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Bad Hair (2020)

Comedy | Horror | Music
Rayting:   5.5/10 3K votes
Country: USA
Release date: October 23, 2020

In 1989 an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career may come at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its ow

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cgraves04 24 October 2020

I gave this movie 10 stars because it's a fresh take on a genre of horror that I really enjoy--the creature feature! It's melodramatic, it's campy, and it's a lot of fun! I love that it takes a new approach to the genre by predominantly featuring black women and black hair culture, an unexpected but genius turn. I also love that it lightly touches upon social commentary without being heavy-handed. The cast was perfect-Elle Lorraine was the perfect ingenue, Vanessa Williams was amazing as always, and Lena Waithe elevated every scene she was in. Setting it in the 80s was also a super smart decision, allowing the costume and set designers to have fun while heightening the camp factor. The callbacks to old horror films using lighting and framing were nicely done.

My one and only complaint was that the exposition took too much time. I wish the filmmaker had shaved a little off the beginning so that we could dive a little deeper into the folklore related to the story, spend slightly more time developing secondary characters, and see the hair do a little more slashing! That aside, this is a movie I could watch over and over again (and probably will)!

Dooptastic 9 November 2020

Fmovies: Reminded me of The Simpsons Halloween Special called 'Hell Toupee'. Fake hair comes alive and turns the person evil.

As I've seen the story done before, I can't say it was original. But I can say that I enjoyed this slightly different take on it.

The acting was on point (apart from Jay Pharoah), I mean I love the guy and his impressions are A-class, but his acting leaves a lot to be desired. This is the 2nd film I've watched with him in and both times he was the weakest link. Hopefully, he continues to get roles and his acting game improves.

There was a great cast, with so many familiar faces, it was a real treat..and some really good special fx, for what is essentially, 'hood cinema'.

I also love the 80's flavour. The clothes, the music etc. Real nice touch.

Nothing groundbreaking, but would definitely recommend.

petera00 9 May 2020

Nothing new... (seriously can we have that in hollywood horror these days?!). This is just a clone of Body Bags skit by carpenter and hooper.

nick-67428 24 October 2020

Bad Hair fmovies. I watched an original movie last night on Hulu called "Bad Hair" about a young woman in the 80's who gets a makeover to advance her career, but ends up with a possessed killer weave from the hair of African witches. Superstar cast like Vanessa Williams, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Laverne Cox, Lena Waithe. Really well done. It was a very unique story that did a great job at portraying the late 80's. A lot of racial subtext touching on the pressures of using hair relaxers and sew-ins to assimilate to societal "norms". All while showcasing some cultural folklore. Plus it had some good jokes. Vanessa Williams never fails to disappoint. A must watch.

jnmorales08 25 October 2020

This is a fun one. Love that it's set in the 80s. This movie is a cross between Little Shop of Horror and Jennifer's Body. It's campy and fun and sadly reminds me too much of the first and last time I got a sew in.

zac-68274 26 October 2020

90s John Carpenter trilogy updated with same message that people will do anything for fame, prestige and Vanity. Writer missed the mark; Just wasn't emphatic enough about Black Hair in corporate America and TV! Movie Dragged with a jumbled epilogue.

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