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A Week Away (2021)

Drama | Family | Musical
Rayting:   5.8/10 3.8K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: March 26, 2021

With nowhere left to go, Will Hawkins finds himself at camp for the first time. His instinct is to run, but he finds a friend, a father figure, and even a girl who awakens his heart. Most of all, he finally finds a home.

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moraleswillow 6 June 2021

The music in this really isn't that bad, but when I watched the trailer I thought it was something different. I'm not really that religious and I honestly felt pretty uncomfortable while watching this. I stuck it through, but like another review said I wouldn't have anyone too young who doesn't already have there own beliefs watch this. (Again I didn't know it was religious until I started watching it, which is annoying)

alexishayden-14480 27 March 2021

Fmovies: Great mix of love friendship faith and music! Cheesy but who don't love that! It was awesome to see these old worship song redone!!! Worth the watch! Show your kids great family movie and if your a 90's baby. You will appreciate this music! Wish there were more movies like this.

fersiaf 30 March 2021

Ratings for this movie are just so unfair. Never give a rating if this kind of movie doesn't fit your genre. This one's a gem if your'e looking for a movie centering on Christian Praise Songs. The storyline is quite simple probably because this one doesn't need to be too serious. Come on, don't mind the red rating. Give this movie a shot!

cehutton 28 March 2021

A Week Away fmovies. I rated this a 10 not b/c it is Oscar worthy but because it was fun, uplifting, great music and family friendly. A very sweet story about a boy who lives from foster home to foster home and has no one who cares and loves him. He gets sent to camp for a week that changes his life and where he finds his forever family. It warms the heart and it was cute and refreshing and well acted. 100% family friendly.

vanessa-892-220070 27 March 2021

It is nice and refreshing for Netflix to drop a feel-good Christian movie on their streaming platform. Although the movie was predictable and some scenes and musical numbers a bit cringe-worthy, the overall message was about acceptance and God understanding people's struggles in life which was relatable to watch.

lozza12011 26 March 2021

Easy to watch family movie. People review movies like this as if the movie is trying to win oscars. The purpose of these types of netflix movies is to be a relaxing heartfelt watch, which this movie did an excellent job at. Acting performances were strong and the songs were far better than I had expected.

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