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Zipper (2015)

Rayting:   5.7/10 6.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: 28 August 2015

A successful family man with a blossoming political career loses all sense of morality when he becomes addicted to using an escort agency.

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Reno-Rangan 4 February 2017

It's a funny title for a serious film. I have heard the film was loosely based on a real scandal. This is the story of a federal prosecutor whose life has been decent until he becomes addicted to the escort service. As his wife is pushing him for entering the politics, on the other side, he's unable to come out of his new habit. The time comes when both these things can't go together, he has to pick the side and that brings the end to the tale.

Really an interesting story aspect, but slightly I was not happy with how it was presented on the screen. Though the characters were excellent and the perfect executions by its actors. Patrick Wilson was good, even in a small screenspace Lena Headey excelled. The other characters influenced quite strongly in the film. Like their intentions over the film events which played a major twist in the storytelling. The people can go any length to achieve the bigger thing is the one of the main messages of the film.

The theme was strong, but there were some weaker spots in the narrations. Although, an acceptable and enjoyable film. The end was totally unexpected, but unbelievably not that smart from the character's perspective. Surely an average film, but definitely not a bad or an awesome film. Its about the scandal of a high profile figure or at least trying to be, though everything were told from a single angle. So I hope you watch it and give an honest opinion than going against it from even before the start just because everybody already doing that.


hami5150 29 November 2015

Fmovies: Somewhat typical drama about another rich and powerful man becomes a hypocrite. The difference with this film is that just about everyone else in the film is a hypocrite as well.

What the film does well... the acting, cinematography, and the script (to an extent). I do enjoy nudity, and this movie does do it in a way that isn't over the top and overly graphic.

The problems I had with the film were that it's another film about how rich and powerful men do pretty much whatever they want and get away with it, while all the women in the film are weak "whores". They get what they want by using sex, be it for drugs or power, and in the end it still gives the impression that's all they are really good for, which is surprising being that the film was directed by a woman.

While it does deliver a message that you can be a "whore" in more ways than just having sex for money, it still doesn't exactly "punish" the hypocrites, but rather seems to blame the weak. Which, I suppose, is what life is actually like.

I found myself feeling only for one character, and that was Jennifer. It isn't because she is gorgeous (which she is, but so were just about all the women), but because she was the one that not only was the most innocent, but also the one that was taken advantage of the most. And when Ellis had the chance to help her, he chose rather to treat her even less like an escort and more like a streetwalker, especially after seeing that she had a drug problem and exploiting that weakness. But even after she made clear that she actually liked him, and even after he treated her like a hooker, she still showed some real emotion and humanity. What makes the scene even more powerful is that is shows that Ellis is even more of an addict, yet is still the one in power and control.

If the aim of the film was to cast a light on how misogynistic hypocrites can continue their addictions without any real recourse since some one (in particular, a woman) will come to their "rescue" by whoring themselves, then this movie did a great job. I gave the 8 stars based solely on the fact that the film was very well done technically and the acting was worthy of praise, but the ending fell flat and just played into more stereotypes, which even independent films are falling prey to now.

dansview 20 February 2016

I only watched this because I think Patrick Wilson is an appealing lead. There is something so All-American about him, yet he plays characters faced with potentially compromising situations.

First off, some reviewer from Belgium who hates America (big surprise there)said, "Who cares what politicians do in their personal lives?" Sorry pal, but this guy did not have an affair. He was using prostitutes. That's against the law and he works in the U.S. Attorney's office. Do you understand? The dialog here is excellent. I never expected that in what I thought would be a routine infidelity drama. There is a great speech when the main guy is talking to some college students and he explains that you cannot be anything you want, despite that clichéd speech staple. You can only be what you have the aptitude for.

There is another moment of dialog where an FBI agent speaks about guys who cheat on their wives. Nice job. Writing rarely gets enough credit. In this case, the Writer was also the Director and a woman.

This picture is set in the South, yet we never hear which state and the main guy is the only one with a strong accent. That was awkward. I'll assume it was Baton Rouge.

The acting was outstanding. I have never seen Wilson show that kind of range. The wife character was perfectly cast. She looked like someone who may have been attractive years ago, but was well past her prime.

What I got from this story was that men never stop craving young women. Once their wives go past 36, the men start craving younger options. It's just the way things are in a world where we live to such old ages.

The sex scenes were more tastefully done than I have ever seen in any such film.

Like some other reviewer mentioned, there was a key scene where our protagonist shows his humanity, but still can't stop his need to indulge his addiction. Nicely done. The girl involved flashed a brief and subtle look of disappointment that spoke a thousand words.

The picture is a tad slow. That was my only complaint. I gave it a 6 because the plot is not original and the pacing dragged. But it's worth watching for sure.

deloudelouvain 9 January 2016

Zipper fmovies. Not much of a thriller if you ask me. Maybe for the Americans it is but for a Belgian like me it isn't. And by that I mean that here in Belgium we could not care less what a politician does in his private life. If he cheats on his wife then that's his problem and certainly not ours. As long as he does his job like he should it's not of our concern. And that's the big difference between puritan America that loves their so called scandals and Europe where privacy still means something. So to me the movie was just kind of boring. Not bad though, just average, nothing to be thrilled about. And that's just about the story because the actors were good, nothing bad to say about them. It's just the story that lacks of action and entertainment. Well that's my opinion about it. American reviewers will probably not think the same because they are used of the whole brainwashing circus that is going on with their elections and political campaigns. And that's a pity.

Gordon-11 2 February 2016

This film tells the story of a married lawyer with a promising political career, who gets side tracked by experiences with ladies from an escort agency.

"Zipper" keeps me engaged because the I like the story. The first half is more erotic while the second half is more of a thriller. How Patrick Wilson does a good job portraying his character, who lets his urges overtake his sensibility. His guilt in the diner with the reporter is piercingly good. I think the story is well presented, easy to follow and engaging. The scenes are nicely shot as well. I enjoyed watching "Zipper"!

bob_meg 29 September 2015

First, let me reveal that I think Patrick Wilson is one of the most under-appreciated, naturalistic actors working today. His pairing with Kate Winslett in the film of Tom Perotta's brilliant "Little Children" was sublime. I even liked him in Joe Carnahan's over-the-top (but still lovable) "Stretch". So when I read the summary of "Zipper" and knew he played the lead, I had to see it, despite the uniformly negative reviews.

Mora Stephens' film revolves around a seemingly straight-laced upstanding guy, Sam Ellis (Wilson), who --- perhaps subconsciously --- lets his sexual addiction spin wildly out of control only a few months before being prepped for a senate seat bid. I say subconsciously because there are a lot of indications, through the script and Wilson's largely underplayed performance, that Sam's not a real happy guy. His "career" has been architected and steam-rolled by his passive-aggressive wife (Lena Headey), their marriage is on the rocks (though on the surface it seems fine) and he's constantly being given the stink-eye for even mentioning ethics to his jaded boss.

Wilson imbues Ellis with so many shades of gray and doubt that it really is quite riveting watching him unravel, back-pedal, and flail madly as his world threatens to crumble around him. And that's really all there is to this movie. It's a potent character (not plot) piece on the subject of addictive, compulsive behavior and sex addiction in particular. It really treats the dysfunction as just as potent an urge as the one a junkie craves in hard drugs. You can *see* the helplessness and frantic drive in Wilson's face and really believe that he believes he *has* to surf to that porn site, he *has* to call that escort... in his mind he has no alternative.

This is brave, unflinching stuff and not many people will empathize or even care to see such repugnant behavior in action, yet Stephens and Wilson don't spare us anything, even a brutally uncompromising, cynical, and quite believable ending.

It's amazing that people say things like "How could Ellis be so dumb?" Like ANY kind of addictive behavior is something people actually sit down and mull over, weighing the pros and cons, before getting their fix! Do addicts have the control to change their behavior? Of course. They just can't conceive of it. And that's the point of "Zipper".

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