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The In Between (2022)

Drama | Romance | SciFi
Rayting:   5.9/10 7.3K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | French
Release date: April 8, 2022

After surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend, a teenage girl believes he's attempting to reconnect with her from the after world.

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frankie-08908 26 February 2022

You don't need a big budget to be able to make an average or above average movie. For those that use the excuse this movie only suffered because or give it credit for the low budget are delusional lol.

Who decided on the cast? It's not a good idea to cast a 28 year old as a high school teen. Kyle Allen doesn't look 17 or 18, not even close. They don't even try to have Kyle act like a teen. What teen no matter where they're from speaks the lines they gave Kyle?

Joey King who I thought was a very good actress, seemed to over-act most of her scenes. Her laughing scenes were forced and very noticeably fake. Although it might be a bit easier to cast a 20 something actress as a 17 year old, once again it didn't work.

Is there a shortage of talented high school age actors?

The location Avalon, New Jersey is original and a great idea. However, they only showed small, very small sections. Avalon is beautiful and they could have took more advantage of the location.

I also thought the music in the movie was very good, much better than the actual movie itself.

The movie turns out to be good background noise.

byron-116 14 February 2022

Fmovies: story with after-life suggestions, but insufficient suggestions. The film could, or should, have beeen shorter by at least 15 minutes. Watchable and soon forgettable.

charlottebetteridge-93481 14 February 2022

I actually thought this was done quite well. It was well written, some interesting concepts, first love and horrendous tragedy. Not too cheesy, but you felt the emotions with the characters.

legobuilderpro 13 February 2022

The In Between fmovies. The idea of an afterlife place called the In Between was interesting but unnecessary to the actual plot of the movie. It was mostly here to make it different to other romance movies.

I like Joey King and I thought she wasn't that bad in this movie along with Kyle Allen, who was also not that bad in the movie.

The relationship with the main couple was cute and they did have some chemistry with each other. The accident they go through is effective and emotional when you find out how it happens.

But all of these small positives of the movie doesn't hide the fact that it's standard.

Overall, this is a standard romance movie with a weird element added to make it different from other movies. It just makes it a supernatural movie for no reason.

gcandcc-341-346653 11 February 2022

It's amazing how the individual network streamers are streaming their own movies and shows. So much junk out there, and some good things, but mostly things that have to add a lot of nudity and cursing in their shows. None of that was required for this, it was an amazing movie, the plot and script, while not original, was super well done and kept me interested and engaged to see how it would work it out. The acting, well it was impressive how well the cast sold their characters. Amazing, amazing job Paramount+! Well worth my money monthly (if this was the only thing I watched, which it isn't). It is a sad movie, as you can tell from the description of the show, but boy! It was very touching, very well done and totally worth my time to watch it. Highly recommend this movie.

mluinstra 9 April 2022

This movie is pretty boring. The couple does'nt appear to have any chemistry. Watch them kiss and see if you feel any love there.

The movie seemed to drag on forever, most likely because it was boring. I really like Joey King, but she could not save this mess. Her boyfriend's acting seemed very wooden.

Not worth watching unless you absolutely can't find anything else to watch.

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