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Mixtape (2021)

Comedy | Drama | Family
Rayting:   6.7/10 2.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Min Nan
Release date: December 3, 2021

When a young girl accidentally destroys the mixtape that belonged to her mother, she sets out to track down each of the obscure songs on the cassette.

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niseynisey 24 December 2021

A sweet story about grief and trying to live life without those we cared so much for. The ending was a bit too cheesy and unrealistic for me, so I took off a star. The subject matter was easily digestible for a younger audience and wasn't too heavy even though the subject is a hefty task.

rob-broekhof-1 5 January 2022

Fmovies: Anyway, I wish that all parents would sincerely sing "the wrong song" for each of their kids.

This sweet but truthfull movie will make totally clear why.

Note: the story is bittersweet. As it says in "the storyline" above on this site; she never knew her mother.

Still, this is the kind of movie that I hope that everyone fully grasps and appreciates.

I loved it and totally recommend watching it.

pasaribuharisfadli 16 December 2021

Once you put aside its Disney-esque sappiness and saccharine on its surface, Mixtape will serve you with a feel-good family drama. It's a sweet tale not only about a coming-of-age but also about bonding and eventually about coping with the bleakness of the past.

durham100 13 December 2021

Mixtape fmovies. With excellent acting throughout. Great music and a warm and fuzzy sense of humour. No idea why people keep referring to Julie Bowen as being the "aunt" - how wrong can you be? If you want to block out the world and all its current angst curl up and watch this - it's the prefect antedote.

MyMovieTVRomance 15 December 2021

This was a joy from start to finish, and the whole film just breezed by! Although this is a movie that my little 7 year old niece made me watch, it is definitely a film that adults and kids can appreciate.

How could my little niece have known that I would love this movie like I do?! She said I would, and wow, was she right! It's sentimental, meaningful, ever so slightly mysterious, and even mystical. This film was filled with Godwinks and heart. And it's a movie any happy punk rock fan can appreciate, as there are mentions of Cheap Trick, The Stooges, The Germs, and more in this great movie!

This movie shows that punk rock doesn't have to be about angst to people, and its fans can, in fact, be happy-go-lucky, cheerful types too. I recommend this movie highly for a real feel-good time!

brianjohnson-20043 16 December 2021

I'd give this a 6 if it was a theatrical release. But for a streaming film I give it a 7 which I feel is slightly above average.

As a person who was about the same age of the main character at the same year in time it was fun to see, even if most of the rest didn't really mimic my life. Perhaps I would have been more critical if it wasn't so suited for someone of my age. But I also was never into punk rock and never lost my parents or was raised by a non-biological parent. So some people could relate more to those components.

It seems like a good film to put on with a family with people of many ages. And it's nice to have movies like that available on Netflix.

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