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House of Gucci (2021)

Crime | Drama 
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Rayting:   7.0/10 18K votes
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English | Italian
Release date: November 25, 2021

When Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel their legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately...murder.

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robfollower 24 November 2021

Gaga delivers a stellar performance as Patrizia, melodramatic, yet full of charisma, loaded with personality, undeniable magnetism, and total commitment to her character. "House of Gucci" is Gaga's movie, make no mistake, and she won't let you forget it. Lady Gaga blow my mind with her performance. Brava, I say brava.

So, I love award shows for cinema. To celebrate achievements in film. This year is over-flowing full of fabulous female roles brought to life by their actress's . I thought no one would touch Jessica Chastain's Tammy Fay Baker. Then came the mesmerizing performance by Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in the film Spencer. Well one must now seriously add Lady Gaga in the Oscar mix; as Patrizia Reggiani, played by a powerful Gaga ! A clear Oscar nomination for Lady Gaga .

Everything about this movie is over the top. The set design , cinematography , and let me just tell you the Gucci wardrobe is outrageous and divine. This is a very fun piece of dramatic cinema directed by Ridly Scott . The film just screams for the flamboyant performer and the superb cast just nails the excessiveness , exorbitance, extravagance, extravagancy, extravagantness, overabundance, of the world of Gucci . This is an absurdly excellent and entertaining film.

JoBloTheMovieCritic 27 November 2021

Fmovies: 8/10 - if you can get over the style shift from trailer to feature film and a somewhat lengthy runtime, you will find objective proof that Lady Gaga, as an actress (and all-around artist), is a force to be reckoned with as she grounds this deeply fascinating and well-made fashion flick.

subxerogravity 27 November 2021

I herd Lada Gaga was really good in this movie. I would not say I'm overly impress; I will say I was greatly entertained by her performance. She definitely ate up the scenery.

I also want to give credit to Jared Leto who also gave a scene steeling performance whenever he was on the screen.

Al Pacino and Jeremey Irons were good but not as good as Gaga and Leto. They got to be entertaining but like everyone else acting in the movie they were mostly straight men for Gaga to go off on, and even though Adam Driver should have been enough of a straight man for Gaga, he wasn't. Driver is a good actor but this was not his thing.

This movie was hard to take seriously and I hope that was the intension. A lot of parts in this movie made me laugh but I was never quite sure if that was the intension. It felt like a Soap Opera and was just as ridiculous sometimes.

All of this made for a really food film to watch. I was into it, it made me chuckle and it did not bore me. I say, great flick.

dromasca 1 December 2021

House of Gucci fmovies. I celebrated the 84th birthday anniversary of director Ridley Scott by watching his latest production, 'House of Gucci'. It is the second premiere of a film of his in two months, which demonstrates the vitality and desire to make films of the director. Apart from the presence of Adam Driver in the cast, it is a very different film from 'The Last Duel'. In fact, this is one of the characteristics of his career. His films are different from each other in terms of theme and genre. One can never predict what Ridley Scott's next film will be about. But it can always be assumed that it will be a quality film, an interesting and well-filmed story, a film that will attract talented and prestigious actors. 'House of Gucci' is no exception from these points of view. With a formidable cast and a passionate story, inspired by real events that took place in the fashion empire that is the House of Gucci, a story that combines luxury, passion and crime, 'House of Gucci' did not disappoint me at all .

I confess that I am very little interested and almost completely ignorant in terms of fashion and big fashion houses. 'House of Gucci describes exactly the history of such an institution, but fortunately for me it is less about the aesthetics of fashion, although the film tries to say something about the conflicts between the classic lines and modernity, between the unique pieces designed to satisfy the fantasies of the world's rich and mass production, as well as about the fate of the family businesses in an extremely competitive economy in which almost any means excuses the purposes of commercial success and profitability. However, the focus is on the family relationships between brothers Aldo (Al Pacino) and Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons) who had inherited and developed the business founded by their father and ran it together in the '80s, and their sons Maurizio (Adam Driver) and Paolo ( Jared Leto). In the family also enters Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) whose relationship with Maurizio seems at first to be a beautiful love story that breaks down social barriers. However, the family conflicts and the personal relations between the five characters will take a dramatic turn.

Ridley Scott knows how to bring complex stories to screen and to nail in chairs his spectators in movies that last more than two and a half hours. This succeeds in this case as well. 'House of Gucci' is fluent and cinematically consistent. The distribution is top notch and only the sequence of names on the generic would be enough to justify paying the admission ticket. The acting performance that seemed extraordinary to me is that of Lady Gaga. I had greatly appreciated her acting performance in 'A Star Is Born' and hoped that she would confirm her value as an actress even in movies where she does not sing. My expectations were met. In the role here,Lady Gaga proves that she is a formidable actress, who brings life to the characters she enters, who creates roles different from each other and especially from the one she plays in life. Her Patrizia Reggiani, the beautiful, lovingly, ambitious, unscrupulous girl from the people, reminded me all the time while watching Anna Magnani. Al Pacino is also excellent in a consistent role of a character who goes through upheavals of destiny. We can only regret that Jeremy Irons does not have an equally solid role, but the time we see him on screen is a delight. Salma Hayek also shows up in a supporting role, one of her most interesting lately. Turning to the disap

ElMaruecan82 24 November 2021

After watching "House of Gucci", I know ambition and the thirst for gold can be so fiercely boundless they would drive anyone to the most extreme corners. I could believe it thanks to the performance of... Jared Leto!

How he transformed himself into Jeffrey Tambor's clone is already an achievement in transformation, but Leto wanted more, he wanted the golden statuette and when you're in the supporting department surrounded by Jeremy "Scar" Irons and Al "Scarface" Pacino as patriarch brothers Rodolfo and Aldo Gucci, it's a whole new level of over-the-top that you've got to reinvent.

Leto's embodiment of Aldo's worthless son Paolo is the kind of self-deprecating prowess to be seen to be believed. Trust me: he might have been a mediocre designer but every single scene with him was designed as an Oscar clip. Every second of each moment with Leto contains a mimic, a look, a grimace, a dancing, a crazy laugh, anything begging us to notice him... and only him. Leto is the film's scene-stealer.

In fact, he doesn't steal the show but the whole movie, all the pathos invested in that performance, making Fredo Corleone look like Al Capone, is one of the most joyously campy performances I've seen since "Mommie Dearest" and I I hated him... not because he was bad, but because he was so desperately good at stealing the show he might have stolen Al Pacino's chances to get his tenth Oscar nomination.

Yes, I'm a Pacino fan and he was the reason I couldn't wait for the film, but ever since the second trailer's release, he didn't seem to get any attention although I believe he deserves a few praises. Anyway, I have nothing against Leto getting an Oscar nomination as long as Pacino pulls a Joe Pesci in "The Irishman". And both bring so much life in what could have been a rather grim story that the way I see it, either you award both or no one.. well, except for the Razzies.

Sorry to fill the review with awards talk but let's not kid ourselves, this is a star-studded biopic released at the end of the year... ever since the project was announced, everyone was waiting for Thanksgiving and not for Black Friday but the Black widow plated by Lady Gaga. Fans are already lobbying for her Oscar win this time (the nomination is obvious). And you know what, they're right! Adam Driver effaces himself magically as a passive, undecided, husband too nice to be a lawyer let alone venturing in the jungle-like fashion world... with a lionness for a wife.

And so the real Driver is Patrizia Reggiani, a fiercely ambitious woman who once landed her eyes on Maurizio knew she would marry him. In fact, once she knew his surname. Gaga's performance is a masterstroke of subtltety, notice how her look shifts when Maurizio says "Gucci", perhaps 75% of his charm, her courting is certainly the best example of a woman playing easy-to-get and yet there's something genuinely sincere in her act that contradicts the way the trailer exposed her as a villain. She's venal all right, but that doesn't prevent her from truly loving her husband and wishing to elevate him. Alas, she realizes very quickly that the curse of the Gucci family is just as if the Corleone had only Fredos in charge. Maurizio, is more Hagen-like, he who's definitely not cut for business wartime.

But Patrizia, what a woman! And Gaga is so natural in that role that I noticed she didn't just have the talents, but the lo

blanbrn 26 November 2021

"House of Gucci" for sure and really is one well done drawn out bio type picture that tells of the Gucci empire family. The scenes, and music is timely with the film and the costumes and clothing worn by Lady Gaga and her Patrizia Reggiani character set the film aside with elegant grace and style. Patrizia(in a fine performance from Lady Gaga) is a poor working girl from the wrong side of the tracks and at a party her Italian ways help hook her an up and coming law student in one Maurizio Gucci(Adam Driver). However she soon finds out she's married into an empire family that's full of gold.

The Gucci family is one powerful family of wealth, fashion, and influence with connections back and fourth between Italy and New York. However greed, power struggle and inner conflict lead to drama and slowly but surely the undoing and downfall of an empire. Good supporting turns are given from film veterans Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Jared Leto as Gucci family members. Also Patrizia relies on advice from palm readings and cards from a psychic reader(Salma Hayek). Lady Gaga shines in this role as her turn is very elegant and sexy(one of her best ever, plus the scene of her in a black bra is very sexy!). The movie is a fine and well done bio type tale of the real life rise and fall of a family empire, plus along with the drama the film entertains in a stylish and in depth way.

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