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Valimai (2022)

Action | Crime | Thriller
Rayting:   6.0/10 18K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release date: February 24, 2022

Arjun, an IPS officer sets out for a mission on hunting down illegal bikers involving in theft and murder.

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sankalpoctober 24 February 2022

A action packed film, stunts were outstanding. Stunts & action sequence hyped the movie. When it comes to story there's nothing in it. Unengaging screenplay, unnecessary emotional scenes. If felth that Ajith sir was dull in the starting 20mins. Choreography could've been more better, Ajith anna's dance could've been avoided. I really hated the cinematography & lighting in the starting 30mins of this movie. I expected some story in the film.

In whole Pakka Mass packed film.

My rating is 6.7/ 10.

magadalwarmayur 24 February 2022

Fmovies: Well i come from Maharashtra and i knew not much about Ajith i had seen his transformation scene on YouTube,that's it. Then my dear friend recommended me one of his film i.e. Mankatha and i extremely liked that film and within week this films trailer had dropped which i liked so to say i was excited is an understatement.

This is without a doubt one of favourite films of the year the action set peieces are meticulously choreographed. The characters are relatable and that is the reason why this film work, the acting by all the cast members are good but the best thing about the film is the direction and cinematography.

Overall very good film that you can enjoy with family.


nallaiah 25 February 2022

Not at all a satisfactory movie yet only for Ajith the solo pillar of the movie in a scriptless story..there is no story at all.. All the scenes in the movie are almost not related to each other and it's obvious that they have indulged those forcefully.. Even the background score and music is not supportive..only some scenes were pleasing but not worthy to speak.. 1st half - a bit lengthy still the director itself searching for a story with bike riders and chasing scenes 2nd half - like Annathe's quite explanatory by this one word.. Even the songs in movie is forced to be placed and emotional scenes.. Happy that there is no live and romance here.

Overall - after 2 years of waiting even a Ajith fan will not be happy after watching valimai losing all of his valimai after coming out of theatre.

Could have been better if some story i could have been there.

rubhantheju 24 February 2022

Valimai fmovies. Its not a H Vinoth movie. But complete treat for Thala fans and family audience . Stunts vera level . Many scenes are predictable but still yuvans BGM make them disappear . It's not a worst movie One time watchable mass entertainer . It has the content to get a commercial hit.

vaibhavkratos 27 February 2022

Pure garbage movie, don't waste your time If you are a movie buff. This movie is only made for B and C centers. People who like Mass Masala garbage would enjoy this awful movie.

prasannaspk-14860 24 February 2022

Good start for Indian Cinema in 2022 with Valimai being the first Big budget film released in theatres for the year.

The movie is packed with full of high octane stunts and action sequences. H. Vinod the Director has done a great work. Nirav Shaw cinematography and Dhilip stunts stands out. Ajith's acting was utilised properly with his dialogue delivery and emotions were good. Considering his previous flicks this movie offers a lot with Ajith as an actor. Stunts and racing scenes we know what Ajith could do. It's mind blowing. Karthikeya and Huma done justice to their roles.

The only lag which some say was the family sentiments and the movie length. Common guys even fast and furious movies have lot of family sentiments and romantic scenes. Just watch it as a wholesome. The Only negative I felt that they could have explained in depth about the Satan Slaves cult.

VERDICT: Screw the critics it's an absolute action packed entertainment.

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