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The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021)

Biography | Drama | History
Rayting:   7.1/10 201 votes
Country: UK
Language: English
Release date: October 21, 2021

English artist Louis Wain rises to prominence at the end of the 19th century for his surreal cat paintings.

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eurogirlka-24486 12 September 2021

This movie is a reminder to look at the beauty of life. Benedict portrayal of Louise Wain was absolutely phenomenal. Every department had me absolutely captivated. A reminder that going against normal society can be a beautiful thing. Highly recommend.

JimShops-1 4 September 2021

This is a beautiful, moving film with incredible performances all around, especially by Benedict Cumberbatch, who deserves an Oscar nomination at least. All the technical categories from directing, writing, production design, makeup and costumes, to cinematography, editing and music are all exemplary. A wonderful film.

Bek204 12 September 2021

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021) is an amazing film that's based on a true story. The film really reminded me of The Imitation Game (2014) and that's perhaps because of Benedict Cumberbatch's performance that really reminded me of his character Alan Turing (from The Imitation Game) and also perhaps because both Alan Turing's life and Louis Wain's life were full of obstacles. But, in my opinion, Benedict Cumberbatch's performance in this film is way better than his performance in The Imitation Game (2014). His acting was so genuine, especially that there are so many scenes in the film (emotional/dramatic scenes) where the camera was mainly focusing on his face. There's a specific scene in the 2nd half of the film where the camera was mainly focused on Benedict's and Claire Foy's faces for maybe 3 whole minutes and the camera didn't cut so it was a long take scene and they both presented the best performance that I have ever seen for both of them.

The cinematography was so beautiful and the film is visually stunning especially that the film had so many shots that look like an actual painting. Sometimes I felt like in a few scenes the film had that "Wes Andersen style" with the camera movements, the set design, and the cinematography. I also really really loved that the film was shot in the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Loved the editing and the transitions in the film especially in these moments where the Director wanted you to feel how/what Louis Wain is feeling.

One little small detail that I enjoyed as well is Olivia Colman narrating the film as if it is a fairy tale. I felt like using this method/way of telling this story made the film less heavy or less boring, especially that Louis' story could seem dull/sad/depressing sometimes.

But my only problem with the film is that I felt like the film focused too much on the "romance" especially in the first half. Also, there's a specific event that occurs that changes the direction of the film and shifts it. The movie jumps all of a sudden and immediately after that event to a whole new event which confused me because I wanted to see what happened and how Louis dealt with that. After that event, the film went down a bit and started to be boring and it lost the taste that it had since the beginning.

Also, I got to point out that the custom design, set design, and hair & makeup were very well made especially the hair & makeup which really surprised me, especially at the end when all the characters became "old".

My rating is 8/10.

Avwillfan89 1 October 2021

The film is hilarious, moving, gorgeous and ticks so many boxes of what I want to see in films.

Although there was darkness involved, the script highlights the healthy parts of dealing with grief and mental illness

This is another movie about outsiders, people outside of the norm, but nevertheless good people with so much to offer the world.

Benedict really has outdone himself yet again in this film. He's so raw, sweet and vulnerable. I just wanted to hug him the whole time.

He and Claire Foy are so, so cute together. Out of all the leading ladies he's shared the screen with, Claire is the one he has the most brilliant chemistry with.

And cats. So. Many. Gorgeous, cute cats and kittens.

It isn't easy to pick and chose moments of an entire person's life in a biopic - but Will Sharpe managed to do it perfectly.

10 out of 10.

random-70778 5 October 2021

OK, cat videos on YouTube are the most viewed category. I can just imagine the pitch for this film as slam dunk.

But I have to say this was really so overwhelmingly cliché, saccharine and sentimental that I could not enjoy it.

I really do not think this ranks a good performance by Cumberbach, who in other vehicles, has proven himself to be a truly great actor.

4/10 with most of the good marks for art direction.

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