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Barbie in 'A Christmas Carol' (2008)

Animation | Family 
Rayting:   6.4/10 2.2K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English
Release date: November 18, 2008

Barbie stars in her first holiday movie in this heart warming adaptation of the classic Dickens story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs!

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kill-the-boxtrolls 12 January 2011

I found this at the library. I'm a huge fan of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol books. It has been adapted into movies, musicals, and dramas (mostly). But this childish Barbie film wants to be turned into a childish crap of comedy. The humor is rubbish, the drama is weak, the action is like there's no plot in the story. I know this is supposed to be a G-rated film and a special video to entertain children instead of scaring them, but there are some children's Christmas Carol movie adaptations that has Scrooge falling into his grave and stuff. This one doesn't.

It's about Barbie who tells a story to her younger Sister Kelly so the movie is literally a storybook kinda movie. Eden is a famous celebrity singer and all of a sudden, she turns Scrooge-like and tells her friends not to rehearse on Christmas day and says "Bah, Humbug." Then she tells Annie (or whatever her freaking name is) not to say "Christmas" at all. Now I don't remember Scrooge telling people not to say "Christmas" but she is a Scrooge I know.

One day she is visited by Marley that night. Marley is trying to act as the Ghost of Christmas Past and then the other ghost takes her on the adventure through swirly holes and everything. Nice idea, but that sounds like more fun if this was in the theater instead of a direct-to-video thing.

I'm telling you, please avoid this Barbie film. It's a shameful film of the classic Charles Dickens books.

neenahhh 22 December 2011

Fmovies: It's Christmas season 2011! Now, let me ask people this: Is there anything better than curling up and watching a feel-good Christmas movie during the holidays? Probably, but heh. That's what I did. This film was one of the movies that I chose to watch so that I could get even more into the Christmas spirit. Who doesn't love happy Christmas movies, anyway? :)

In this film, we have an adaption of the world-famous story by Charles Dickens-- Barbie style. The movie begins by Barbie telling her little sister a story about a particular woman, Eden, who just doesn't enjoy the holidays. Eden basically hates Christmas and lives by Aunt Mary's motto: In a selfish world, the selfish succeed. Several Christmas apparitions visit Eden to set her right.

I chose this to be the first Christmas film I watched for the holidays. That was right of me. Young children could possibly find joy and entertainment in this Barbie film. Parents don't have to worry about 'scary things', either. The film has been padded with much-added humor that only children will enjoy. Still, to be fair, it was nice to watch this film. Barbie movies are filled with innocence that I do enjoy! But I didn't like their retelling of Dickens' novel. Fans of Dickens' should steer clear from this one.

Viewed on: December 22-23, 2011

maddiebuggie 1 May 2020

I have always loved the story of Christmas carol. I watched many version over the year. It wasn't until 2019 I got around the watching this version of the beloved story. The animation was of course great. I thought the story and plot was average. I did like that this version has a female as the leader I unlike most version who have a male. That made it difference besides the fact Barbie was telling the story. I loved all the characters, character development that was in this story. I liked that the main character owned a theater kind of business. She was just the right amount of I hate the world at the beginning and I changed and love the world by the end of the movie. All of the ghost In this movie were female too. I liked everything that the Barbie in a Christmas carol. I would never said this is the best version that been made of this story but this is a good version to watch nonetheless. Really good Christmas movie for kids to watch.

dianamarinelli 26 December 2020

Barbie in 'A Christmas Carol' fmovies. Nothing like the original Christmas but it is a different take. Instead of strophe we had s girl named eden who is selfish and is greedy. This movie is a good Christmas element which teaches us if we have something we must give to the poor

worldfangirl 23 August 2021

I honestly think this is one of the best & warm-hearted Christmas movies ever! It is so nostalgic & perfect for the holidays!

TheLittleSongbird 26 May 2012

I know I'm going out on a limb in saying I like this movie, as wherever I go there is always someone who looks down on the Barbie movies with scorn. Although I am not the main target audience(I'm 20) and although none are among the best movies in the world, I do get some pleasure out of them, especially Nutcracker, especially for the music and the characters. Barbie in A Christmas Carol is not one of my favourites in the franchise, but I did like that it had its heart in the right place and it is a nice movie to me. The dialogue is on the corny side, I did find the Ghost of Christmas Past annoying and the animation is not as good as that of Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Diamond Castle, having moments that are either too flat in colour or over-saturated, even then there are some nice moments still. What tempted me in the first place in seeing this movie was not just that it was Barbie, but also what they would do with such a great story that has been told so many times and of course the colourful cover. Surprisingly the story is told very nicely, parts are toned down a little to make potentially scary parts like The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come but considering the target audience this was appropriate, and the storytelling overall maintained the story's heart and sentiment with a heart-warming ending and not too much of an overly-sentimental air. Again, not one of the best adaptations of the story, but a long way from the worst. The music is sprightly and really puts you in a mood for the festive season, and the characters are great on the whole, although I liked the change of pace for Barbie from brave, strong-minded and resourceful to the less idealistic values of selfish to sympathetic my favourite character was Chuzzlewit, who is so funny in his clumsiness and adorable. The voice acting is good, Kelly Sheridan is such a talented voice actress to me, from Nutcracker she showed great promise and is getting better and better every time I hear her. Overall, quite good in my opinion. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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