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Sharmaji Namkeen (2022)

Comedy | Drama | Family
Rayting:   7.7/10 10K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: March 31, 2022

A light hearted coming of age story of a lovable 60 year old man.

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amairkhan-11514 1 April 2022

The movie scenes were so amazingly edited that at time you will forgot that the actor has been changed for the character. After the movie completed you will not able to remember which scene has done rishi kapoor which not.

badaamit 31 March 2022

Fmovies: It is good to see two lengends are in one movie one is live & one is living in heart the acting of both the actors are good the movie is good to watch....😍😍😍

sanjeevanwar 31 March 2022

Anwar Says : A real tribute by Paresh Rawal to the legend Rishi Kapoor, same character played by two veterans but you would still feel that Rishi Kapoor could have finished this. The sweater clad Rishi's role was tailor made for him and may be looked as Baghban-2 .

Hitesh Bhartia's team of cinematography and editing would not feel you awkward the frequent change of artist and the simplicity of all other characters including Juhi Chawla would take you to the end of the movie. Sushil Nayar is the only character worth mentioning besides the two leads , as he stand tall against the stalwarts.

Music by Sushil Khanwakar is not at par with his previous one, but as Chintuji fan , watch this to pay homage to him , and you would not regret. His cute antics would make this a memorable one . 3.5 out of 5 from me.

#amazonprime #anwarsays #RishiKapoor #PareshRawal #hiteshbhatia #twocharacters #baghban #tribute.

vishalnhce 1 April 2022

Sharmaji Namkeen fmovies. I love the movie from start till end. It was too good. Humor, comedy, emotions, care, love, no extra over the top drama or buildup. I wait for such story oriented movies and really thank the makers for doing a fab work. All the actors are superb and well known. No nonsense style, it brought a smile to my face.

rahul000994 29 April 2022

Rishi Kapoor's 'Sharmaji Namkeen' starts with a cold open, in which his son Ranbir Kapoor explains the experiment they're undertaking with the film - Paresh Rawal stepped in to play the role of 'Sharmaji' after Rishi Kapoor's untimely demise. On the face of it, two actors playing the same role sounds like a risk but the two actors flit seamlessly between their scenes blending into a stirring character.

Hitesh Bhatia's Sharmaji Namkeen is a film run by its diverse characters and exemplary palate. Food is a recurring theme in the film- a retired manager from Madhuban Appliances, Brij Gopal Sharma finds that he can't sit idle and aided by his nosey, but delightful friend KK Chaddha (Satish Kaushik), he enters the 'Kitty Party Circle' as a 'specialist cook'.

Not only does food act as an escape for Sharmaji, he also expresses himself through food- after a particularly nasty fight with his elder son Sandeep 'Rinku' Sharma (Suhail Nayyar), he expresses his anger through copious amounts of chilli in his food. The story, written by Hitesh Bhatia and Supratik Sen, is a slice-of-life tale about ageing parents and their changing relationship with their kids, while also exploring how the dynamics change within a family as everyone grows up.

There is a reference to Baghban, but Sharmaji Namkeen doesn't paint things in binaries-BG Sharma is struggling to maintain his autonomy over his life as his son Rinku tries to navigate the spotlight the rest of their family puts on Sharmaji. Taaruk Raina as Sharmaji's younger son Vincy, whose affections are clearly skewed more towards his father than his bhai is a comparatively minor character who manages to stand out regardless.

Sharmaji finds friends in a bunch of women in a kitty circle, consisting of characters played by Juhi Chawla (as Veena Manchanda), Sheeba Chaddha (as Manju Gulati), and Sulagna Panigrahi (as Aarti Bhatia) among others. They are all well-written. Women of varying ages and backgrounds come together under one roof, carving a niche for themselves away from the worries of the world.

The film is majorly set within these kitty parties, and the film explores the themes of female sensuality, sexism, career vs family, and just...lets its women characters have fun. And it does that so well. Sheeba Chaddha and Juhi Chawla's performances are highlights but they don't outshine anyone else with each character in the kitty circle, and in the film, holding their own.

Rishi Kapoor's absence rings loud, even though Paresh Rawal gives a memorable and heartwarming performance. Rishi as 'Sharmaji' just fits better in a character reminiscent of his roles in films like Rajwa Chawal and Do Dooni Chaar.

Stay till the end for BTS scenes that capture the essence of Rishi Kapoor on sets as his hit track 'Om Shanti Om' plays in the background. The film combines light humour with sentimentality and drama in a way that mirrors real life and Sharmaji Namkeen is a fitting send off to an actor of Rishi's stature and charm.

msunando 6 May 2022

When Brij Gopal Sharma (Rishi Kapoor / Paresh Rawal), fondly known as Sharmaji is subjected to premature retirement from his services, he is advised different ways of keeping himself busy. He fills his hours during the day following his passion for cooking at home. He is clearly most excited to feed his two sons the best of his culinary delights and seeks fulfilment through it. But the elder son Rinku, who is an executive in a private firm, seems to have a problem with whatever Sharmaji does to keep himself busy and constantly eggs him to find something professional to do, like what he used to do when he was employed. Sharmaji's is a small family of three people, he having lost his wife many years ago, but open and transparent communication amongst the three men is clearly a huge issue.

Sharmaji eventually does find his mojo - he finds that there's heavy demand for his cooking abilities and culinary passion among a bunch of kitty friends who are overtly impressed with him. Initially hesitant about the company of women and that he has to cook at their houses, he is quick to realise that he achieves happiness in what he gives and gets as a reward, he strongly pursues his newfound engagement. But he is aware that his sons and other relatives will some day get to know about his pursuit and dreads about the outcome.

Sharmaji Namkeen is a deep introspection about the pursuit of happiness. What should someone do after the professional commitments get over and all the time is available? Should he / she continue to look for opportunities in the field of experience or pursue something that has forever been on the mind that will perhaps give a new dimension to life? How important is it to conform to social norms and consider what others will have to say about the new endeavours? Will the dilemma about what to do and what's socially right to do overburden the mind?

Rishi Kapoor's last screen appearance is a remarkable movie by all means and had he been able to complete it, Sharmaji Namkeen would have been one of his best in his mature years. Not that it isn't, but Paresh Rawal, who stepped in to complete the film after Rishi Kapoor's demise holds his own grounds. Consequently, we get to see two stalwarts playing the same character, but doing their individual brand of histrionics. Whilst hugely enjoyable as a subject that you can instantly associate with, watching two very different people playing the same lead role is uncanny. No harm done, Sharmaji Namkeen is a film for everyone, excellently executed, heartwarming and a raucous comedy. A special mention about Juhi Chawla who encourages Sharmaji to follow his pursuit of happiness, she is brilliant in her little role, and Parmeet Sethi adds zest and glamor.

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