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DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

Animation | Action | Adventure
Popularity 25
Rayting:   7.9/10 32K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: August 3, 2022

Krypto the Super Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, Krypto must master his own powers for a rescue mission when Superman is kidnapped.

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User Reviews

joeyford-55342 29 July 2022

This movie is a mess. The alphabet soup is in full effect and distracts from the action - Disney fail. Kids were getting antsy in the theater. Seems like a winning cast but too much going on for kids. Funny, was at 5/10 last night on here before we saw it, now at 7/10. Almost like they deleted lots of negative reviews like they did with "Capt Marvel" that went from 3/10 to 8/10 overnight after they purged the "trolls." Reading through the reviews, most are like this one. Seems like a solid story and with these stars you would expect it to work BUT you have to remember the audience is 8 year olds. Bad guy escapes and goes on a rampage. Real supers are taken out and pets have to step up. Good idea poorly executed with the agenda overshadowing any progress. Skip it or wait for rental.

colewaters 3 August 2022

Fmovies: I first want to say that Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart are always great together, but they could not even save this film. The movie had some laughs and some really fun moments, but it felt more like an action film then a family movie.

Parents two words Curse Words. I know this was for play, but they bleeped out curse words. It's a family movie why even have those words in there to begin with.

FeastMode 4 August 2022

This is a pretty weak attempt at an animated action-comedy. I laughed at about 5% of the jokes, chuckled at 30%, and was dead silent for the rest. I think Kevin Hart is funny but he adds almost no comedic value to this role. The story/dialogue/characters don't do anything to help.

I'm not an animation snob and I rarely notice or complain about bad animation, but I was really surprised by how bad most of it looked. You could see separate parts of the face moving/stretching/squeezing independently rather than as a whole. No idea if this was a stylistic choice, but I didn't like it.

I compare this to Minions: Rise of Gru from a few weeks ago, which I LOVE. It's very similar in so many ways yet completely superior. The animation is amazing and mesmerizing, it's hilarious and the action is a delicious cherry on top. Super-Pets follows so many beats, almost like a template, but pales in comparison, especially with the climactic action scene.

I didn't hate watching this movie, but it's definitely not good. Watch The Lego Batman Movie instead, it's amazing and hilarious. (1 viewing, 8/3/2022)

michaeladendy-759-101926 29 July 2022

DC League of Super-Pets fmovies. I had such a great time watching this movie. It was fun, full of great nods to things in and around the DC Universe. The characters were likable and well thought out! Kids will love it, parents will enjoy it!

illaymelamed 28 July 2022

After the great batman movie they gave us this yaer they stricke agian with dc league of super pets well the film isnt perfect he is a great movie that worth seen in thaters for a lot of times!!

I have no problem with the film exsapt im so sorry about it but i have too the first act (15-25 minutes from it) but the film is 106 minutes so it relly not a big deal so i not going to give you stuff but with only say kripto and superman relisonship shine in this film that this is a film you wont want to miss.

Oh and theres 2 post credits scenes you wont want to miss them espically the secend one

my score for the film is: 8.8.

3xHCCH 28 July 2022

Krypto had been Kal-el's pet and companion since he was an infant launched into space by his parents during the destruction of their home planet Krypton. As Kal-el eventually became Superman, Krypto had always been his mission partner and only friend. However, time came when Superman was spending more time with Lois Lane and planned to marry her. When Clark brought him to an animal shelter to find a new friend for him, Krypto felt very depressed.

The unadopted pets in the animal shelter include boxer dog Ace, pot-bellied pig PB, blind turtle Merton, red squirrel Chip, and Lex Luthor's hairless guinea pig Lulu. One day, evil Lulu got herself a piece of orange kryptonite which gave her superpowers to fulfill her dreams of world domination. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League were abducted, the other shelter pets with their newly-acquired powers help Krypto to rescue them.

Watching the closing credits reveal who the voice actors were behind the various characters was very enjoyable. It was surprising to see a lot of A-list actors on the list, including Dwayne Johnson (as Krypto), Kevin Hart (as Ace), John Krasinski (as Superman), Natasha Lyonne (as Merton), Diego Luna (as Chip), SNL stars Kate McKinnon (as Lulu) and Vanessa Bayer (as PB), and my personal favorite -- Keanu Reeves (as Batman).

This actually turned out to be one of the best DC films ever released, live or animated. Writer-director Jared Stern was also behind "Lego Batman Movie" (2017) and his sense of humor was fun and familiar. It was very rich in Superman (with echoes of the 1976 Richard Donner film) and Justice League lore sure to entertain serious and casual DC superhero fans. There were even a few sly Marvel references (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and others) to boot.

This is also a most delightful film for pet-lovers of all ages. The relationships of various pets and their masters were very well-explored here. Dog owners, especially, would be able to identify with the stories of Krypto and Ace. As would be expected from a movie about pets, there would be a lot of emotional moments throughout with sentimental scenes of man-animal interactions which would surely warm even the hardest of hearts. 8/10.

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