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The Nine Kittens of Christmas (2021)

Comedy | Family | Fantasy
Rayting:   7.2/10 425 votes
Language: English
Release date: November 25, 2021

Zachary and Marilee are thrown back together at Christmas when they're tasked with finding homes for a litter of adorable kittens.

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amandatyke 26 November 2021

I was so ecstatic when I found out there was going to be a sequel to one of my all time favorite Hallmark movies "The Nine Lives Of Christmas". Let me tell you.. "The Nine Kittens Of Christmas" did not disappoint. First off, I'm so happy the original leading cast, Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad, and Gregory Harrison came back to reprise their roles as Zachary, Marilee and Chief Sam. Also Trace came back the cat who played Ambrose. This is a heartfelt movie that tugs at your heart especially if you're a cat lover. The nine kittens that were in this movie were all adopted into loving homes by the crew members. That alone is a good enough reason to watch this movie. I highly recommend it.

mamachikn 28 November 2021

Enjoyed the first movie, The Nine Lives of Christmas. This one had some nice parts. But Zach/Brandon Routh is so wooden, unappealing, and has No personality and No chemistry with the talented Marilee/Kimberly Sustad. The behavior of this character at the end was so awful, so unloving and despicable, that there was no redemption. Marilee pours her heart out and there is NO response from him. None!! Dump him. I hope there are no more sequels to this. I did enjoy the Paul Campbell cameo, however!

gfrasmd 26 November 2021

Seven years ago, Hallmark produced a cute movie involving two cats. In that, Marilee, a gentle, considerate and loving woman found love with firefighter Zac, who won his commitment-phobia and, like a mountain lion, climbed the highest peak and reclaimed her, his eternal love. It was not a teenager, puppy, love, as both were well into their thirties. Now, Hallmark transport us to five years later, when we find their "eternal" love has lasted no longer than the holidays cheer. For unclear reasons, Marilee had soon moved to Miami, to complete her vet school. She has completely turned the page, started a business and lived for three years with her partner- boyfriend. Meanwhile, Zac has lived in limbo, still chasing his fears, and done nothing to claim her again. Marilee decides to go back home to visit her family for the Holidays and they meet again. With the help of nine kittens, they are ready to rekindle their previous ephemeral story. With typical TV movies logic, she has no qualms turning the page on her three-year commitment and he miraculously discovers the backbone he never had. Christmas movies are magic in that they make us believe there are good people, with all of the qualities we admire and inspire us. In this instance, Hallmark expects us to be idiots, supposed to be moved and inspired by two characters that have proved to be flaky, shallow and and clueless, at best.

Honestly, why should anyone give a hoot about their new fling and how long it is going to last? But...., do not worry, we are likely to find out soon, whenever Hallmark is short of ideas for a new show. With a masterful stroke, Hallmark has managed to ruin the appeal of their former creations, to provide a nonsensical, vapid new chapter. Such is the glory of most remakes. On the plus side, the nine kittens are very cute. Wish they had been given a larger role and spared us the uninspired love story.

montgomerysue 28 November 2021

It took seven years for Hallmark to finally show us what ever happened to Zachary and Marilee from one of its most beloved Christmas movies, "Nine Lives of Christmas." Was it worth the wait ? Well, in a way, yes.

The movie starts off with a couple of real surprises that leave you intrigued, and then it goes on to resolve those matters in a very interesting way. Sustad, as usual, is wonderful, and her portrayal of Marilee is honest, forthright, and endearing just like in the original movie.

Routh has matured as as actor and seems more comfortable in his role as Zachary. His scenes with Gregory Harrison as Zachary's mentor/father figure are quite good and realistic. The only problem is the script. It tries too hard to draw parallels to the original story and it contains what I call "filler" - a subplot that is intended to give the actors something else to do - that is unimaginative. Here, it is a silly advent calendar that Marilee's sister "found" after 20 years in their deceased's mother's lake house before it was "finally" sold. It's just uninteresting hokem that adds nothing to the story, which good filler should do. Nevertheless, it is nice to see these two characters back together and there is a really sweet pay off at the end. There's some good "extras" here, too. No one makes an entrance into a scene better than Sustad and here she does it again - this time in a stunning green dress. And keep your eye open for a little cameo appearance by the wonderful Paul Campbell, Sustad's frequent co-star.

brookenichole-98054 28 November 2021

This movie is great! It didn't feel slow and the acting was decent. The romance between the two leads was perfect and cute. And for them to make a sequel that's just as good, if not better, than the first is amazing. Hallmark really stepped it up for this movie. I hope we see more of this in the future!

Jackbv123 26 November 2021

I am not a big fan of redo sequels. The beautiful ending in Nine Lives of Christmas is undone. Marilee is across the country in a relationship with a different guy with whom she is sharing a vet practice. After Zach's beautiful grand gesture in the first movie, somewhere in the 5 years since he got commitment phobia again and now they are no longer together. That saps my faith a little in terms of the chemistry between Kimberley Sustad and Brandon Routh. Oh, it's definitely there,, but it's tainted just a little bit.

If two cats were cute before, two cats plus 9 kittens is even cuter, and they spread that cuteness all through the movie.

The story wasn't bad even if it did use the well worn old ploy of one person misunderstanding what they see.

Both Sustad and Routh continue from the previous movie with great delivery of mumbled comments to themselves or talking to their cats, Sustad especially.

Really not bad for a sequel.

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