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Zenek (2020)

Biography | Music 
Rayting:   2.3/10 3.1K votes
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Release date: February 14, 2020

Zenon Martyniuk, a boy from the Podlasie village, who realizes his great dream is to sing and entertain the crowds. It shows Zenek's path to enormous success, which he achieved thanks to persistence and hard work.

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donfuso28 22 February 2020

Somebody should pay me big time for watching this rubbish. stay away

macdomagala 22 February 2020

Fmovies: If you want to completely waste 2h of your life and then have a few days headache you should watch this movie. But remember, you can't unwatch it. Total piece of crap!

lecho9 22 February 2020

I would rather die than watch this. watching this movie is worse than cancer.

misthuntr-72060 23 February 2020

Zenek fmovies. I went for this movie for fun. I knew it will be weak but expected to see something like "Polish TV fails in making their Star is born interpretation." The problem is the movue us just do super weak, do super about nothing. I recently read a book about polish Disco Polo and it gave fantastic pictures of a Wild West that was at the Time of transfomation in Poland, mix of politics, luck, Wild changed, mafia and all that. And here there is nothing.

tomek-07331 22 February 2020

A terribly boring and quite stupid movie about a miserable italo-disco musician who accidentally gains popularity in Polish villages.

ads-15651 21 February 2020

As said previous "Boring disco-polo brainwashing music" and the same kind of movie. Maybe someone like this music - I respect but movie about it with main actor who have doctor title in real life is embarrassing.

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