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Jungle Cruise (2021)

Action | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   6.6/10 105K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | German
Release date: July 28, 2021

Based on Disneyland's theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles but with a supernatural element.

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Radio-1s_Mr-MovieMad-Ami_104-1FM 25 August 2021

A -BIG- Screen Full Length Review. Viewed Aug.09, 2021.


Frank Wolff : "Hey , McGregor! . . . Had a girlfriend once, she was cross-eyed. Didn't work out. We could never see eye to eye!".


1. " What A Ride 👏❗" : This is a journey filled with Colour, Beauty, Awe, Drama, "Massive"-Spectacle, But -Most- Of All, { " HUMOUR . . . & HEART " }. Now, I like to think of myself as a person who has a ( -fairly- ) high bar when it comes to the 'funnies', so I just -have- to say, Dwayne Johnson's 'Frank Wolff' delivers -So many- ..."genuinely" Ribtickling Spur-Of-The-Moment puns... in Jungle Cruise ( 'JC', for short ) ; that I -honestly- couldn't help but get "Drawn-in", & to the fullest, at that . . . . almost 'Every-darn-time'. Not to mention all the masterfully executed -Slapstick- humour 😂 { a little taste of which is in the movie's -"Official Trailer 1"- ( August '20 ) }. All in all, expect Two-hours-and-seven-minutes of Non-stop, "Lavish" . . . . Wholesome -{ Family }- Entertainment.

2. So, Does He Still Charm, Endear, & Delight ? Short answer : -{ Yes }- . . . . he can, & -Does- , still well and truly "ROCK" The Boat. -{ However }- I sincerely urge you not to expect any particularly 'Oscar-worthy' sort of performance from The Man himself, Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Meaning -things like- you're just going to get the 'Same old', run-of-the-mill American Accent from him yet again, despite him playing the role of, get this, a -Spaniard- . . . Living in -Brazil- . { To be -Entirely- fair, this was almost ( certainly ) a directorial-Call by the picture's absolutely " OUTSTANDING 🌠 " Director, Jaume Collet-Serra ; for reasons I -Shan't- disclose, so as to not give anything away }. So anyways, I'm just going to recommend that you go to the cinema -{ Expecting }- to see him put in a "Thorough & Dedicated Performance", with a few "impressive" surprises sprinkled into the mix, for what it's worth. And inasmuchas the sister-brother duo of Emily Blunt's 'Lily Houghton' & Jack Whitehall's 'MacGregor Houghton' are concerned, ready yourself for an incredibly -{ FUN }- journey with these two effusive, "Mega-Talented Stars" and veterans of the Film and Telivision business, ( respectively ). In the " nascently Post-Victorian 🎩 " setting of JC, you are likely to find these two characters to be -Nothing- less than sheerly Affable, Charming, & Indeed Just, " All Around . . . . DELIGHTFUL ".

3. "Jesse Lon Plemmons" Was The Marvellous "Shock" : of this huge, exciting movie { well for -Me- ateast, that is to say }. He portrays the Tyrannically-Monstrous German "Prince Joachim : your worst nightmare straight outta World War 1" in Jungle Cruise ; and in real life he's the partner to bubbly, adorable, global Giga-star, Kirsten Dunst. So here's the thing. Not much having been a big afficionado -for the most part at least- of the whole 'Breaking Bad' craze, { arguably Jesse's first 'Really, Really' big-break ( as 'Todd Alquist', 11 Episodes., 2012-2013 ) }, I'd somehow managed to let his " WHOPPING 🔥❗" Sixty-three Ac

Dunkaccino 29 July 2021

Jungle Cruise is the latest Disney live-action film. The director is Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed many entertaining Liam Neeson action flicks. Glad to say, the direction is gorgeous here.

Despite being type-casted, Dwayne Johnson gives a very likable and charming performance. His character and Emily Blunt's scientist character is the best aspect of Jungle Cruise. Their chemistry is very enjoyable.

Now there are some dumb Disney jokes, obviously for younger audience to have fun. The jokes are mostly presented by the comic relief character, McGregor.

The three main cast work well, but unfortunately not the villains. There are 2 groups of villains, one is the Germans, the other one is some supernatural trope of people. Why can't there just be one?

The film asks you to believe a lot of things. There's a certain thing explored about a character in the 2nd act that just didn't work for me. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.

The movie at times feel like a Disney ride, which is its source material. Jungle Cruise is perfect for people who want a CGI-filled fun ride.

jonnsz 30 July 2021

For those that like 90's fun action adventure films this is a great, is it a cinema masterpiece, well no and it isnt meant to be. Did it pass would i watch it again test? Yes for sure.

Great soundtrack from James Newton Howard.

qwmarcus 30 July 2021

This movie is in the same spirit as movies of the past such as the Mummy, Indiana Jones, and so on. It's three main stars shine in their roles and have great chemistry not seen in too many movies nowadays. Action is good and story is actually somewhat original! For a movie based off a ride, this is a damn good movie. Just know what ship you're about to sail.

P. S sorry for that last pun.

bankofmarquis 30 July 2021

Are you looking for a family friendly action/adventure/comedy that will be good entertainment for the entire family? Then look no further than the Disney Live Action film JUNGLE BOOK.

Yes...Disney has made another movie based on one of it's them park rides and this one is more like the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film than most of the other attempts.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (several Liam Neeson action flicks like NON-STOP), JUNGLE CRUISE is part PIRATES, part INDIANA JONES and part AFRICAN QUEEN (look it up, kids) as we follow an adventurous young lady in the 1910's. She heads to the Amazon and hires a ne'er do well Jungle Cruise skipper to take her up river.

Pretty standard set-up, right? We've seen this "mis-matched" frenemies premise before but in the hands of Emily Blunt and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, it is a very entertaining (albeit familiar) ride with 2 tremendously charismatic performers working off each other very well and they look like they are having as good a time in this film as we are.

They are joined by a bevy of assorted characters that help fill out this journey. Edgar Ramirez and Veronica Falcon are enjoyable enough as a couple of characters along the way, while Jack Whitehall surprised the heck out of me as the wimpy brother to Blunt's character who becomes more and more three dimensional as the film progressed - something I didn't think this film would even think about doing.

A pair of wiley veterans - Jesse Plemons and good ol' Paul Giamatti - are also on board and each add some (but not a lot) to this film. Plemons is the main villain and he just wasn't villainous enough for my tastes while I wanted much, much more of Giamatti's character than was in this film (and it is a rare film, indeed, that you are left wanting more with a Giamatti character).

But make no mistake, this is a Rock and Blunt flick and these two professionals hold the center of this film together very, very well.

Director Collet-Serra keeps the action (and comedy) moving along at about the right pace, never dwelling too long on any of the plot points (for if you were to think too much about any of it, it would fall apart) and (for the most part) keeps the action sequences fun and coherent and avoiding over-directing, over-CGI-ing and over-loading these sequences.

Speaking of CGI, the main issue with this film is the special effects work - it is not the best (probably a budget issue) and, at times, you really need to suspend disbelief in watching the CGI and convincing yourself that it is a Live Action film you are watching and not a cartoon.

But, since the intended audience for this film are families, the less-than-perfect CGI (at times) is forgivable as JUNGLE CRUISE provides plenty of PG-Rated action and fun that the entire family will enjoy.

Letter Grade: A-

8 stars (out of 10) and you can take that to the Bank(ofMarquis)

ajlalma 30 July 2021

I miss judged this movie from the trailers. The Rock and Emily both did a great job with their characters. This movie is to have a good time with a few laughs here and there. Was able to see this early at the exclusive Hollywood Premier at the El Capitan theater.

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