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Ambulance (2022)

Action | Crime | Drama
Popularity 146
Rayting:   6.1/10 59K votes
Country: USA | Japan
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: March 24, 2022

Two robbers steal an ambulance after their heist goes awry.

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User Reviews

mrstieve 29 March 2022

I made it 20 minutes and turned this hunk of crap off. This director needs to go away and retire. His movies have been garbage since like 2000. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

kuarinofu 22 April 2022

Fmovies: Warning: this film can seriously damage your brain.

The beginning of the film was ok and showed no red flags.

Then grown men started talking like saucy 15-year-olds, and I got that I've heard this before. Checked the director - Bay.


Then everything made perfect sense. Thirty-minute-long actions scenes with insane camera work - check. Surreal decision-making in a world that operates in Grand Theft Auto V logic - check. Blatant mockery of politically relevant topics - check.

I can enjoy a Bay film, I love the Rock, and it's very similar. But this one is of complete insanity. It's so incredibly over the top you can't even see the top from here.

And then Bay tries to do drama, and of course, it's excruciating.

There's no reason to try to understand the story since it exists only in this nightmare world where everyone is aggressive, careless, stupid, and has no regard for their or others' lives.

Pros: some decent action scenes and excellent acting by Gyllenhaal.

Cons: it's a nightmare.

Overall, it's a solid live adaptation of a GTA V five-star car chase but with no tanks.

NosCustodimus 29 March 2022

What should be a fun action flick becomes literally unwatchable as the overuse of shaky cam causes even more headaches and eye rolls than a plot with holes big enough to drive an ambulance through.

deloudelouvain 27 April 2022

Ambulance fmovies. You can see they had a budget for this movie, with big action scenes that must have cost a lot, but that's not a guarantee for success. Quite the opposite I would say, as Ambulance started okay to quickly lose every credibility it might have had. The story is full of holes or scenes that just don't make much sense. Whomever wrote this plot, these dialogues, should just stop immediately with that and find himself another job. I heard McDonalds is hiring so maybe that's an option for him. Michael Bay should just quit movie making, it's just awful what he does with that much money. I normally do like Jake Gyllenhaal but this must be the worst movie he ever appeared in. The cast wasn't bad but with a script like that it's just impossible to do something good. The more the story went on the lesser stars I was going to rate it. Three stars is actually still too much, but considering the cast I'll leave it at that. In short, Ambulance looks like a high budget movie but feels like a very low budget movie. The only really good thing about this movie is when the end credits appeared. Finally I could start forgetting everything about this monstrosity.

Birminghamukengland 25 March 2022

I lasted for 60 minutes.

This film was literally like being on a rollercoaster. I've never witnessed such horrendous filming. Impossible to follow due to constant and unrelenting sweeping and changing angles. I didn't know what was happening. I felt SO sick I had to leave.

There was zero story within the first 60 minutes before I left.

Vue kindly gave me a refund.

Avoid at all costs.

Who makes these films? There were two people in the theatre so this will bomb, as it deserves to.

CinemaClown 3 May 2022

Stylishly directed, jam-packed with chases and keeping the fun aspect alive for the most part if not all the way, Ambulance moves into top gear relatively quick and never takes the foot off the pedal once it gets going but the road it takes to reach its destination ends up being longer than what the gas in the tank can handle, thus resulting in a ride that's running on fumes way before the end is in sight.

Directed by Michael Bay, the premise is simple, setup is quick & thrills are endless even if much of the narrative elements seem underdeveloped. Bay utilises his usual unabashed over-the-top approach that provide his standard blockbuster fares an explosive, extravagant flavour and he amplifies the nonstop action some more with kinetic camerawork, chaotic vibe, frenetic editing and wicked character interplay.

The energy & passion is evident in execution and the use of drones to film the chase sequences is undoubtedly inspiring but this would've been an even better action-thriller if it was trimmed to a tight & tense 90 mins ride. Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II & Eiza González remain in sync with the craziness on display. And while the interest & momentum isn't lost, one does start to feel its 136 mins runtime in the remaining half.

Overall, Ambulance is amusing, entertaining & preposterous in all the ways a Michael Bay film is expected to be but it is also a whole lot of fast fun & furious frivolity that manages to get plenty of mileage out of its barebone premise. The lack of restraint isn't an issue since it is one of the fine qualities of a Bayhem production but its overlong length does leave you feeling more exhausted than exhilarated in the end. In short, a gleeful & enjoyable delight.

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