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Looop Lapeta (2022)

Action | Comedy | Crime
Rayting:   5.1/10 3.4K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: February 4, 2022

When her boyfriend loses a mobster's cash, Savi races against the clock to save the day if only she can break out of a curious cycle of dead ends.

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TreeFiddy53 9 February 2022

This is 2x longer than the original, there's SO MUCH that's been added to it to make it more palatable to the Indian audience. It takes its own sweet time in building up the characters and the narrative. Also has a ton of comedic elements which aren't in the original. Technically, it's very well made. Cinematography, Colors, & Editing - EPIC work. As a story overall, it's a hit/miss. Scripts sometimes get too caught up on building the world before getting into the actual plot. LL does that but it's not bad and you can put up with it.

zkzuber 16 February 2022

No doubt Tapsee's movies are attacked by IT cells but I am not one of them. I watched LL for twenty minutes was not able to go beyond it Frankly I was expecting a good movie because of Tapsee , won't blame the actors the blame goes on script writer and director. Subject with no logic are also entertaining depends on execution. This movie from the start failed to hold attention did not like it a bit. Not recommended.

magadalwarmayur 4 February 2022

This film is remake of germane film called run lola run . I don't know what the fudg happened to our filmmakers that they can't create original script in their tiny brain, This is the scond film tapsee panu is remaking from a forign film in a two years Now I had enough if i see any remakes from now on I'll give 1 star without hesitating.

jkt2006 5 February 2022

Yes it is a remake of Run Lola run, but it's an official remake and the movie announces it in the beginning only. That doesn't stop the production to remain a remake. Infact it has been adapted so well for the Indian audiences that it ends up getting a layer of extra dimension which is actually very funny despite remaining a dark comic thriller. Making a remake is always a risk for the producers as it ends up getting compared with the original. Hats off to the director, cinematographer and the cast, it's a great job done!! We had so much fun watching it. Totally recommended!!

rahul000994 7 February 2022

Directed by Aakash Bhatia and set in Goa, Looop Lapeta is a quirky Hindi adaptation of acclaimed 90's German thriller 'Run Lola Run' by Tom Tykwer. Taapsee Pannu steps into the shoes of Franka Potente albeit, with a little more time to gather the money. Savi, the former sprinter has 80 minutes, unlike Lola's 20, to run around and come up with Rs. 50 lakh. The highlight of the story is the time-loop which enables her three attempts to recover the cash in different ways and stay alive.

Taapsee Pannu running in movies without a care in the world is such a mood. The actress deserves credit for her relentless and consistent effort to play unconventional characters and tell varied stories. Every Taapsee Pannu, film comes with a promise of being different and that itself is a huge achievement for the actress. Looop Lapeta, too is a hysterical ride with a time ticking premise that gives you the impression of being on a roller coaster. True to the original in spirit and execution, the Hindi adaptation manages to create its own engaging mad world and identity.

Almost an hour more than the original in duration, the sense of urgency feels compromised in order to establish the ensemble characters. While you are plagued by the recurring feeling that the film could have been shorter, the unhurried gamble does pay off once the film progresses. The original was rightly 'experimental' and ahead of its time in storytelling. A string of time loop series and films have emerged since, including Netflix's Russian Doll. The genre however, is still relatively new in Hindi language entertainment and Looop Lapeta is a welcome change.

Each loop sees Savi finding herself in a Goblin green bathroom and getting a frantic phone call from Satya, pleading her to save his life. Each loop ends with a death, barring one. You see the two reliving these horrid 80 minutes thrice. Though the inescapable time loop concept can seem repetitive, a talented team of writers that include Vinay Chhawal, Arnav Nanduri along with Aakash Bhatia ensure otherwise. The adapted screenplay is simplified a bit to not alienate the Indian audience. The humour is largely situational and thus effective.

The music and animation department, too play a crucial role in making this film as trippy, twisty and funny as planned. A panicky Taapsee, Tahir and the supporting cast; each character must succumb to desperate measures to save the day and they all do it well.

Looop Lapeta is a refreshing attempt to move beyond the mundane. Watch it.

sunildaswaney-63642 4 February 2022


Tapsee and Raj who are such good artistes were wasted in this senseless movie. Nothing was good about this film,be it the acting,direction or screenplay! Movies like these are so awful that it's an absolute blessing for these filmmakers that OTT is present to save from theatre releases where they will struggle to survive 1 week.


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