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Spies in Disguise (2019)

Animation | Adventure | Family
Rayting:   6.8/10 37K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Japanese
Release date: 25 December 2019

When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon, he must rely on his nerdy tech officer to save the world.

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User Reviews

crystalrosexoxo 7 May 2020

I saw this movie in the cinemas and the rest of that day I just couldn't stop thinking about it! The characters are nice and I found there was not one bad character well of course there was a villain but he had a reason to be bad! It has a happy ending and all goes well I highly recommend you watch this movie!

I also do like pigeons :)

thejourney94 12 January 2020

Fmovies: Don't understand why this movie have a low rating. I'm 25 and I loved it! It was funny, great jokes, full of meaning, and the voice actors fit perfectly! I'm gonna watch it again😍

pegadodacruz 26 December 2019

I don't usually go watch animated movies - very rarely, but in light of the lack of new releases (at least interesting enough for me...) I decided to tag a long with the kids and watch this one... The first surprise was to see how busy the room was - on Christmas day - that was really a surprise, secondly although a very simple story, the fun is there and I kept on listening to the little ones sending some nice laughters and grown ups as well. Is definitely one with a message that spams generations but, will resonate a lot with the kids of this generation. Is fun, has a message, it's action packed and you know what, with a little more investment this one has the potential to have a part 2...

ntompul 26 January 2020

Spies in Disguise fmovies. Just watched this with my sister, the storyline is great but you can guess what will happen next, animation and other aspect is really good and worth your time to watch.

ccbrookseight 30 April 2020

At first I thought this looked like another low budget kids movie, but I was pleasantly surprised! The plot and characters were well developed and the lessons of being kind were nicely layed throughout. We have watched this more than Moana and that's a big deal! (But now my kids want a pet pigeon lol)

lysaghtgary 9 January 2020

A fun story and funny characters make this film one that the whole family can enjoy. Be prepared to learn pigeon facts!

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