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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two (2021)

Animation | Action | Crime
Rayting:   7.2/10 10K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: August 25, 2021

The killer known as Holiday continues to stalk the Falcone crime family while a new class of costumed criminal rises in Gotham City. Batman suspects that a former ally might be the serial killer.

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Movi3DO 2 August 2021

Don Corleone in Batman?

Batman and his friends had to solve a series of murders while trying to take down the Godfather of Gotham.

And the second movie even furthered the mystery. I became even more invested in the story and was thrilled at how the characters turned out. A character became rogue while having a good motivation of his own. Again, I was bouncing off between who was the culprit of the murders, and the revelation was not super surprising because I did have that character in my mind, as well as subtle hints from the plot.

Also, the story focused a bit more on the character of Batman, as well as Catwoman. Not all of the new characters introduced in the movie really worked for me tho.

Overall, a solid DC movie that had great story and decent characters. 8/10

As for both movies, the animation was great, especially for the action scenes. I expected more gore, but it's a Batman movie so that's not a good expectation. Also, it seemed like I would enjoy the movie more if I knew more about the villains from the comic books. But overall I enjoyed both movies.

WeAreLive 12 January 2022

Fmovies: The killer known as Holiday continues to stalk the Falcone crime family while a new class of costumed criminal rises in Gotham City. Batman suspects that a former ally might be the serial killer.

I am going to expend a bit here this time.

This was a very worthy movie to adapt the comic like it predecessor part 1.

From the suspense, to it's stellar animation and finally the action.

masonsaul 11 August 2021

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two is an incredible conclusion that's thrilling, dark and satisfying and solidifies it as one of the stronger adaptations. Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel and Naya Rivera are all great once again. Chris Palmer's direction is also great and the animation is excellent. It's extremely well paced and the music by Michael Gatt is really good. However, it's brought down slightly by Batman feeling sidelined occasionally.

matthewssilverhammer 5 February 2022

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two fmovies. The best Batman dramas are full of moral complexity to accompany the dark violence...and this is swimming in both. It may not be quite as good as the book (I apologize for being that guy). Still, this sprawling epic mystery full of compelling characters is the kind of layered entertainment that's worthy of multiple viewings. The scarecrow sequence is especially excellent; I wish we could get a more surrealistic version of him like this on the big screen.

digitalbeachbum 5 October 2021

I couldn't even bear to watch this part 2. It started out OK, but then it withered quickly and died. The writing, the character development, the action scenes, were all terrible.

I did not care for this installment of Batman, I did not care for the way the story played out. I thought it was rushed and the writers and director didn't stay true to the course of action. It was as if they gave up and didn't put in the attention to details that were needed.

I think this was a waste of time and resources and a disappointment to the part one which was actually good.

eddie_baggins 17 October 2021

Following on from the recently released Part One of Chris Palmer's animated adaptation of the famed Batman graphic novel of the same name, The Long Halloween Part Two continues on the good work before it too make a case for these two part feature length efforts to be regarded as some of the best examples of DC Comics staples when it comes to the animated game.

With a more Joker-fueled first part that was at times more like a darker version of the old Adam West starring TV show with the crazy clown running rampant around the mysterious murders at the hand of the Holiday Killer, Part Two differentiates itself in a neat way as we get far more time here with the unfortunate Harvey Dent as well as additions Poison Ivy and the Mad Hatter.

While so well handled in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight masterpiece, the Josh Duhamel voiced Harvey Dent is here one of the most well-rounded representations of the aspiring political figure that is the eventual two-faced haunted soul and it's nice to see Palmer and the film allow Batman/Wayne to take a backseat at times here as Dent's journey from a bright-eyed figure to a disfigured shadow of his former self takes centerstage and adds layers to this tale that might not have existed without the confidence of the people in charge.

Coming in a brisk sub-90 minute running time, Palmer crams a lot into this second part of the Long Halloween tale and in some ways you do wish there was more time allotted to the continuation of the mystery surrounding the Holiday Killer's identity and their reasoning behind their spree of vicious murders, with it coming as somewhat of a surprise that in many instances the Holiday Killer is an afterthought, even if their killings and presence looms large over all characters involved in the story.

It's all nitpicks however as the wonderful old school animation and well-rounded bringing too life of some of the most famous figures in the Batman universe combine to treat die-hard and more casual fans alike too an entertaining and high quality Batman experience.

Final Say -

Continuing on the with the solid work of the first part, The Long Halloween Part Two is a fitting finale to this double-header that will likely be regarded as one of the best exponents of animated DC features for the years yet to come.

3 1/2 boardwalks out of 5.

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