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Hideaway (1995)

Fantasy | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.3/10 6.4K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: 3 March 1995

Hatch Harrison had a traffic accident with his car. At first the doctors said he was dead but then they succeeded in bringing him back to life after two hours. In no time, Hatch starts to ...

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Dodger-9 8 June 1999

Jeff...Goldblum...speaks like..this...in much of his movies which is as fascinating as it is irritating. Jeff's quirky speech patterns have been the saviour of many a dull movie over the years - here, it almost takes second place to Brett Leonard's jaw dropping visual effects. By now, you know the story. Hatch (Goldblum) brought back from the dead by nice doctor Alfred Molina; except he has brought back a part of a creepy serial killer. Both men can see each other's visions and can feel one another's pain. Naturally, both are drawn toward an inexorable conclusion. An okay script, partly by Andrew Kevin Walker of Se7en fame and solid direction by Leonard make this a stylish diversion that should keep first time viewers hooked to the end. Good photography by Gale Tattersall and the Trevor Jones soundtrack punctuates all the right, familiar scenes with bags of style. Not as bad as Neil Jordan's similar offering, In Dreams, but a rather obvious thriller which offers few revelations.

cassandra16 31 July 2003

Fmovies: I thought the movie was good. A little confusing but good. I personally thought Jeremy's character was great. Jeremy Sisto was the best actor out of the whole movie because he was so into it. I recommend people seeing it who are interested in what happens if you kill yourself or satanic worship. The special effects are good for that time but compared to now it looks funny. Please go rent it and see for yourself! ~*~Cassandra~*~

vsargo 9 September 1999

Hideaway grabs your attention from the start with Hatch Harrison going to the spiritual world filled with spectacular, illuminating effects. Then seeing through the eyes of a killer who is after teenage women and having Alicia Silverstone (Regina)as your daughter you know that he will meet with the killer sooner than he ever hoped. With the plot having more twists and turns than first meets the eye makes this easily the best thriller I've seen. With the killer being perfectly cast with his black sunnies and trenchcoat, I even love the music which provides an eerie atmosphere for the movie. This movie has made me a big fan of Dean Koontz's novels.

james-391 3 December 2000

Hideaway fmovies. This film is by far, one of my favorite films. I will admit that the very end of the movie was a tad cheesy, but not so much that the film was ruined. I left the movie feeling very fortunate to have been able to watch it again. I saw this movie about four years ago and loved it, and watched it again. It did have some scenes that I preferred to watch through half-closed fingers, but for the most part, it was truly a wonderful film. As it is, it is a very underground movie, and in the years to come, it will become even more so. I recommend this movie to anyone who has a strong stomach and has an open mind.

HumanoidOfFlesh 28 November 2001

I've seen earlier Brett Leonard's horror film "The Dead Pit"(1989-check out my comment of it!)and this director is incredibly overlooked and talented."Hideawy" is excellent-fast-paced,violent and really dark.The visuals(especially the vision of Hell)are really impressive,and Jeremy Sisto as a satanic killer Vassago is outstanding-he is pure evil!Great soundtrack bu such industrial/metal bands like KMFDM,Fear Factory,Godflesh("Nihil"-I love this song!)and Front Line Assembly.My absolute recommendation.

jennyvergs12-1 2 January 2003

Seriously...why can't they make one of Dean Koontz's book into a DECENT movie? I mean they dont even get the characters right...Regina (Silverstone) is supposed to be a nine year old "crippled" (as she defines herself in the book). Changing her character takes away from the plot of the story! It's a shame that they waste Koontz's amazing talent on movie's like these.

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