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Bachchhan Paandey (2022)

Action | Comedy | Crime
Rayting:   5.3/10 35K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: March 18, 2022

When a struggling filmmaker and actor set out to make a biography on one of the most dreaded gangsters, they have little idea about just how crazy and dangerous it's going to be.

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ranasahasales 18 March 2022

Another disaster of Akshay Kumar Loading. Worst film of the year. Useless acting by akshay Kumar. Disaster written all over it. Save your money don't watch it in theater. After Bell Bottom another disaster of Akshay Kumar.

vishwatej286 19 March 2022

Fmovies: What happened to Akshay Kumar. Is he just making movies for money. Don't care about the script at all.

Akshay Kumar really needs a quality check of script and maker of the movie before saying yes to do the movie.

Direction and Dialogues by Farhaad Samji are the worst thing happened to with this remake.

Dialogues, screenplay, Direction are just pathetic.

The whole casting of this movie deserves better movie or better Director.

Why... why... just why Farhad Samji getting to make movies is beyond my understanding.

Are producers that stupid to trust in Farhaad Samji.

They couldn't even do a Simple copy paste job in remake as well.

Such a shame!!!!

+ve: Cinematography and Casting

-ve: Direction, Screenplay, Dialogues are the worst.

2/10 which this movie deserves.

It's better to watch Jigarthanda in Tamil.

johntherealcena 18 March 2022

Huge Disappointed. Bachchan Pandey is like Phata Poster Nikla Zero. Suggestions is that better to watch The Kashmiri Files One more time Or Repeat and Repeat again. Worst Film Worst Acting Worst Screenplay.

iamdeepujayakumar 19 March 2022

Bachchhan Paandey fmovies. Producer - i don't care about money, i need a good remake

Director- yes sir I got exactly what you want, Boom ....BP delivered....

Producer- wtf It's the 1 worst remakes, akshay kumar and comedy might be enjoyable to northies, but damn man he's horrible, Arshad is the best thing about this movie.

snehald-03959 19 March 2022

Zero story and poor direction so naturally acting is sub-standard. Avoid and invest your money by watching TKF once more. Director (naam hi kafi he) thought he can divert the earning of TKF by releasing this movie. But now audience is smart enough to understand the trash and treat the movie accordingly.

Carolyn_Channing 18 March 2022

He can't act and giving the same old cringeworthy expressions which we are used to by his garbage movies. If you want to watch the better movie on same subject, watch the Tamil remake 'Jigarthanda' or the original South Korean movie 'A dirty carnival'.

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