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Marry Me (2022)

Comedy | Music | Romance
Rayting:   6.1/10 13K votes
Country: USA
Language: Spanish | English
Release date: February 10, 2022

Music superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting married before a global audience of fans. But when Kat learns, seconds before her vows, that Bastian has been unfaithful, she decides to marry Charlie, a stranger in the crowd, inst

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Johnny_West 16 February 2022

JLow finds love again, and breaks the Tinder records so they offer to pay for her 10th wedding at a Chucky Cheese. Being an entitled celebrity, she cannot pass up getting comped, so she accepts.

Meanwhile Owen Wilson is leaving the office of his latest plastic surgeon, with hopes of getting his nose fixed. JLow and Wilson walk into each other at the free clinic, and love is born! Now they can both take advantage of more free stuff, and have fun filming a movie. This movie is really fun and it gave me great gas.

martimusross 10 February 2022

Fmovies: Marry Me

It was fabulous.

Last week Mark Kermode said the Moonfall was intergalactically dumb and this week we have Marry Me and believe me it was RomCom ridiculous.

The situations was so far fetched, the acting exaggerated, outfits from Eurovision, cheesy lines and contrivances beyond the wit of man but I loved it. However, I agree, if you can't get past the bizarre scenarios and ridiculous plot then you may conclude this is the turkey of all turkeys!

Why so did I like it, you may well ask, why did this old hack like it, well the on screen chemistry between this odd couple, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson worked in spades, it was charming, believable, sweet, and it all just breathed in all the right places. These two were perfectly cast and the roles they took were right up their street.

How interesting that John Bradley featured in both Moonfall and Marry Me, and they had a similar endearing charm and were both idiotically far fetched!

I'm giving this a firm 7 out of 10 for total charm, and escapist entertainment.

rgkarim 13 February 2022


Pace: -Marry Me is one of those movies that is all about getting the drama and adventure started in little time and jumps right into the quick intro.

-The titular moment happens early, happens close to the trailer, and sets the stage for the rest of the movie, not taking too long to open the gates for adventures -A fun pace continues for most of the movie, briskly to get to the next fun adventure, but still allowing time for the two characters to bond in new ways -Keeps a nice entertaining pace until the very end of the movie, meaning more entertainment and relaxing.

The Charm and Cuteness: -This movie is all about the cute factor that arises with the new relationship, and helps brighten up the theater or room you are watching it in.

-It makes you feel happy, and offers that spark of hope and joy that seems to be needed during the modern era.

-Family friendly for much of the movie due to this, with little cursing or semantics to overtake the story, again leading to enjoyable for groups and dates.

-That charm factor does manage to break it out of the pure romance mode, a very strong factor to bring more audience in.

-Brings elements of other movies to make the movie fun like a Kindergarten Cop element, with Wedding Planner, and a little You've Got Mail.

Funny: -Not the wettest comedy, but has some good zings to chuckle and laugh at without breaking the limit.

-The Dog in particular is a funny prop, that does little, but works the camera well in the jokes -A little diversity to help keep things fresh, but never deviates to far from the baseline to be forced or off the wall, again a smart move to keep with the theme.

-Sticks to the charm of the movie and is not going to be too ugly or disgusting to offset the mood.

The Acting: -Jennifer Lopez is stylish, chic and returns to the roots we loved with Wedding Planner and Monster in Law. Those qualities don't come at the expense of strength, but rather play nicely with it to make a more representable and likeable character -Owen Wilson's nature of low key, depressed energy manages to handle the high energy of Lopez, and brings that loveable goofy relationship that somehow is inspiring and enjoyable to see.

-Maluma is okay, his strength comes in singing (talked later), but plays his role as the cad quite well in the limited time he has to act -The Victory comes in the chemistry of the leads and how well they play off of each other to craft a believable relationship that has time and attention to details.

-It's that chemistry that drives a lot of the fun, brings other characters into the moment to have relevance, and elevate their own characters as a result.

-Not Oscar worthy at all, but again, fun and fitting for the nature of the movie.

The Style: -This is mainly a J-Lo category, but I nod to the talent of dress and costume designers in their ability to make these outfits come to life.

-Marry Me has some importance on fashion, and uses it to express the mood, while also reflecting the demands of the job on profile as well.

-It will make people envious, because the clothes may be curtailed, but are really fashionable and easy to mimic in the future like Hustlers. They flow, they tell a story and dang are they beautiful at times.

The Music: -My favorite part after the cute fun, Marry Me's music is a centerpiece of excellence for the movie song category.

-Part of the songs are just there to get your t

joiningjt 24 February 2022

Marry Me fmovies. I have no idea why JLo still gets movie roles her movies are not good and her acting is abysmal at best. She lacks any charisma and she never has any chemistry with her actors. We gave this a shot cause my wife and I like owen but even he wasn't good in this film I have No idea how this is receiving a 6..mmmHUH??? Anyway we watched when harry met sally again and everything is right with the world pass on this one trust us. Go see death on the Nile excellent film especially in the theater.

JoBloTheMovieCritic 20 February 2022

7/10 - the screenplay had some faux pas and was not particularly laugh out loud funny, but this movie (and it's fantastic soundtrack) had me thanking the heavens that the theatrical rom com is back (and in true fashion with rom-com queen Jennifer Lopez)

imseeg 17 February 2022

The good: there is no CGI. Thank you!

The bad: there is no romance and no comedy. And it is suppose to be a romantic comedy! That's a problem!

What we have here is Jennifer Lopez desperately trying to look young and hip again, while she looks really old and (let's face it) she really has become a has been.

Once she was popular, hot and happening.

Now she is NOT.

This story is so incredibly stupid and unbelievable that no one would buy into it, unless you have had serious brain injury by listening to too many Jennifer Lopez songs....

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