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Nekrotronic (2018)

Action | Comedy | Horror
Rayting:   5.6/10 2.6K votes
Country: Australia | Canada
Language: English
Release date: May 2, 2019

A man who discovers that he is part of a secret sect of magical beings who hunt down and destroy demons in the internet.

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WalkdenEntertainment 24 September 2019

Howard (Ben O'Toole) works pumping sewage from drains but he soon discovers that he's actually destined for something greater in life, like being part of a secret organisation who hunt and kill demons on the World Wide Web... that's right people, you heard me... kill Demons on "The Internet".

For those who are not aware, Nekrotronic is in fact an Australian film written and directed by Kiah Roache-Turner who is best known for his Aussie horror flick, "Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead", featured in 2014. This time, Nekrotronic keeps the mad crazy horror aspects but takes it up a notch by adding other elements including comedy, action, impressive visual effects and costume design.

Based on the plot, I have to give credit to the leading actors who give full commitment this film, particularly Ben O'Toole & Caroline Ford. To my surprise we are also greeted with actors David Wenham and Monica Bellucci. David Wenham naturally gives a humorous and fun presence on screen and I personally loved his narration during the film's opening (seriously hilarious).

Another praise point which stood out to me was the film's level of effects along with lighting, costume design and gore factor. It is obvious filmmakers were making a huge effort to stand out as different compared to other Australian films but some of the elements did remind me of other films such as Ghostbusters, Resident Evil, and Doom.

As a plot, it's pretty out there and brainless. There is lots to take in and depending on the audience member the plot might be a little too much to accept. For me I personally loved the film's opening and setup but the film did seem slightly weaker during the second act with many plot elements going over my head. In the end, this is a film that's best to be enjoyed by eating popcorn and cheering gore on (or even better, share the brainless fun with a group of friends in your lounge room).

Overall, Nekrotronic is a fun flick that's obviously not to be taken seriously. Many aspects of the plot won't always make sense but in the end there's still enjoyment to have such as the film's comedy, visual effects and horror aspect. It's truly exciting to see this achievement for an Australian film (even if it's not suited for everyone).

5.1/10 Walkden Entertainment

daisukereds 15 August 2019

This is definitely an independent film. Kind of a dumb story where demons and demon-hunters have fought for years. Except it's modern day, and of course, cellphones are involved. Though it's so secondary that I shouldn't even mention it.

For a B movie, it has nice sets and effects, structure and pace. But it's terribly generic and uninspired, and something not really worth recommending. Though you can watch it at around x1.77 speed without issues and not waste that much time (it's an hour and 36min long movie). The cast doesn't really stand out (specially the main protagonist, if you can even call him that, since he is kind of the most useless), but they deliver their lines properly, and even cry and emote like real actors. Just one of them is annoying in his performance. I quite like Monica Belucci's over the top acting in it, if I had to pick someone. Aside from it, there is nothing else to talk about. Not choreography-wise, score, costume design.. there are no memorable lines, nor a deep discussion about anything even remotely philosophical or moral. The lore is not particularly interesting, it felt rushed and without love.

If you are like me, and you start to pay attention to how it was made (because you are taken out of the movie), you start to notice that it is a very competent movie. Camera, angles, colors / lighting, content.. it's very well made!! Props to the director of photography.

I'd say, if you are a friend of anyone in the film, you might feel inclined to watching it. Otherwise, there's better stuff out there.

Dark_Lord_Mark 12 August 2019

Movie is very watchable. It's a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror movie with elements of action and some hilarity.

It has elements of the Matrix....with the hero, a bit of Ghostbusters with some and it ties into modern technology and a bit of sorcery and witchcraft. If this was a low budget Ghostbusters movie, it succeeded in certain parts.

Plot: A regular guy named Howard get pulled into a world of witchcraft through modern technology, mishaps and maybe destiny. That is all you need to know plot wise.

The movie is not a masterpiece, but darn fun and has a smaller budget than other big budget movies, but this has plenty of replay value and very refreshing and unique plot.

I give it a solid 8 to 9 out of 10. Very watchable and surprisingly fun. Somethings can be flushed out more, but given the budget and what they were going for, nice solid movie.

jamiedarlow-37510 22 June 2020

That line pretty much covers how bonkers this film gets! A man named Howard (Ben O'Toole) discovers one day that he holds supernatural powers designed to holds off evil. He is one of a group named the Necromancers, a group who hunt and kill satanic demons that manifest themselves through the Internet. This is a really fun and adventurous horror sci-fi comedy that pretty much satisfies in each of those genres; there's the splatter, the creatures and the ridiculousness all firmly intact! The practical effects are really good and was a really wise decision to do rather than just rely on cgi; made the antagonists more memorable! It's not always the best to compare to other films although I can't help but say it's like Ghostbusters and Evil Dead coming together through a filter similar to Taiki Waititi's comedy. If that sounds like something you'll like, you're gonna love this!

bemyfriend-40184 22 December 2020

Dude comedy. TV type vibe to this movie. Imagine a singer singing, "I AM SINGING! I AM SINGING!" or a comedian saying, "I'm telling you a joke! This is a joke! It's funny! My joke is funny! Start laughing! Ha-ha, see like this! Laugh! Laugh!" Movie has a "They Live" kinda feel; but nobody has the magic glasses. Movie feels like a Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, The Tasmanian Devil. The whole cast. I like the girl with the wide mouth. But she never smiles. I rented this movie for a dollar. And it's not worth it. It gets a three for the girl with the wide mouth. She's pretty, you know?

saptesh786 17 September 2019

The subject is newer of its kind. Souls bursted into network and capture human via mobile game that is a sign of combination of evil entity and technology. However story is not so sound to match such plot. Somewhere we feel repentance. Monica Bellucci has vampire role but charming style. Her son, Howard (Ben O'Tolle ) is her best rival who can defeat her and looking mostly to Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff. Watchable at once for its unique story plot. It was a good attempt to present something new in horror zone which has many foolish movies so far. Comedy dose makes comical flavour in ghost saga leading you to feel relax while demon over internet war. Demon hunters, nekropods, kick ass fighting will definitely enjoy you whole the movie. Recommended for watch once.

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