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Badhaai Do (2022)

Comedy | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   7.0/10 17K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: April 5, 2022

Shardul Thakur Flaglot and Suman Singh enter into a marriage of convenience but chaos ensues when her unhinged girlfriend comes to stay with them.

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nemanevikas 12 February 2022

Humourous film which tackles issues like toxic masculinity, oppressive nature of middle class indian families, ignorance of society towards LGBT issues. Talks about the adoption and so many other things.

Actors are brilliant. That one scene between Rajkumar and Sheeba will melt your heart.

And there's one special cameo, for which you should definitely watch this film.

nidhunmoviebuff 12 March 2022

Fmovies: When you are making a spiritual sequel to a mould-breaking blockbuster like the fantastic "Badhai Ho" (2018), the expectations are going to be sky-high. Thankfully, director Harshavardhan Kulkarni makes optimum use of his delightful star cast to tell his story in a witty, fun and entertaining manner while conveying important and timely messages.

Rajkumar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar star as a pair of youngsters who enter into a lavender marriage, one of convenience where they want to hide each other's homosexual orientation from their nosy families. Both of them disappear into their characters, be it the high-strung police officer that Rajkumar plays or the more diminutive and nuanced PT teacher that Bhumi takes up. Although some of the humour in the first half of the film fall flat and are original, the pace and wit ramps up in the second half, with many of the ludicrous predicament the odd couple get into, sure to leave you in splits.

Seema Pahwa and Sheeba Chaddha are splendid as Rajkumar's aunt and mom respectively, delivering rib-tickling humour with straight faces and play a big role in keeping the proceedings light and breezy despite the enormity of the subjects being addressed. Chum Durung and Gulshan Deviah are also terrific as the odd couple's respective lovers, playing their part in the mayhem that ensues as they try to keep their secret hidden for the outside world.

The music of the film, composed by Amit Trivedi, Tanishk Bagchi, Ankit Tiwari and Khamosh Shah plays an important role in adding to the playfulness of the storyline in the first half and then turns the narrative on its head by elevating the profoundness and redemptive qualities of the final act as our protagonists come to terms with their sexuality and how the public perceives it. Watch out, especially for the emotional "Hum Rang Hain" that will leave with an ear-to-ear smile on your face.

Badhai Do delivers its lessons with subtlety and nuance without compromising on narrative punch or the entertainment factor. Kudos to the makers and the lead pair for delivering such an important story with the delicateness and gravitas that it deserved.

Highly recommended!

madanmarwah 14 March 2022

This young cop ( Rajkummar) is gay but keeps it under wraps because he doesn't know how to tell his family. (Under a normal casting this role would have gone to Ayushmann but that is not an issue). The young lady ( Bhumi) is a lesbian and has also kept it a secret from her folks. Both belong to a middle class orthodox family of heartland India and both are under pressure to get married because they are 30 plus years. Both meet and on an impulse they decide to solve their problem by getting married to each other to keep the family off their backs. They don't realise that their problems have just begun. As they settle down he gets his boyfriend home and she gets her girlfriend home and then the quarrels start. Also since Bhumi does not conceive even after an year, Rajkummar's family members start their pressure tactics. This leads to a number of embarrassing situations for the odd couple.

The movie narrative moves on a fairly good pace and does not have many scenes eliciting laughs but the realistic acting of both Rajkummar and Bhumi makes things interesting. Later the story deals with the serious aspects of a lavender marriage and does offer a solution in the end.

Director Harshavardhan Kulkari has made a loveable and convincing movie tackling an unconventional story idea. Both Rajkummar and Bhumi have acted admirably. Worthy of appreciation are the realistic expressions they have given in the scenes. Good support comes from Seema Pahwa and Sheeba Chaddha.

prithamazumdar 13 February 2022

Badhaai Do fmovies. The movie is REALLY GOOD and is totally worth your time. The ending scene would make you cry. Some bunch of homophobes are giving this movie a bad rating. Go watch this.

qui_j 16 March 2022

This is one of the better groundbreaking LGBTQ movies to come out of India, a country still hobbled by strict cultural mores and taboos. It starts off slowly and with all the hallmarks of a French Farce that discourages the viewer from taking it seriously. However, as it develops, the concept takes shape and the message becomes clearer. Unfortunately, the drama piece becomes overshadowed by weak attempts at comedy which does not translate well, and the overuse of songs and silly noises in the soundtrack proves distracting. The on-screen relationships do not come across as real, but this is to avoid censorship one would imagine. The movie is well acted and for the most part, the characters are believable. Overall, it is entertaining and has just the right amount of pathos towards the end.

shivnarang 12 February 2022

An amazing fun movie, that despite its entertainment factor, also educates. Gear performances and excellent direction. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and highly recommend that you watch it.

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