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K.G.F: Chapter 2 (2022)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   8.4/10 119K votes
Country: India
Language: Kannada
Release date: April 14, 2022

In the blood soaked Kolar Gold Fields, Rocky's name strikes fear into his foes. While his allies look up to him, the government sees him as a threat to law and order. Rocky must battle threats from all sides for unchallenged supre...

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PavanKV 14 April 2022

KFF part 2- Boisterous, loud and machismo type effect, taking Kannada movie to great heights.

Almost realistic barring few errors, the strong story line is displayed with bullet train speed, tight screenplay and stunning dialogues.

Key characters have been given equal weight and power- that's the best part.

Raveena shines as a tigress and pounds heavily. Sanjay Dutt plays his role well.

Yash steals the show with his charisma and he is the REAL GOLD. His confidence and dialogue delivery is clap worthy.


skmenon1993 14 April 2022


Director Prashant Neel, the captain of the ship & his entire crew deserves a standing ovation for creating a mammoth.

No one should think of watching this on an OTT platform and insult the movie.

Nothing to say much, it was such a theatrical experience which could be experienced once or twice in a year.

Every artist had dropped their signature.

A larger than life show based on a strong emotional foundation.

Hats off to the entire team of KGF.

mohantabiswa 14 April 2022

Blockbuster movie.. Wellmade action sequences... Loved Rockybhaii style... Story okaish... Dialogue delivery outstanding... Bgm & songs rocking... Its a most watch movie...

DrRaj2012 14 April 2022

K.G.F: Chapter 2 fmovies. Watched 7 am show.

Can't compare with any Hollywood movie. True gem of Indian cinema.. don't call this now a regional cinema. It took Bollywood easily now .

Great direction music and high tone acting . Just watch and experience movie as it is. Action drama crime at high level .

arungeorge13 6 May 2022

K. G. F: Chapter 2 is a film that purely runs on technical finesse. There are impressively staged set-pieces, sophisticated production design, a pan-Indian (and possibly international) plot setup, and thumping background score. But the writing, something that didn't work for me in Chapter 1, is still very superficial. In Chapter 2, Rocky (Yash, with commanding screen presence) is no longer an underdog. He has already achieved legendary levels of notoriety with his deeds, even attracting the attention of the nation's Prime Minister. Prashanth Neel is great at crafting mass moments one after the other, in quick succession. The film, as a whole, is a carefully designed collection of mass moments - with frequent interludes of mother-son sentiment and a drab romance.

In my review for Chapter 1, I'd hoped to see Srinidhi Shetty get at least a decent arc but alas, it's even worse than the first. Not only is she deemed mere entertainment for the protagonist, her only task in the film is to say the three magical words to the guy who's been holding her captive (Stockholm Syndrome max?). Okay, I get it. My bad to even think she'd have anything worthwhile to do in the film other than "spoilers: die while pregnant". The mother-son flashbacks are as weird as they can get - she whines and delivers a whole massy sermon to hospital personnel when her son is battling for life. I couldn't even buy the reason for Rocky's excessive greed - it's an attempt at painting him grey alright, but it's not written well. Neel shouldn't ever attempt family dramas or rom-coms. Like, ever.

Sanjay Dutt's Adheera has got the look for sure, but the nature of his character is so utterly generic that he fails to rise above Chapter 1's Garuda. Raveena Tandon's PM Ramika Sen should have been the film's trump card, but the whole angle around her is played in the safest possible manner, giving Rocky a few more instances of elevation. The mass film tropes are scattered all over the place. But if you need a filmmaker to inventively visualize your action, Neel is the man you should call. Maybe, he can make a full-blown actioner (where the core focus is just on the action) without the build-ups, the monologues, or the exaggerated sentiments. I'd definitely buy a ticket to that film!

rosheenkan 14 April 2022

As expected, KGF 2 is getting positive response and sure there's a possibility a box office tsunami and set record.

In addition, KGF 2 will be the best Kannada film ever. Sorry to say haters, film will be blockbuster.

The plus points are Yash, music and BGM, Prashanth Neel direction and climax.

The minus points are runtime, some illogical scenes and weak villain.

Once again, Yash has given fantastic performance and wins the hearts of the viewers. Hats off to them for making the best Kannada film ever.

Hence, it will probably became the best Indian film of 2022 since RRR.

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