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Injustice (2021)

Animation | Action | Adventure
Rayting:   6.3/10 9.6K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: October 19, 2021

On an alternate Earth, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane, which causes a rampage in the hero. Superman decides to take control of Earth; Batman and his allies will have to attempt to stop him.

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Mysterygeneration 4 January 2022

Injustice is based on a video game that was later adapted into a comic book. On the television show Smallville, Hartley portrayed Green Arrow before he landed as superman. Because of her numerous tones, Jacobs voices one of the most challenging characters to portray, Harley Quinn. This collection is solid but not spectacular, but it would still make a great holiday gift for the DC Comics/Warner Bros. Animation lover in your life.

The bonuses are disappointing because they don't bring any fresh substance to the package. The dialogue is clear, albeit uninspiring, but it serves its purpose.

MamadNobari97 26 October 2021

Fmovies: So apparently a lot of DC fans hate this movie because it's not the same as the comics and mostly not the same as the games. I've never read the comics or played the games, so I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but I understand why the people who played the games might be angry. My biggest problem with this movie though, is the ending, and since this is a non-spoiler review I won't get into it, but it was rushed and illogical even, and some characters die easily, especially a particular one in the beginning. But that's par for the course with these DC animated movies.

As many have mentioned before, this story should've been told in at least a mini-series, and WB has HBO Max, so why not do that? Why not give an ounce of your multimillion-dollar movie budgets so we can have a good story told in the medium it deserves? The story is too convoluted to be crammed into a 1:18 hour movie. I just don't understand the point of making an Injustice movie that I now realize has so many moving parts and subplots in its story, and make it just an hour and 18 minutes, like how is that logical to the writers and the director?

My main problem with the DC animated movies of these past years is that they all look and sound the same. They're all 1:20 hour or even less, they all lack good characterization and character development, and because of the short runtime, they don't have good storytelling.

It has been like what, more than a decade that WB has been making these animated movies? When is the time to change up this tired formula at last? How many more of these mediocre rushed animations are you gonna vomit to us? It just feels like they make an animated movie every year to not lose the rights to them and they put the least amount of effort into them.

Why not give better budgets and make the movies longer and freshen up your animation movies a little? This movie should've been at least 2 hours or you could've made it into a two-parter like you did with Batman Halloween, which had a disappointing and less interesting story?

My question is, how long are you gonna keep doing this? I'm not looking forward to any DC animated movies anymore and not gonna watch the new ones, because I already know they're gonna be 1:20 minute and be the exact same thing they're been doing for the last decade, I'm really tired of it even though I haven't seen many DC animation.

Someone really needs to get DC off of WB's hands, because they've been butchering these characters for years and giving us mediocre and bad movies, and DC fans deserve better than this. Their movies have been hit or miss and they're mediocre at best, they fail miserably every time trying to make a uniform cinematic universe, and their animated movies are just like this one: too short, convoluted, rushed, and incomplete stories.

I hope at least our grandchildren can see the day when DC is in the hands of a more caring and competent company.

the1sentencereviewer 29 October 2021

Simply unbearable to watch due to what I believe to be a very low quality animation technique reminding me of cheap Japanese animes from 30 years ago.

stevebondi 25 October 2021

Injustice fmovies. Never read this comic, but I was intrigued by the nuanced story. Lots of characters are given great screen time and dialog, surprisingly including Plastic Man! :-)

lareval 20 October 2021

I do not hate this movie. It´s an uneven but efficient entertainment. But its deadliest sin is to be based on a far, far superior source. The first ten minutes are the best of this film. Then, it falls short on both its politically troubled message and how to close its own character´s arc. Sudden deaths and political subtext as an alibi doesn´t make this movie a grown up, nor a good one. Just a bloated, messy fun film that it could have been so much better.

jeremycrimsonfox 11 November 2021

Injustice is a neat fighting game that showed a world where Superman became an evil dictator leading a Regime and going into war with Batman and his Insurgency. When I heard of this film, I was excited, especially since this would be R-rated (and thus allow things DC Comics would not allow Netherealm Studios to do), I am disappointed at the final result.

The characters all have different voice actors from games, is one of the few good things, as it has a good cast, but the writing is horrible. While the opening moments are almost true to the game, the the film strays too far from the source material, as certain characters who are key to the game's story end up being killed or choose different allegiances. Also, the movie feels like a rush job, clocking in at 71 minutes, which means some events had to be cut. I recommend playing the game instead of watching this failed adaptation.

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