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Love and Gelato (2022)

Comedy | Drama | Romance
Rayting:   5.1/10 4.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Italian
Release date: June 22, 2022

Lina makes a promise to her sick mother that she'll spend the summer before college in Rome, where she falls for the city, the people and the "gelato".

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stevedgrossman 26 June 2022

I never read the book, so have nothing really to compare it to.

At first I thought it was going to be yet another Netflix bomb, of which there have been many of late.

The story is bittersweet, and the locations are truly amazing.

It's not going to win any major awards, but it was cute to watch with many tender moments.

mythicalmimi 22 June 2022

Fmovies: The story is not even close to the book AT ALL!! They just took the characters and the plot about lina's dad and forced it into this whole different other story :( i love book love and gelato, but the movie is not good.

socmedreacts 25 June 2022

Terrible acting for the lead actress, she makes me want to puke. I mean, she was overacting, it was too much! Predictable storyline. I just watched it coz I was bored.. I'm at the part where she's drunk and asking for pastry. Maybe I'll continue watching in the next days, if I get bored again. I gave it a 3 for everyone's effort.

Avidviewer-02847 23 June 2022

Love and Gelato fmovies. Not impressed with the American actors, but some of the European actors were good. We've seen the plot before, an ugly duckling girl meets a handsome and wealthy young man. Just change the location and it's the same. In the end did I really care about the characters, no.

vfxxnudk 22 June 2022

Please make it stop. The book was wonderful. It's a shame. I spent half the movie wishing the main character would just shut up already.

Not to mention most of the other characters were annoying and there was a lack of chemistry between the casting as well. The dialogue was awfu, the acting was mediocre.

Netflix should stop making book adaptations into flims.

cgvsluis 29 June 2022

The "love" portion of this film turns out to be self-love, valuable but not as romantic as I was hoping for. The backdrop of both Rome and Florence is spectacular and truly the best part of the film...the location cinematography.

This is the story of Lena Emerson, who was raised without a father in New York. Her single mother, who is her whole world, dies of cancer just as Lena is graduating from high school. Lena's mom made her promise to take the mother daughter trip to Italy for the Summer before college that they had planned. Lena's mom set up a few surprises for Lena on this trip...starting with her staying with her mom's best friend and her Italian godmother...who gives Lena her mother's journal from her time in Italy. She also is gifted her mom's camera and pushed out of her comfort just about everyone including to contradictory boys who she meets one a wealthy heir and the other an aspiring cook.

The bigger relationship is discovering herself and who her father is.

Again this was about self-love, the film was beautiful visually, but seemed choppy. I know this is based on a book, maybe there was a lot of material that they had to leave out? The film left me wanting. Howard was probably my favorite character along with Lena's crazy best friend Addie. Not a recommendation...unless you are craving some beautiful shots around Rome and Florence...although you might be able to find a better film for that, a few come to mind.

Didn't hate it, but didn't love it.

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