes its animals behind the masks, and the only thing that draws my ciphers to an 8 must be some save the budget cuts in the most expensive animation parts...

the voice cast is supreme,the animated caracters are extraordinay and colourful the timing and sound edits on the spot, the musical score fresh and amazing the comedy are at moments hilarious and for the rest of the time ts just smiling fun, so lets call them the bad guys 6. The humour by the way is not exactly for minors and toddlers, so 7+ is a good guideline of rating. Bet that im seeing this carnival once again, then with my grumpy better half by my side, you better not missout on this one.

rht1369 4 May 2022

Fmovies: This is fun light hearted animation. The story is entertaining and adorable at times. The humor is to my liking: even though some jokes are predictable, they're still well placed and executed well. I personally enjoyed the art style combining 3D animation with comic style 2D drawings. Kudos to the animators, the faces of the characters were very expressive.

ol-11 18 March 2022

I completely agree with the first reviewer: I had low expectation after seeing the trailer, too. But "The Bad Guys" turned out to be a very clever movie, well-made, with a sophisticated script, and fast-moving. Most importantly: It's not taking itself too seriously. I mean: A shark as a master of disguise!?

I don't know (yet) the books on which this movie is based. Oviously the story is also inspired by the various Ocean's 8/ 11/ 12/ whatever-movies, but it is definitely an over-the-top-version of these caper movies. These movies always tried to be believable; "the bad guys" tries to be fun. And it succeeded in that!

subxerogravity 22 April 2022

The Bad Guys fmovies. So, it looks to me that the Bad Guys was influenced by the anime Lupin the third. Makes perfect sense, so many animated movies and series are. Sam Rockwell's Big Bad Wolf is a total play on this. Although I did notice that Disney's Seeing Red has a similar look so it looks like anime is getting even more intergraded in everything. I'm good with it!

The actual story is by the numbers. These animated features love the idea of teaching children to think outside the box and rising above what the world thinks you are, in a movie that's story arch could not have been more obvious if they tried, but that animation was so good that I'm too focus on it to care.

It's a good ensemble cast of characters. The Wolf, the Shark, the Tarantula (Played by Awkafina, a fav in this movie, just really cute), the Parana, and the Snake. It was a good crew and it's kind of great how the character and the voices all gel together.

But really, I can't stop talking about the animation. Its realty worth it to watch things unfold. Lots of good kinetic energy, the moving pictures never slow down and consistently lively throughout. Flawless.

Thumbs up.

tommypezmaster 4 May 2022

Already one of the best films of the 2020 decade and one of Dreamworks' best films in a long time.

The animation is beautiful, the characters are all likable and the message is a good one. Dreamworks should use this style more often for more variety in their content. Which already fit w/ their style of humor.

This is a movie Free Birds and The Emoji Movie should be like.

ayoreinf 21 March 2022

This one, as another reviewer has already said , has wonderfully written characters (obviously - written and performed). It's not original - I couldn't care less - once again: originality as is, is overrated in my personal book. So despite obvious similarities with Zootopia I still enjoyed it wholeheartedly. Some of the plot twists can be spotted miles ahead - it doesn't matter. Once we got to know and like these lovely characters we just want to see the story through and know how it all ended for them. Only problem is - most of the climax of the movie doesn't really make sense. Or to put it simply, think it out carefully and you'll realize - it couldn't happen the way the movie explains it. I'd give it 10 stars if it was making sense. And then again - it's not as important as it could be in other movies.

Must add some words regarding the cast. They're all wonderful but I can't avoid special mention for Sam Rockwell, it's not the first time I see him but I can promise from now on - I'll make it my business to notice him; Marc Maron is also superb as snake; Zazie Beetz is always unforgettable, and she does it again, and the exact same thing can be said of Awkwafina.

To some it all up - if you don't have a special agenda against fun movies - you'll love this one.

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