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Love Hostel (2022)

Action | Crime | Romance
Rayting:   6.0/10 11K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: February 25, 2022

Set against the pulsating backdrop of rustic North India, Love Hostel traces the volatile journey of a spirited young couple, being hunted by a ruthless mercenary.

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rahulmehta-96652 26 February 2022

Same old fake narrative...Hindus are bad Muslims are good...don't these guys get tired of setting false stories which is opposite of reality? I mean Love Jihad in India is so real that it can be depressing for some Hindu families with daughters.

sulabh-r-j 26 February 2022

Fmovies: The synopsis can give an idea to readers that the film is about love jihad and the problems it causes for couples. The director made Gurgaon earlier which was a raw and real convincing film. The setting is authentic here too and relatable. Movie begins on a decent note and establishes tension. But the sub plot is really weak and completely details the film. Seems like it has just been put to make the film a thriller but falls flat. Bobby deol's character(looks like mix of javier bardem in no country for old men and hathoda tyagi) could have been a great villain, but what he keeps doing repeatedlt without any police action make it one of the most illogical aspects of the film. Some characters like brother, cop are nicely acted. Vikrant has acted decently and shows good range. Sanya's character could have been developed more. But, Story becomes unbearable by the end. Ending is very unconvincing and back stories don't work too. Disappointed to see this film!

prashant-63677 17 March 2022

There is trash, then there is garbage, then there is filth. This film is combination of all 3. Trash of lowest order. Mind numbing moronic filth. A caricature like clownish violent video game. Minimum 5 year jail term to be imposed on makers of this trash for hurting mind and intelligence of helpless viewers. Still in shock after watching this garbage.

hg-75021 26 February 2022

Love Hostel fmovies. Javier bardem had excellent lines .. for example while giving to coin to the shop keeper , his dilouges were awesome.. bobby deol on the other hand would just smile sometimes , he had few lines at the end that were okay ... didn't impress a lot as compared to No country for old men .. the movie was on the similar canvas ... and lacked substance.

drnitishsharma 3 March 2022

In a nutshell Bollywood is here with new propaganda content. Same old owner killing and same old chemistry of Hindu, Muslim love story where Hindus are intolerant.

neetabora 26 February 2022

Acting, setup & direction is really good but the story has so many plotholes that it becomes unbearable in the end. I was praying the leads get killed before anybody else gets killed.

Bobby Deol looks good but murders everywhere, like in a Baraat, hotel, lawyers home - no media, no attention, seriously?? His character ate up all the suspense & tension built before. Why is he literally killing everything that moves!!!!

The girl is a CA in Delhi but they don't plan to elope to other city, rather stay in a safehouse inaugurated by her own Grandmom, who is supposed to be an MLA!!

They're themselves running for their lives but piling up new people like the guy's mom and her sister. What sort of stupidity is this yaar??

The way the couple was fighting like kids, had immature eloping plan or ran away despite one is a CA & other is a shopkeeper involved with criminal activities- really makes you think what you're trying to glorify for upcoming generations!

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