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Last Looks (2021)

Action | Crime | Mystery
Rayting:   5.7/10 3.7K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: February 4, 2022

A disgraced ex cop seeks solace by moving to the woods, but his quiet life comes to an end when a private eye recruits him to investigate a murder.

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ginocox-206-336968 7 January 2022

Last Looks (2021) is an intriguing contemporary noir mystery, but is marred somewhat by clumsy efforts to insert incongruous woke elements. Performances by the male characters are stellar, particularly by Mel Gibson (Alastair Pinch), Rupert Friend (Wilson Sikorsky), and Charlie Hunnam (Charlie Waldo); however, the female characters seem substantially less developed. Production values are good, although there are no memorable scenes of fight choreography, car chases, pyrotechnics, or firefights.

Waldo is a devoted tree-hugger, who eschews materialism in favor of living in harmony with nature and limiting himself to one hundred possessions, which seems more impractical and weird than noble. One wonders if each bullet is considered a separate possession or part of a fully-loaded firearm. Unfortunately, much of this eco-centricity is front-loaded, making for a slow start that doesn't mesh with the tone of the rest of the film. Toward the end, Waldo redeems himself by embracing a bit of conspicuous consumption.

There are other flourishes of wokeness. There is no on-screen gunfire. A couple of female characters are presented as financially successful. A gangster of vague ethnicity has a sensitive side. Efforts to make the cast inclusive are apparent. One suspects that Waldo's concern over ecology weighed in the decision to green-light the project. Efforts to cater to the woke crowd have impaired many recent productions, notably Captain Marvel and No Time to Die; and are a distraction in Last Looks, but not enough to derail the movie, largely due to several talented actors playing eccentric characters.

m-ramanan 25 January 2022

RATED 5/10 Language: 6/10

Slow burning investigative drama... its testing the patience for the first 45 minutes and after that the flow kicks in...its wander too much in the first half and second half also scattered too much...because of this the final revelation also not gives the compete satisfaction.... One time watchable crime drama....

TheTruthofItIs 23 February 2022

"Last Looks" had potential given its cast but with Mel Gibson doing a poor imitation of Michael Caine and the film having an unaccomplished director, well, it's another Covid-era stinker from Hollywood, a waste of everyone's time, yours, mine, and the cast/crew. I tried to watch it, really. Every five minutes, I was like, it's got to get better, but after the first 30-mins its lack of quality was clear, so I skipped to the last fifteen just to see how it ended and was predictably disappointed.

fluffchop 6 February 2022

There is a little bit of scrambling about to get into the main story. Then the credits. I liked this movie. It has some good acting and some nice LA smog. Would it kill you to make 1 thing a Jeep instead of a bicycle?

thekarmicnomad 4 January 2022

I personally don't get on with arty style productions.

I hate that the camera is rarely straight and level or we have to watch the scene unfold from behind a fan, inside a cupboard or from the building opposite.

So at first I was not impressed by this.

But I did actually grow to like it.

This has a real film noir feel about it as the main character slugs it out with thugs between meeting with alluring fem-fatal.

There is a mystery here that you can solve yourself but it is not really Earth shattering.

I watched this with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it.

The characters are quirky and interesting and I enjoyed the way the story unfolded in several layers.

Fella_shibby 26 January 2022

This kinda detective thrillers used to be regular in the late 80s n early 90s.

This one reminded me of Chinatown too.

The movie is not at all boring n moves at a decent pace.

There are many poorly developed characters n the only flaw i found is rather than making it into a dark n tension filled murder mystery, the makers opted it the more comical n light hearted approach.

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