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No Mercy (1986)

Crime | Romance 
Rayting:   5.7/10 6.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | French
Release date: 12 March 1987

A Chicago detective, seeking to avenge his partner's death, travels to New Orleans, where he unexpectedly becomes involved in a cat and mouse game of survival.

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ODDBear 15 August 2005

No Mercy is one of those familiar revenge thrillers that offers no novelty whatsoever and is for the most part unoriginal but that doesn't mean it doesn't entertain.

Gere, a Chicago cop, goes to New Orleans to avenge the death of his partner. Basinger plays Gere's link to the crimelord and sparks fly between the two.

As said before, there's nothing original here, however there are some entertaining action sequences, solid acting from Gere and Basinger (who, by the way looks incredibly HOT), nice New Orleans scenery and a refreshing unsympathetic cruelty associated with Gere's character. He's simply not very likable and therefore a little bit more memorable.

No Mercy is a solid no-brainer but nothing all that special.

sol-kay 13 July 2005

Fmovies: **SPOILERS** Clash of culture film that goes from Chicago to the swamps bayous and streets of New Orleans with windy city cop Eddie Jillette, Richard Gere, looking to get even for the savage murder of his partner undercover cop Joe Collins, Gary Basaraba, by Cajun gangster Losado, Jeroen Krabbe. At the time Losado was in town to get back his runaway and personal slave girl.

Chicago police officers Jillette & Collins getting a tip from a local Chicago pot pusher Angles Ryan, Ray Starkey, that they busted that he was hired to do a hit for somebody from out of town. The two policemen acting as hit men meet later that evening New Orleans businessman Paul Deveneux, Terry Kinney, and his girlfriend Michel Duval, Kim Basinger, at a Chicago restaurant. Deveneux wants the two to take out this very dangerous and brutal New Orleans gangster, Losado, and is willing to pay big money to get the "Job" done.

Before anything could happen Deveneux is blown to pieces and officer Jillette barley escapes with his life as they were caught in a street ambush by the targeted Losado and his gang. Back at the hotel were police officer Collins is staying Michael Losado and a bunch of his hoods breaks in and catch Collins by surprise. slicing Collins open with a huge hunting knife Losado then takes off with Micheal who he considered to be his private property.

Getting to the hotel room too late to save his partner officer Jillette is deeply hurt for not being there in time to prevent Collins from being murdered. Trying to find Collins' killer in the city of New Orleans Jillette finds Michel at the Blue Parrot nightclub. Jillette had a hunch she would be there from the blue parrot tattoo she had on her right shoulder.

The movie then goes into overdrive with Jillette on the run with Michel as a hostage as Losado and his gang try to track down and kill him as well as rescue Michel. Jillette on the other hand is on a mission of revenge to find officer Collins murderer and bring him to Justice with him being the sole judge jury and executioner.

Getting away from Losado's goons Jillette makes it back to the main New Orleans police station with Michel only to get arrested and then told to check out of the city by the New Orleans police Lt. Hall, Bruce McGill. Determined not to leave without taking care of Lasado Jillette has Michel, who had since fallen in love with him, used as bait to get him out in the open which leads to the movies fiery conclusion in a deserted New Orleans hotel.

Average suspense/drama that's helped a lot by the presence of Jeroen Krabbe as the cold-blooded and murderous Cajun gangster Losado. Creepy yet soft spoken who without even the slightest show of emotions Lasado would lash out at his unsuspecting victim with his deadly blade like a coiled rattlesnake.

The showdown at the Algires Point Hotel had Lasado and his entire gang shoot and knife it out with an almost suicidal officer Jillette who didn't care if he lived through it or not. With him only wanting to take out the Cajun killer so he could finally feel that his partner didn't die in vain and that his killer didn't live to get away with murdering him.

barnabyrudge 14 August 2004

In 1986, when No Mercy was released, two names that would be near the top of any "World's Sexiest Man" and "World's Sexiest Woman" lists would have been Richard Gere and Kim Basinger. In getting these two gorgeous people together, the makers of No Mercy then committed the age-old sin - they forgot to provide them with a decent story!

Gere plays Chicago cop Eddie Jillette. Whilst on a case, Eddie's partner Joe (Gary Basaraba) is brutally murdered by French gangster Losado (Jereon Krabbe). Jillette heads down to Losado's New Orleans lair to avenge his partner's death. There, he meets gangster's moll Michel (Kim Basinger), a stunning woman desperate to get away from her sadistic lover but too afraid to do so. She and Jillette end up handcuffed together, hiding out in the dangerous Louisiana swampland from Losado and his heavies.

Immediately, you can see that No Mercy is riddled with stale plot devices - cop avenging the death of his friend; hero stealing a lover from the villain; usual fish-out-of-water ideas (this time a Chicago cop working in New Orleans); even the swamp sequence has a whiff of The Defiant Ones and The 39 Steps about it. The film is also excessively grim and nasty, with Krabbe in particular struggling to do anything as a one-dimensional, knife-wielding sadist. The action high-spots, including a climactic shootout in a burning hotel, are quite expensive-looking sequences but, like the rest of the film, are oddly uninteresting and unoriginal.

lhelbing 13 July 2018

No Mercy fmovies. This is a great action-packed thriller. Chemistry between Gere and Basinger is excellent. Great acting by all & the musical score is awesome.

videorama-759-859391 3 January 2014

We now see Mr Gere get tough as Eddie Jillete (dig the name, and he's not much of a shaver either), another Chicago cop who doesn't play by the rules. Opening with a funny stake out scene, with Gere and partner, who winds up dead, later, of course, (ooops! sorry to ruin it for ya) posing as car wash attendants, where they nab these two snitches, which leads to a higher chain of really bad dudes, who are part of a drug syndicate. Gere's partner being slayed, along with a contact supplier, has him on an adrenaline filled quest of revenge, (an excuse for the rest of the movie) that sees him travelling to the bayou, to find the mysterious and beautiful Michelle, the contact's girlfriends, who Gere doesn't mind slapping if, if slapped first as seen earlier, before all the bloodshed started. Gere's need for vengeance, is not a bad excuse, for a few reasons- you've got the beautiful Basinger, and a great action sequence that sees Gere and Basinger scarcely escaping the claws of the merciless head honcho, (Jerome Krabbe, an evily brilliant, masterful performance, way above his peers) fleeing across the river, from out of the pilings, and ending up in the swamps of Louisiana, drained, thirsty and hungry as hell. Personally, not buying the probability of them getting away clean like this, I also got drained watching them. The other reason besides Gere, purposely pranging the car of the contact's brother, who wasn't playing ball in the Q and A department, was the shootout scene in the abandoned hotel. Get this. Gere gave the proprietor a bunch of money for all the rooms, telling him "There's no future in it". The proprietor leaves as simply as that before Gere rigs the hotel with traps and guns. It is a great set up of tense atmosphere, before Gere has his moment of vengeance face to face with killer Krabbe. While really becoming a fan of Gere in the mid eighties, No Mercy, isn't one I held in memory. It was a good actioner, at viewing time, but nothing really stuck with me about it. A few weeks later it was totally forgettable, the only part, sticking with me, in those small weeks after, was them going through the mire and the swamps. Gere did bring out an intriguing new tough guy, unruly, who's disrespectful of women, he really needs a lesson in manners, and like the movie, his character wasn't one, you much cared about.

bigdgun 14 January 2001

Kim Basinger is young and gorgeous. Richard Gere is, well Richard Gere. He's dapper, sexy semi-nude and the good guy. What else is new? He's a Chicago cop who's partner gets murdered and he thinks Basinger, can lead him to the killer. Beautiful scenes of Louisiana bayou and attention-grabbing chase scenes make this an enjoyable movie for all. And don't forget the love scenes for the women and the fighting and torching of New Orleans for the men. A fun couple of hours.

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