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Narco Sub (2021)

Action | Crime | Drama
Rayting:   5.9/10 6K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: February 5, 2021

A man will become a criminal to save his family.

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juliebate-96870 13 February 2021

This one is really good with a storyline. The film starts off with a family affair and then goes to drugs for "one hell of a ride" for Bruce, his family, the DEA and CIA - or so the narration tells us. The journey from where they start and where they end is completely amazing but not complete.

You will feel satisfied with a fresh ending or left out to dry in angst - depending on how you like your films served and how well you pay attention to Tom Sizemore's sleepless narration - which was fitting and perfect.

The complexity of the film is particularly challenging.

I am not up for a challenge when I watch a film, i just want to have fun. With that said company at hand loves this kinda of gold digging. So with my shaken side fellow film watchers - i was kept in the loop.

The acting level in this series is just damn great for an indie film and everyone including the Kids have acted exactly on point. No over acting no unnecessary drama but just simply blending into the characters of the story.

I don't care about the so-called trivia pointed out by others concerning this film. To me, they make no difference whatsoever to the enjoyment of this movie.

But there is one slip-up I do "kind of" mind. For this kinda of budget I would like to have seen more extras. However there was one or two wides with a meaty group.

A well cooked piece of story telling with solid characters that make you invest in them and the story.

notorious-h 12 September 2021

Fmovies: Was this a porn movie in the first 5 minutes? So cheap production, such a cheap movie. I quit after 5 minutes. Never seen anything worse than this. Lighting, story, music... Awful! Horrible!

arcadian_ady 14 September 2021

I can tell only that; If you are a student and this film is your final project for University, weel, 100% you will not achieve the grade to graduate. I gaved 1 star because there is no option for none.

ibleedoranbla 18 September 2021

Narco Sub fmovies. Well, I'm one of those people who finally watched one of those movies that was so bad that I had to create an account to leave a review. I'm serious just don't. Don't watch this. If your options is to either watch this movie or stick your hand in a blender, choose the blender.

thebarkfamily 31 August 2021

The movie was hard to follow and the acting was terrible. No chemistry between characters. Really not good.

maleckwambugu 3 September 2021

The effects are just terrible. The fights aren't up to standard, There's no sense of it's a real fight in the fighting scenes. That totally destroys the movie.

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