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Don (2022)

Comedy | Drama | Romance
Rayting:   6.9/10 7.7K votes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Release date: May 13, 2022

Follows the life of a youngster from college to his marriage.

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vallavan_8 22 June 2022

Worst movie. So boring. No logic. Sk acting is so bad. I wasted my time watching this movie. Only Anirudh music is better. No comedy, nothing interesting.

ugesh-54950 14 May 2022

Fmovies: College Don is the movie I needed to see . The first half of the movie itself is Comic Relief of the Movie ,laughed all the way through Intermission. Some scenes are straight up absurd. The love story was good .S J Surya gave a great performance as Principle but the highlight of the movie is the father son relationship between Sivakarthikeyan and Samuthrakani.

Oh my... Samuthrakani's performance is top notch and I understood why is he so hot right now as he's in every other movie I watch. The second half slowly turns into drama and by the time of the climax it takes complete 180 and turns really dark in a good way. This type of Father Son dyanamic is not new but this movie is different in my opinion ,it is so relatable and at times I was watching myself on the big screen and by the end made to think and appreciate my father a bit more.

My Nitpicks are some absurd scenes and a few characters which I was not into and my main nitpick is Anirudh's music , which is not bad but I felt it was basic and generic. I had high expectations from him after the massive success of Beast(by the way I keep the Beast Album on loop at night while sleeping every day since past month) and his consistent great music albums which are completely new and different from each other. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations , maybe this movie really didn't need Beast or Master level Albums whatever ,the fact I didn't like the music remains...


mousyr1 13 May 2022

A Usual story perceived well, written the best with comedy, romance, and emotions. The precise screenplay flowed the movie with no lags. Best acting by Sivakarthikeyan. Sivakarthikeyan and SJ Suryah opponents the scenes equally and gave out their best performances. As usual, Samuthirakani did his best in his foremost role. Adorable acting by Priyanka Mohan. From comedy, romance, songs, and emotional scenes everything has worked out well. Good editing & cinematography and fair bgm. The director did his best on comedy and emotions, where the emotion hits us at the best part which carries out till the last. Fun-filled ride with heaps of pressed components made the film the best engaging and Entertaining.

Dolchi 15 May 2022

Don fmovies. With a face which makes the protagonist look like a staff of the college, he plays a student.

Even if you swallow this frog, you have to prepare yourself to see him a school student (!!!!!!)

Okay, this is a film. So, let us agree to accept such a horror. Still, this is a rehash of old films

Nanban, VIP, 3, Hero - if you want to see highlights of such films, go and see this to enjoy.

rajivgandhisekar 28 May 2022

Eventhough SK & other actors did theirpart well, the movie second half is a drag , poor writing, predictable scenes. First half tries to cover up with some decent comedy. Your target audience is looking for fun with bit of surprises and sentiments - yes screenplay had those elements but was not presented well.

I think the director might have missed out his real talent in his college.

jasphoton 22 May 2022

Watching the film is a bad way to waste 2 hours of your time. A colorful movie doesn't equate to a movie being well directed. If that was so, I can just smear all colors on a canvas, make it colorful, record it for 2 hrs and call it a movie. I wonder how directors such as these even make it to the industry. Guess nepotism is all that's required. Movies such as these make other good tamil movies get an infamy for being stupid, regressive and discourage audience from watching them.

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