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Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

Drama | Musical 
Rayting:   6.1/10 2.2K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: October 28, 2021

Film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award winning musical about Evan Hansen, a high school senior with Social Anxiety disorder and his journey of self discovery and acceptance following the suicide of a fellow classmate.

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User Reviews

trevorsondrol 23 September 2021

I seriously don't understand the hate, the musical helped me through some of my darkest times... it was everything and more that I wanted! Ben Platt has the voice of an angel and delivers THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF HIS CAREER! I loved it. You will be found.

Jacksonsev 21 September 2021

Fmovies: I have absolutely no credentials to explain to you why this movie was great, and I don't make reviews often at all. I literally go to the movies by myself very frequently because I just LOVE watching movies. I was able to get early showing tickets to this movie and was excited, to say the least, because I loved the musical. The acting from everyone was incredible (including Ben platt who did spectacularly even though he does look very old compared to an average high schooler) but his voice and the emotion he conveyed was very real in my opinion. The story, the music, the characters: every aspect of this movie was phenomenal. Loved the direction Stephen Chbosky (or however you spell it) took this movie in. I am definitely going to watch this movie more times in theaters with my friends to see their reactions!! GO WATCH TO SHED SOME HEALTHY TEARS AND BE THOROUGHLY MOVED!!

hunter-friesen 23 September 2021

Besides the expected superhero films, the genre that seems to be all the rage in 2021 is musicals. This year sees several different variations of the movie musical, featuring original concepts ("Annette"), musical variations of classic tales (Amazon's "Cinderella"), Broadway adaptations (Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights," and Miranda's directorial debut "Tick, Tick... Boom!"), and even remakes of Broadway adaptations (Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story"). Slotting right in with the rest of the Broadway pack is the film adaptation of the modern stage musical sensation: "Dear Evan Hansen."

Riddled with social anxiety, depression, and a cast on his left arm, Evan Hansen is a teenager who can never seem to fit in. He writes letters to himself for motivation, in which one haphazardly falls into the hands of the troubled Connor Murphy, who takes his own life shortly after. The Murphys believe the letter to be Connor's suicide note, with Evan being his best friend. Rather than admit the truth that Connor was his bully, Evan goes along with this opportunity, netting him a newfound sense of popularity and affection from those that never once passed him a glance. He also becomes an unofficial member of the Murphy family, with the parents taking him under their wing and their daughter, Zoe, developing a relationship with him. But like all charades, the lie begins to spin out of control, tangling Evan and those he cares about in a web of deceit.

Tasked with bringing the stage play to cinematic life is director Stephen Chbosky, who recently had success with "Wonder," about a boy with facial disfigurement, and the soon-to-be cult classic/greatest movie ever according to Tumblr, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

Unlike the musicals mentioned in the beginning, "Dear Evan Hansen" doesn't feature large group numbers on sweeping sets. Much of the action occurs in smaller, domestic locations, with the most exotic sets being a school gymnasium and a run-of-the-mill apple orchard. And even when a song features more than one performer, they hardly share the same location, such as "Requiem," where the Murphys are crosscut and folded on top of each other.

The film hangs its heart on the musical numbers, many of which have become anthems to a generation, especially "You Will Be Found," which has become so iconic that it gets a special Sam Smith treatment during the credits, along with the familiar show-stopping rendition that occurs at the midpoint. Schbosky shows middling prowess for the staging of these numbers, opting for the actors to sing live, filming them through extended takes and slower camera movements that accentuate the emotional pull of the material. That stillness also acts as a double-edged sword, as there is a distinct lack of energy that makes the 137-minute runtime feel a lot longer than it is.

Ironically, the main problem that keeps this version of "Dear Evan Hansen" from being a sensation is not the cinematic qualities, but the story itself, which won Best Book of a Musical at the 2017 Tony Awards. The problem with the story is systematic, with Evan's actions being steeped in selfishness. Screenwriter Steven Levenson, adapting his own material, tries too hard to have his cake and eat it too as he attempts to scorn Evan's actions while also finding the silver lining with a ploying message about friendship and grief. The stage may have been ab

kenthleguro 17 September 2021

Dear Evan Hansen fmovies. I love how they translate the story from stage to screen. Every feeling I've felt from seeing the Broadway Musical remained the same on this movie, and I loved it. Ben Platt's performance here is very excellent as well as Amy Adams and the rest of the cast. I love every little changes they made from the stage musical and it fits perfectly to the movie. Still a heartfelt story with more tear jerker moments. I recommend everyone who wants to see this to bring bunch of tissues or shoulder to cry on.

henrysufilim 19 September 2021

For me, this movie shows the awareness, the important of friends. People who don't mind we share our story with. When someone is alone, they will keep on overthinking and friends help solve almost everything. Family also play an important role in this movie, family love is everything for their children. That's how children fight for their future.

wcall 22 September 2021

People are far too harsh. The negative reviews are obnoxiously nitpicky.

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