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Umma (2022)

Drama | Horror | Mystery
Rayting:   4.7/10 5.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Korean
Release date: May 23, 2022

Amanda and her daughter live a quiet life on an American farm, but when the remains of her estranged mother arrive from Korea, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother.

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User Reviews

PedroPires90 23 March 2022

Honestly, a bad film. In horror most of the times "less is more" and this film is imcredibly annoying in how it wants to do something every 30 seconds. It can be the sound effects, it can be something in the mirror, something behind you, some dream, some internal voice, a jumpscare...every 30 seconds and I'm not lying. This turns out to have the precisely opposite effect.

It wants to say a lot of things and it passes those messages even through some clunky dialogue that doesn't feel natural at all. One or two good enough scenes but in general a huge disappointment (I would say the opening credits are the best thing). Really unispired ending and full of clichés.

Sarah423 23 July 2022

Fmovies: I watched this for Sandra Oh; horror isn't usually my element.

Which may be why I was far more impressed and creeped out than viewers who have horror as their usual fare.

Did I jump? Repeatedly.

The darkness, camera angles, and editing choices left me feeling on edge constantly. The set up of being "allergic to electricity" worked horrifyingly well, both in the mood/tone and with the theme of parent-child relationships.

Sandra Oh delivers (of course) and is a true standout.

Her character is complex and nuanced, frightened and, at times, frightening in her attempts to "hang on."

Unlike the other reviews so far, I enjoyed the movie, found it scary, and would recommend.

jessdelong-25072 23 July 2022

Definitely creepy, but I wouldn't say "horror". This is also a good depiction of how childhood trauma and abuse can affect adult life. I did wish there was more horror to it, though.

Movi3DO 20 March 2022

Umma fmovies. Dr. Cristina Yang retired and became a bee keeper.

A new horror produced by Sam Raimi of all people and starred Sandra Oh.

The only good part was some of the creepy scenes, which could be effective at times.

The first thing is the dialogues. Oh man that was corny and weird as heck. Even worse most of the cringy dialogues were from Oh's character.

There's nothing unique to the story. Really 95% was buildup without much happening. I was quite bored and couldn't wait for the story to end. Of course it's predictable.

Overall, it's bad. 4-4.5/10.

paul_haakonsen 8 April 2022

I hadn't even heard about the 2022 horror drama mystery "Umma" prior to sitting down to watch it. But I have to say that I found the movie's cover/poster to be interesting, and the synopsis was adequate. But of course with it being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I had to watch it.

Writer and director Iris K. Shim managed to put together an adequate enough storyline and script for "Umma". It wasn't a particularly outstanding or overly memorable movie experience though. Sure, it was watchable, and it was a nice mixture of Korean and Western cultures.

For a horror movie then I found "Umma" to be somewhat stale and slow paced. It wasn't particularly scary, and for a life-long horror fan, then "Umma" was essentially just a stroll in the park. "Umma" is focusing more of the drama aspects of the story than it does the horror.

Visually then you are not in for anything grand or impressive. But then again, "Umma" is not a movie that is particularly reliant on special effects and CGI. It had a little bit of special effects, of course, and it looked adequate enough. But you're not in for a spectacular show of special effects here.

Now, I am not really a fan of Sandra Oh, but she performed well enough in the movie. I wasn't familiar with actress Fivel Stewart, but she put on a great performance in the movie alongside the likes of Sandra Oh and Dermot Mulroney.

Sure, "Umma" was watchable and enjoyable enough for a single viewing. But that was essentially also it. This is not a movie that I will be returning to watch a second time, nor is it a movie that is at the top of movies that I would recommend you sit down to watch if you enjoy horror movies.

My rating of "Umma" lands on a somewhat generic five out of ten stars.

SoumikBanerjee25 13 April 2022

It seems like the film's modus operandi was to make statements on childrearing. Specifically made for those parents who are overbearingly conservative about their children, so much so that they even refuse to listen to their kids' wishes, let alone lend an ear to what other people say.

As creators, they tried to put their message out in the open, an important one as well and to tell you the truth, I see nothing wrong in that. However, I also do believe that as a filmmaker you bear certain responsibilities, some obligations one of which is to stay loyal to the genre or the type of content you are making.

"Umma" was meant to be a Horror right? In any case that was the impression, I've got from the trailers! If you wanna have social commentary, and symbolic insinuations in your film that's fine but you got to stick to your promise first! At the end of the day, What do people expect from a Horror feature? All they want is to be terrified, to get the chills. So if that particular wish remains unattended, I don't see why should it be marketed as horror in the first place then!

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