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Maanaadu (2021)

Action | Adventure | SciFi
Rayting:   8.7/10 20K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release date: November 25, 2021

On the day of a public conference by the state's Chief Minister, his bodyguard and a police officer are stuck in a time loop.

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TreeFiddy53 26 November 2021

I went into this movie with 0 expectations, and it was SO MUCH better than I thought it would be.

People have tried different things in Kollywood in past with little success, while this different attempt deserves credit, if the movie is bad, it's just bad. But Tamil audience gets up in arms about the bad reviews and says "You'd watch the exact same concept in a Hollywood movie, but you trash it in Kollywood? You're anti-national!" LMAOwut?

THIS is how those movies should have panned out. Glad that the general Tamil audience has something to compare the deservedly trash movies to. Shoutout to Venkat Prabhu for trying something different and actually pulling it off really well.

I can't believe I'm saying this but Simbu, SJ Surya did a great job, however, the writing and editing steal the show. This bold script could have ended up being trash, but faaar from it. You, of course, have to suspend some disbelief (which you need to do for Hollywood movies as well) and this movie will keep you engaged, from start to finish. No mirch masala, no drama. No duets and unnecessary songs and dances; overall a no-nonsense movie, the likes of which you've not watched in Tamil cinema for a while.

Watch this in the theaters to really be immersed, especially for Yuvan Shankar Raja's music.

akhil027 30 January 2022

Fmovies: The ideas used in the screenplay is really awesome. The movie could've reached international quality if they didn't use the stardom and songs. But Venkat Prabhu makes movies for Indian audience. So it can be overlooked. I never liked Simbu's acting. SJ Surya overacts but works for the movie. Kalyani has nothing much to do, but does a decent job. The comedians have lost their charms and doesn't have anything to contribute. Overall, Maanaadu is a movie which has the story as its backbone.

samxxxul 25 November 2021

Maanaadu is a feast of sound, vision, even taste. It is noteworthy that Venkat Prabhu tells a complex sci-fi story, but it is completely plausible with a good first half of being confronted with a film whose plot one can predict after a while, only to be confronted a little later with twists and turns that were simply KICKASS. You could say that halfway through as it makes you anticipate for an interval bang and the film does a U-turn which pays off.

Venkat Prabhu shows the power dynamics and how corrupt people incite violence in the name of religion and the depths of the human mind where terrifying creatures can hide. But what makes the film so interesting: The irony with which the he proceeded here with his writing for SJ Suryah (Dhanuskodi) whose over the top antics is fun to watch supported by Simbu's (Abdul Khaaliq) excellent performance and it is commendable to see him experiment shedding his mass hero image. The conflict fits in harmoniously and with disastrous consequences in the event and challenging their own fate. They both hold the plot together and it is the beginning and the end and it repeats (maybe Part 2).

The editing deserves a special mention here, so expect a break neck pace and whiplash sequences which keeps the 2nd half in a tense zone, It is supported with terrific soundtrack by Yuvan Shankar Raja (whoever saw the film will understand that).

Conclusion: It has a unique vision, and VP stages scenes in an interesting way to express the tug-of-war and i'm sure it will cater to all types of audiences. This film contains all the things that an audience would expect to make it a pure entertaining and HOOT worthy watch.

sriramthestranger 27 November 2021

Maanaadu fmovies. This movie is best example of how an age old masala political story can be made interesting with new concepts like 'time loop'. The screenplay and editing is stunning, and makes you go "Wow!!". SJ Suryah owns the screen in 2nd half and has great moments in the film. The strong antagonist makes this movie absolutely worth it. Do not miss!

ramisaakter 21 January 2022

I have watched many time loop movies before so it doesn't seem to me interesting at all. Besides,it kept dragging, okay, I understand, it's about time loop but it dragged it too much. Like seriously 2.30 hours. I felt like wasting my time. It was okay if it was only for 1.30 hours.

It is just a copy of Hollywood time loop movies.

m-ramanan 29 November 2021

RATED 8/10 Language: Tamil RECOMMENDED

The time loop concept is regionalised superbly. They added nice mass masala and the repeated scenes are handled cleverly.

Its definitely the comeback movie for both STR and VP. And cherry on the top is SJ Surya. I cant imagine anyone on his Role. He is so comic and con at the same time.

After second half the sequences between STR and SJ are high level entertainment points of the movie... it has its own drawback also like templated time loop sequences, bit slow pace in the first half and bit lengthy action sequences... Still the movie is entertaining to the core.

Worth the watch.

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