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Pleasure (2021)

Rayting:   6.3/10 6.3K votes
Country: Sweden | Netherlands
Language: English | Swedish
Release date: November 4, 2021

Bella Cherry arrives in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an adult film star, but she soon learns that fame won't come easy as she harnesses her ambition and cunning to rise to the top of this mesmerizing and singular world.

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tkaine3 15 October 2021

🌠🌠🌠 / A Waste of time / First off this sexuaul calamity of a supposed modern porn industry endeavor takes you on the most boring adventure 😴 at the end you wake up realize you were asleep and wet the bed. The films all over the place and doesn't know what it wants to be. There's NO Empathy, NO real goal, NO real misfortune, it's the ME 2 addition of porn girls.. Am I supposed to feel bad because the guys calling his porn Co star bad words and she's starting to cry. Gimme a damn break really. Wow they were really out of the box giving her a strap on OMG and that's your finale.. Or does her hopping out of the limo represent her career in porn, News flash WHO CARES. I would definitely tell everyone who was told this film is disturbing or graphic, or whatever it's not. It's a waste of time and the acting was amateur. SHE DID NOTHING SPECIAL. Hardly any range in her character maybe that's the writing or direction she was given but no I will not remember her she had no defining qualities as an actor. Body face all average I'm not complaining but she didn't save this movie it's unredeemable. Watch at your own Peril. I DO 👎 NOT RECOMMEND.

nickpedersen 1 February 2022

Fmovies: I am thankfull that some still have the courage to make movies like this, in these "me to" times.

There is some very explicit scenes that makes the whole movie worth seeing.

The ending is somewhat stereotypic and it leaves you a little annoyed.

anthonyjlangford 17 February 2022

Most stories of this kind go for the obvious exploitation/victim angle and this mostly steers clear of that. While it does show the more extreme side (which is what she seeks), and it's revolting to watch, it could demonize men more than it does. If this was an American film, that's exactly what you'd get and it'd end up as another woke cliché.

Fortunately, this film avoids that for the most part, instead giving a more accurate portrayal of how things are. Of course, its exploitation but the players involved, of both sexes, are mostly exploiting themselves. What becomes of them after the game is over? That's not the story here but it make for a good one.

While very realistic and revealing the business side of things and excuse the terrible double pun (look for it), but this analysis does not go deep enough.

We know she is ambitious but without a backstory or a discussion on why or any real input into her character, we're not quite sure. Nor is there enough from others to provide enough depth, aside from Joy, who really provides the best characterisation.

It's still entirely watchable. Often fascinating and difficult and depressing to do so. While it never feels padded out, it's also not giving us enough.

The ending is a let down too. It's sudden, perhaps predictable and understandable, but again, she's pushed past difficult situations before. It simply felt that there needed to be additional material and we're left a little short changed.

A very good film that falls short on characterization. While it is a strong central performance, we're not given any solid reasons why she makes these decisions so her character is not quite a believable one.

atractiveeyes 15 January 2022

Pleasure fmovies. This is the most useless movie I've ever seen. It has no story, no clear main idea and a very week and poor plot development. It's just full of random extremely explicit porn scenes. If you want you could just watch porn instead of wasting your time on this film. Lead performance is real and superb though.

tccandler 13 October 2021

The story of a 19-year-old Swedish beauty who makes her way to Hollywood in order to become the next big porn star. The film has rightly had its fair share of publicity, due to the graphic scenes featured throughout. However, that shock value soon wears thin, leaving a somewhat hollow tale of cold-hearted loneliness. Still, it earns a slim recommendation due to a stunning central performance from newcomer, Sofia Kappel.

momomojojo 26 January 2022

This movie does not shy away of being naked The acting is a bit below average more like akward kinda, not Hollywood style more b rate... but above it It gives a pov experience what is almost ill making Like how in details it goes The stories and assumption, the rumours and faces . What is real what is fake it blur.

Climing to the top it is not ethical thing especially in a social build up business. Think about politics For chances how far can you go even if it is on a business level, one lead to another The grey area between business and personal is a thin line making crossing it or being in the green area easy.

Décor is not great, really B movie This shows so much unseen territory making it interesting with lines, action that you not have seen before.

The movie is totally not in an erotic way From darkness to height does require sacrifice and risk Does success or being somewhere change your morals and values? Contradict with it, hypocrite? Taking the revenge and unleashed the suppression and mistreatment encountered from the pass and on the route to their position? Even thou people see it purely professional or as a business.

With reflecting back to their action, it notices their change of value and morals, making only chasing for success left out pleasure and leaving only struggles and negative energy. Losing their most valuable without caring and knowing it was. Especially it was them who was there when they needed the most, but opposite will you do the same?

Good ending.

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