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Titane (2021)

Drama | SciFi | Thriller
Rayting:   6.7/10 2.4K votes
Country: France | Belgium
Language: French
Release date: August 26, 2021

Following a series of unexplained crimes, a father is reunited with the son who has been missing for 10 years. Titane : A metal highly resistant to heat and corrosion, with high tensile strength alloys.

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andreyrublev 29 August 2021

Words have a meaning and Julia Ducournau twists them with a crude militant will: of course prejudices are born by cataloging in too narrow boxes; but removing the very notion of a box, what it promotes here is not diversity, it is a falsely subversive gloubi-boulga which has nothing touching, realistic or profound. Really disappointing from the author of Grave, which was much more successful and, for once, subversive.

mayya-izmaylova 4 September 2021

Don't waste your time or money watching this garbage. It made no sense. There are 2 types of edgy: the good one and the one that a 12 year old with a million dollars can make. This is the latter. It was so bad it was just funny. I spent most of the film laughing.

Raven-1969 23 September 2021

Whatever kind of misfit you are, somebody gets you. Whether you are a freak, lone wolf, devil-child, parental failure, mass-murderer, or all the above, someone understands you.

Titane suffers no fools, is prone to violence, extremely intense, and feels no pain. She has a titanium plate in her skull from causing a catastrophic accident as a child. She only grows worse with age. Titane's impulsive rage soon puts her on the wrong side of the law. She runs into many freaks such as herself including a macho, steroid abusing firefighter with a vulnerability that she exploits to the hilt.

Nothing can prepare you for the level of violence, abuse, and shocking behavior encountered in Titane. The extreme sexuality, hopelessly confused gender identities, and radically dark humor will cause even the most hardened midnight madness and horror show addict to avert their eyes. Yet it cannot be unseen. Watch at your own risk.

Titane is the Palme d'Or winner at Cannes. North American premiere seen at midnight madness at the Toronto international film festival. Not streaming anywhere yet. Four and a half stars out of five not because it met the standard definitions of a movie but from how much fun it is to watch.

ghamstudios 22 September 2021

#TIFF21: There will never be another movie quite like this. At every turn this film made me squirm, laugh, hide behind my fingers, shout in terror and excitement, and feel basically every emotion I think I contain as a human. Even though this is the only film I've seen by Julia Ducournau, I am 100% confident calling her one of the greatest filmmakers of her generation. I have no complaints; I was glued to the screen from the studio logos to the end credits.

When this gets released to the public, gather the biggest crowd possible to behold this cinematic experience. I will hold this screening at Tiff near and dear to my heart; the way the crowd collectively gathered around the excitement of watching this beautiful film is really hard to put into words. Oh, and If I still haven't convinced you of this films power, I should mention that a few audience members had to be taken away from the film by ambulance.


BenjaminSeurin 31 July 2021

Strangely enough, I think this movie works best without the fantastic and body-horror parts.

At its core, this film is a drama. We experience the relationship between two broken people, the conflict between their deepest desires and the consequences their meeting has on their respective personal struggle.

Because of that, the acting is very important and both actors deliver a very good performance, especially Vincent Lindon. He plays a lonely disillusioned old fireman on steroids, completely adrift after losing his young son several years ago. The other lead, Agathe Rousselle, plays a disturbed young female, also very lonely and about to experience an unprecedented metamorphosis.

I don't think the soundtrack is the strong point of this film. Nevertheless, the cinematography is excellent; I really enjoyed the use of colors, contrasts and lightings which reinforce the drama and its horrors elements.

Overall, I was interested in the relationship between the two leads, but I don't think the fantastic part was that well integrated and used.

Emilape 2 September 2021

It's really hard to get a feeling for it after so little time. It was uncanny, disturbing and provoking for sure. There are great things in that movie. Both leads are stunning, the cinematography, lighting, colors, music... Nothing leaves you indifferent, everything is organic and powerful. But you do not get out of it unharmed. Definitely worth seeing in the cinema, it's a hallucinated trip between Cronenberg and a fever dream. An ambiance mixing diesel and organic that would make George miller pale in discomfort, it grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. It is a glorification of the ugly, so it might not be for everyone. It still isn't perfect, but it is great cinema, the kind of cinema I love. I will still think about it for some time. If I had to give a grade.. Pain/10???

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