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Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
Rayting:   5.7/10 33.5K votes
Country: Germany | USA
Language: English
Release date: 10 December 2003

The Looney Tunes search for a man's missing father and the mythical Blue Monkey diamond.

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Anniethebookjunkie 8 March 2004

The Looney Tunes gang is at it again, in a wonderful combination of the same old lovable, predictable gags and the occasional fresh, new perspective. Bugs and Daffy are joined by Porky, Speedy, Sam, Granny, Marvin . . . the list goes on and on. (Some characters give cameo appearances only, but I enjoyed seeing them all.) You need to know that Brendan Fraser starred in "The Mummy" and that Timothy Dalton did a brief stint as James Bond a few years ago to truly appreciate some of the jokes, but this movie will keep you laughing for the full ninety minutes and then some!

Advice for those who would rent this movie:

1. Don't expect an award-winning "film", just expect a good time.

2. If you don't like cartoon humor or people/movies that poke fun at themselves, rent something else.

3. Don't eat while watching this movie (unless you LIKE choking on your popcorn/raisinettes/etc)!

4. Don't be afraid to pause the movie if you need to breathe, visit the facilities, or mop up the soda you just did a spit-take with. :D

bazmitch23 22 March 2013

Fmovies: This is the film that crushed Warner Bros Animation. After the failure of Osmosis Jones, the studio needed just one hit to get themselves back on track. So they decided to do a Looney Tunes movie. Also, because of people's disappointment with Space Jam, they decided to make a better Looney Tunes movie. Unfortunately, it didn't work. This was released in '03, not many people were interested in Looney Tunes anymore. Besides, it had to go up against Finding Nemo.

However, this film has found it's audience on DVD. What do I think of it?


Some things are good, like the old school gags, the FX, the animation, Brendan Fraser was good and I like the cartoony look.

Now here are things I hate about it:

-The pacing is TOO FAST! The opening is really hard to take in when the film is moving at 250 mph. SLOW DOWN! It's like Moulin Rogue were everything moves by so fast, you can't follow what's going on.

-Jenna Elfman is TERRIBLE! She doesn't even try to give a good performance. I think she knew this film was going to flop and didn't care.

  • Too many jokes are happening at once! It's hard to concentrate on one joke when there's something in the background you're meant to be looking at too. It's like the equivalent of having two friends talk to you at the same time and you don't know which one to talk to.

  • Steve Martin is dreadful. I know he's overacting for the sake of being funny. But there's overacting in a good way and there's overacting in a bad way. Sadly this is the latter. I'm surprised him and Jenna didn't get any Razzie Nominations.

-The scene where Ron Perlman gets eaten by Taz and there's just his skeleton left was just too much. Sure, it's done in a non gory way, but....... it's just creepy.

-The Rabbit Season- Duck Season gag has been done a million times. ENOUGH!

Overall, this film is okay. Worth watching if you're a Looney Tunes fan. But maybe if the pacing was slowed down a bit, it would've been better.

ews211 17 September 2006

One can always rely on the classic Loony Toon cartoons for impeccable timing. But those artists are dead or gone, and this is what stands in their shoes.

Most gags fall flat. The references are either obscure or heavy handed. Characters appear without justification, as if the director were running down a marketing checklist. The wal-mart placement was too painful for words. The human actors were out of place and poorly directed. The excuse, of course, is that this is a Loony Tune and nothing makes sense.

The movie feels like it was created by a marketing committee. Whoever designed Kate's costumes should be fired. It was a chore to sit through the entire movie.

mjw2305 21 January 2007

Looney Tunes: Back in Action fmovies. Daffy Duck finally has enough of playing second fiddle to Bugs Bunny, he quits the Hollywood studio and teams up with Bobby Delmont (Brendan Fraser) an ex-stuntman; together they go on a mission to rescue Damian Drake (Timothy Dalton) a spy who has been captured by the evil chairman of the Acne corporation (Steve Martin)

With strong comic performances from Brendan Fraser, Steve Martin and Jenna Elfman, plus everyone's favourite Looney Tunes, this film is a good laugh for the whole family, and the blend between cartoon and real life is the best i have seen.


vvanpo 14 December 2003

"Back in Action" is definitely aimed at adults who remember and watched the old WB cartoons. It's chock full of inside jokes and gags. I loved it.

Brendan Fraser (has there ever been a more oddball action hero then Brendan?) plays the son of WB's most famous movie star. Yet on his way to fulfill his dream of being a stuntman, he has delivered pizzas in a Gremlin and worked as a security guard on the WB studio lot. That's funny!

Props to Daffy Duck for being his usual manic self (I had to write that. My girlfriend loves Daffy). Steve Martin revels as the head of Acme in sensible shoes. Joan Cusack is a kick in the hilarious Area 52 scenes. And Jenna Elfman doesn't seem to know what to make of it all.

supercygnus 30 November 2003

Back in Action really captured that snarky wit we all love from Bugs, the put upon egomaniac that is Daffy and many of the other great traits of the original crew from the glory days of the Looney Tunes. Dante really knows this territory and his affection for the material is very apparent. He is the ONLY logical choice for the director (watch his older films for countless references to the Looney Tune gang). The humans are all game, but never upstage the real stars (Bugs and the Gang of course), rather they simply add to the film and give us at least a few flesh and blood characters for us to relate to. Fraser is once again both heroic and likable/goofy, Elfman is sexy and a bit cynical in fresh change of pace from her more docile "Dharma" character from t.v. and Martin is like a human cartoon character himself. He hasn't been this "out there" and unpredictable since his celebrated stand-up days. He does anything but play it safe, and ends up with a memorable, if not a little eccentric performance. Timothy Dalton as Fraser's Dad is a real stand-out both referencing and spoofing his 007 past, without scuffing up himself or the good Bond name. The fact he plays it so straight really adds to the quality of his scenes and jokes (love the "slapping himself" scene!). There are some really inspired bits here; funny and clever. The scene in the Louvre was both gorgeous to watch and so funny I laughed harder than I have at the theaters for a while. The entire outer space sequence is also just jammed packed with so many great bits you'll need to see it twice just to take it all in. It's unfortunate this little gem of a flick has been gobbled up in the busy holiday release schedule, but fans should be pleased this film was made at all and will be able to own and enjoy it in the near future. I loved it, as did my 12 year old sister, my girlfriend and the theater I saw it with. Sad there will probably not be another large scale Looney production after this, but we have this one to treasure. I believe over time, and certainly on home video / DVD, Back in Action will find it's audience. Like all great cult films, it will probably take some time for it to be discovered, but fans will keep it alive. examples? Big Trouble in Little China, Tron, Buckaroo Banzai, Austin Powers, Swingers and F/X are just a handful of films that did very poor or just ok at the box office, but went on to great success on home video and in many cases garnered RABID cult followings that have made them favorites with fans even today.

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