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Zombie Reddy (2021)

Action | Comedy | Horror
Rayting:   6.9/10 2.2K votes
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Release date: February 5, 2021

Mario, a game developer, and his friends must tackle and escape from a rising zombie apocalypse in the region of Rayalaseema.

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vaibhavkratos 29 March 2021

Indian Film industry has produced very few Zombie movies till date. Bollywood has made Masterpiece like Go Goa Gone(2013) and Tamil Industry had Cliched but thoroughly entertaining movie like Miruthan (2015). Although I would Highly recommend Watching Miruthan over The most boring Zombie Reddy (2021).

"Zombie Reddy" is a Telugu Language Zombie "Comedy". I mentioned Comedy because that's what the makers said it is. I had really high hopes after watching the trailer. It was trying to incorporate current pandemic situation and Zombie virus into one movie, and I said "What a brilliant idea !" But then I saw the movie and it was utterly disappointing. Zombie make up and Vfx look fake. Even action scenes aren't interesting to watch. Comedy falls flat. Supporting characters are cheap and disgusting to see on screen.

I felt really bad for the leading trio of actors. Teja Sajja, Anandhi and Daksha Nagarkar were trying really hard to save this snooze fest. But they were ultimately betrayed by lazy writing and bad dialogues. I wish the best for their future.

So if you have seen the trailer, then you have seen all the best parts of the movie. There is not even an attempt at comedy throughout the whole film, and the focus of the movie is hardly the Zombies. The whole focus was Faction war. So if you don't want to waste 2 hours of your life, don't watch this movie.

advaithkarapakula 8 February 2021

Fmovies: Awesome movie...and the movie is so comedy and Teja action was awesome

MandalBros-5 27 March 2021

ZOMBIE REDDY is basically an Action - Comedy (mainly in the 1st half), but what differs it from other movies is the perfect blending of Zombie genre and that makes the movie a ZOM - COM which is my favourite genre.

The movie grabbed me from the very first song and it was hilarious. The screenplay is very much engaging. The 2nd half is full of action, also loved the climax. BGM is top notch. As a Zombie genre fan I can say it's A MUST WATCH for zombie movie lovers.

Available on aha.

© MandalBros.

saisuryaproductions 27 February 2021

Zombie Reddy fmovies. The movie is totally a overaction ride performance of teja sajja is too much of overaction I found it very irritating while watching the movie better don't watch such movies

rajeshwardevaraj 21 February 2021

Comedy and good entertainer movie. Direction is good. Actors also does their part at maximum level

vasudevaa 26 April 2021

Check out my other reviews! I give reviews for all new Telugu movies.

Special Note to Prashant Varma. The director of the film, Prashant Varma, has took the film to the next level just because of the concept and story. The concept of fasctionism meeting with zombies has never done before. Just solely the concept itself has the scope to thrill you forever.

This movie is a very interesting experience for me. The first time I saw it I shut down the TV after the first 30 minutes. That's how horrible the movie was initially. Then I forced myself to watch the whole movie. After finishing the first half, I again shut down the TV. That's how slow and boring the first half was. Another day, my friend told me this was the most thrilling experience ever so I started watching it again. This time I did not off the TV. The whole second half is a thrilling rollercoaster. All the twists, the 1000kmph screenplay, and the thrill of zombies and faction revenge just blew the crap away from me. When I was about to rate the movie as a 4/10 (utter flop movie) bull crap movie, after watching the second half I am rating it a 6/10 (a pretty good movie).


1st half: the first half starts out by laying out the characters and laying out the main plot by showing the power hungry scientist. The way they show it is executed terribly. The dialogues seem very unnatural and there is so much unnecessary over action portrayed by the characters. Especially the first 30 minutes is brain torture. We might get headaches or brain problems: which we should not be a surprised at all by.

The rest of the first half is just setting up the plot for the second half with zombies. This part is filled with over action. Just for small things Teja acts very very over. "Apara Babu choodaleka chacchchipothunnamu, Yedavannara yedava!." For his over action we expect something to happen but nothing happens and will probably irritate us. Like that, the whole 1st half goes very slowly. The thing the first half does successfully build is extreme curiosity; we keep on seeing zombies and we will be wondering what will happen next.

2nd half: To fulfill our curiosity the interval bang comes. This part starts the thrilllll!! Zombies everywhere and comedy with Jabardasth Seenu. Then the story goes towards factionism and a lot of twists get revealed here. Here the thrill goes up one level. Whatever we wait for gets constantly fulfilled throughout the movie. We will be so glued to watching this movie we can't take our eyes away from the screen for a single second. It is almost as if we are addicted to a drug and cannot give up the thrill because the dose is so freaking high.

One thing bad about the second half is it's duration. It is only about an hour long and we don't get to fully experience the potential of the concept and the screenplay. The screenplay is a little too fast and "hadavidi" so if they increased the duration for the same screenplay; it will have more scope to the already blockbuster idea "bomma daddarilli poyedhi" Just imagine if the same movie is a little more polished with the same amount of thrill; 1000cr box office collection!!

Overall this is a thrilling movie that has a lot of lack of appeal in the first half but full of appeal in the second. This will be great for people who like KGF. The narration style is extremely similar to that of KGF.

Check out my other reviews! I give reviews for all new Telugu movies.

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