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Radhe Shyam (2022)

Drama | Romance 
Rayting:   5.3/10 29K votes
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Release date: March 11, 2022

In 1976, Vikramaditya, a palmist and disciple of Paramahamsa, predicts to Indian Prime Minsiter Indira Gandhi that soon she will declare emergency in the country. The prediction comes true and he becomes famous but has to leave th...

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nagarajugumpenapalli 12 March 2022

First and Mostly films are made into different Genre as per the Concept/Script of the Director.

As per director point of view RADHESHYAM is completely out and out Romantic Genre Film which is made on a Concept of War Between LOVE &DESTINY Director Radhakrishna justifed it.

The movie will be completely Slow Paced as we have already seen some TFI films like Geetanjali, Em Maya Chesave etc., How can You guys expect Comedy track and Action Sequences in the Out and out Romantic film.

Coming to the Soul of the Film concept itself is the soul of the Film which we can witness it in the 2nd Half of the Film which is show when Prerana reads Aditya diary and the Sequence of the Pain which she feels and Aditya pain before Prerana Accident.

Most of the Lovers witnessed the Love between Prerana and Adity at the Pre Climax and Climax Sequences

Please Don't Spoil the Film

Don't Expect any Action and Comedy from the Film.

Raz0R5 11 March 2022

Fmovies: First of all, amazing visuals!!! And everyone acted well in the film, the side characters had a decent sense of humor and prabhas and pooja hegde did a great job. The story is a pretty standard love story with stuff thrown in like palmistry to make the story look not too cliche.

Movie takes things light-hearted which was fun to watch. And barring the sentiments overload in the 2nd half which was a bit cringey, the movie never felt boring at any point.

anveshaws 12 March 2022

If you like mass scenes, mass elevations , fights , item songs sorry this is not for you. This is a class , poetic and brilliant movie. Each and every scene are technically brilliant and poetic. Very brilliantly written and feel good movie ( not for mass audience). 1st half is some what feels lenghty but each and every frame looks magnificent and poetic. May be this movie can't impress all kind of audiences but really a class movie.

lalithmailipilli 12 March 2022

Radhe Shyam fmovies. The movie isn't a regular Indian film. Its has a strong plot weakened by slow narration.

With Prabhas as hero, many would expect action sequences, stylish fights, a villian face-off plot and much more. But this is a completely different movie that has only drama which may end in disappointment for many viewers.

The Good 1. Plot 2. Visuals 3. Songs and BGM 4. Location

The Bad 1. Slow narration

Conclusion: Its a good movie but for a one time watch. Go to theatre only for visuals. If not for visuals, then its best to prefer OTT over theatre.

tirukl 6 April 2022

I don't understand how prabhas has spent his valuable time, how producer shelled so much money to make this movie. If anyone part of the movie couldn't sense that this movie is going to be a disaster while making the movie please give up movie field. The story of the movie is good enough to make a 10 minute short film.

dev_alok 13 March 2022

Watched this movie in my local theater. We were the only one in theater and that should have given me a clue. This movie is extremely bad and should be avoided. Firstly it tries to prove that palmistry is a real science and it tries to prove that in most illogical ways. Movie has many characters that have no business being there and are mostly there to fill time. Prabhas and Pooja were not convincing in the lead roles they were playing. Overall, me and my family were waiting for movie to end so we could go home.

Avoid it at all costs.

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