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Toma (2021)

Biography | Drama | Music
Rayting:   8.9/10 10K votes
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian | German
Release date: September 15, 2021

Biopic about Toma Zdravkovic, the man who is remembered not only for his songs and the unique way he sang them, but also as a bohemian, both in his behavior and his soul.

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Pancevac 17 October 2021

I dont think i ever cried more. Very emotional movie even if you did not listen to Toma.

Beside being emotional, there is also a lot of historic and funny moments. Really brings you back in the old Yugoslavia days.

slidenow-00218 26 October 2021

Fmovies: To cut a long story short. A film was made that has not been seen in this area for a long, long time. A miracle has been made and an emotional PULSE was sent that shook the Balkan's and maybe the world as well just like the Tesla's waves,which reconnected us all and killed the hatred for just a second...We all cried, everyone! Everyone! No other words..

ani_nikolovski 7 January 2022

Honestly, you have to live in that time (I'm talking about Toma Zdravkovic's youth) in order to understand the film. I am a young man, and many young people like me, who do not know him well enough (such as the person and the man) and the well-followed Toma Zdravkovic, they are usually bored with the film, so the production of the film covered the older feelings as a target group and is less and more nostalgic for that time. I give my grade (10) in terms of how the film was made and how well it was performed.

sasa-vujanovic-53-7081 10 October 2021

Toma fmovies. You have to be from one of the former Yugoslav republics to really get the best of this movie 🎥 but if you are I can only say prepare a set of tissues and open your heart to get to know Toma.

And don't get misled by the fact he was a folk singer - I myself was never into a folk scene and virtually knew nothing about his life or music but I'm so glad this movie has been made to document his life and make people like me more aware of his great talent. Hats off to movie makers!

milosmicovic 19 September 2021

A must see, an look inside of an era with legend...just amazing movie...never felt so much emotions....

milan_kovacevic-04 18 September 2021

Well.....I literally came along with my wife to make her company. What came next was a pure astonishment. This movie is sooo beautiful, well edited, proportionate and special. It definitely manages to touch viewer's soul, something Toma is constantly mentioning in the movie that is breaking and you can see it. Toma's death and Yugoslavia's death go heand in hand, so one not only feels sad about him, but also about what once was. Amazing movie. Not sure if non-ex-Yugoslavian people would like it as much, but ex-Yugoslavs will have such an emotial catharsis with this one. If I could I would've given it 11/10.

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