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Anek (2022)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.7/10 21K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: May 27, 2022

A socio political, action thriller set against the geopolitical backdrop of Northeast India.

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abhishekshatry 27 May 2022

#AnekReview: 🌟

A Relevant & Serious Topic Succumbed To Hopeless Storytelling And ultra slow Speed Screenplay

Film is wastage of Time and Money

Another Disaster by Anubhav After Thappad

Avoid To Save Money and Time

Visit if you want to sleep in theater


vineet_mishra 27 May 2022

Fmovies: Which world these people live in and what do such filmmakers think of India. I don't think they have a feeling of being Indian. So whatever is the problem blame the government and whole left out majority of country. Even after getting represented and winning many medals across many international competitions, getting a world class infrastructure in healthcare and education, getting representation in Apex positions of government and administration, a huge presence in army with like 2-3 dedicated north eastern regiments but still they have a point, Indians don't respect north eastern states. WOW!!! . Just fill the society with hatred against the government and against the majority of the country for no reason. Can you name one society on whole earth which exists without problems. This movie is a disgusting crap at every level, not one place they have talked about illegal immigrants but just kept ranting about bad government attitude and how seperatist are right in their own view. Seriously there should be a point when freedom of expression should be questioned.

aniruddhawaghmare 27 May 2022

This is the most accurate representation of India i have ever seen Anubhav Sinha did a great job directing it,it had the truth about how do you become Indian without being called a North Indian a South Indian how do you become Indian.

On one side there is Indian government and other side there are the rebels who don't want India there and then there is Ido who's trying to represent India through boxing everyone's fighting their own fight.

Everyone did a great job ayushman, the writer's, cinematographers', editor's, music everything was perfect.

It is a must watch movie for everyone.

adicash 26 June 2022

Anek fmovies. Ayushman, an actor with some real guts, instead of making fantasy and money making movies like RRR, he has guts to portray the society with its hypocrisy. Go watch this movie to reform yourselves, to be a better citizen, respect each ethnicity, watch for serene beauty of North east.

sameerlodaya 27 May 2022

Sameer lodaya.

The movie is on a baseless story of north East Indian states

The makers have portrait a story of separatists in North Indian states..Ayushmann the undercover cop who has been appointed for peace between india and this separatists have failed to execute and played nothing special also had very less screen time as a main lead..the directors punch like his last movie article 15 was not at all there..the characters like female boxer and teenager rebel has been unnecessarily created and most of the time is wasted keeping aside the main story..baseless allegations on india for keeping aside North Indian people is not helping the content to get strong..power punch dialogues or scenes were not felt .. Long fighting scenes without Ayushmann was also a big waste

You won't be entertained or gain anything from this movie.

brijprakash 30 May 2022

I would say every Indian must watch this movie a completely different plot.

Nowadays no one is making such content when we say INDIA or INDIAN what does it actually mean. INDIA is majorly identified as Mumbai and Delhi but it's actually all the small northern states also part of same country. We make fun of them look like Chinese but they are also Indian. In almost every Hindi cinema every character and story revolves around big cities no one tries to represent them as Indian.

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