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Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)

Action | Comedy | Family
Rayting:   3.5/10 9.4K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: November 12, 2021

A married couple tries to steal back a valuable heirloom from a troublesome kid.

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legobuilderpro 13 November 2021

The original Home Alone from 1990 and Home Alone 2 from 1992 are perfectly fine and entertaining films, they also have clever traps and likable or relatable characters.

But Home Alone 3, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House, and Home Alone 5: The Hoiday Heist was just too much for the series. All they did was have different actors and bad acting with the traps not making sense.

So now we have the 6th movie in the Home Alone series called Home Sweet Home Alone (Home Alone 6), and I thought it was...

I thought this movie wasn't that good, which is weird when it has good actors and at least it has some good scenes but that was overthrown by bad moments.

The movie is mostly focused on the couple that is trying to steal back a valuable heirloom thinking the main kid stole it from them, but the more you focus on them the more you feel bad for them because of the problems in their life.

The main kid who is home alone and setting up the traps in the house is played by a good actor, but they make the kid really unlikable when he is hurting the couple with the traps even though they aren't that bad.

The traps are creative and interesting, but when the couple are being hurt and effected by them you just feel bad for them and it makes it hard to watch seeing them in pain.

They made the robbers played by good actors seem like the good guys and the main kid as the bad guy, I don't understand why they did that.

Other than there being some references to the original I didn't really find it funny or that much entertaining. Just watch the first 2 Home Alone movies, they are worth watching.

HabibieHakim123 13 November 2021

They just need to stop doing this, please, it doesn't matter if it's a disney movie now, with a better production, set, and people, it's impossible, 4 movie repeating the same thing from the original, what could makes it good again?, the original Home Alone is perfect because it's not only the story is original but because they have Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and all of the original cast, and so do Home Alone 2, once you change it, that's it, Home Sweet Home Alone is just the same like Home Alone 3, 4, and 5, all of them was terrible, it's awful, it's sucks, the only things that make me give a point to the film was the Home Alone theme, a scene with one of the original cast, and a few laughs, but still overall, Home Sweet Home Alone is a predicted disappointment.

allanmichael30 25 November 2021

Is this a horror movie? The casting is so bad, however the movie is far worse than the cast. The violence was far worse than original. How could you laugh when you were on the side of the house sellers. The plot was crazy and had racist slurs towards the English kid.

Pumpkin_Man 13 November 2021

Yes, I actually liked the movie. I'm giving it a high rating, so go ahead and be a troll and give me a thumbs down and tell me my review isn't helpful because yall don't agree with me.

When I saw the trailer, I did roll my eyes and didn't care much for the kid, but when I watched it, he grew on me a little bit. This new installment in the Home Alone series (We're up to the 6th one now) is a LOT better then the previous two films, but it's still not as good as the original. To me, this feels like the true 'Home Alone 3' because one of the original stars from the originals makes an appearance, and they use the classic John Williams theme music. I was intrigued by the story, and it managed to make me feel nostalgic, especially when they play 'Somewhere in my Memory' This time, we get to know the burglars, and come to care for them and why they're doing the robbing.

Meet Pam and Jeff McKenzie, a down-on-their-luck couple who have to sell their house because it's getting too expensive to live there. They haven't told their children yet. During an open house, they run into 10-year old Max Mercer and his mom, Carol. They're only there because Max needed to stop and use the bathroom. On the way out, Max notices an ugly doll with an upside-down face. Max and Jeff have words over it and they finally leave. That night, Jeff researches the doll and finds that it's extremely rare and worth a lot. The only problem is that the doll is now missing.

The next day, Max's family is on the way to the airport to Japan, and of course, Max gets left home alone. He reacts the same way Kevin McCallister did, then he gets bored and lonely. Pam and Jeff assume that Max took the doll, and track him to his house and try to get it back. Max unfortunately misunderstands their intentions and begins his battle plan to strike back against the burglars.

I honestly feel that this movie is worthy of the Home Alone name. It gave me nostalgic feels like the first two, it has the classic John Williams music and it gave me a few laughs. I wouldn't mind watching it again. There are other easter eggs and nods to the original classic, too. If you love the franchise, I would highly recommend HOME SWEET HOME ALONE!!!

aidanratesmovies 12 November 2021

It may end up being better than both the 4th and 5th adaptation (yes there are 6 of these movies now), but Home Sweet Home Alone lacks any charisma, wit, or charm that made the original films so enjoyable and ends up feeling like an incredibly pointless and quite dated forced reboot comedy. The first thing that sticks out to me so clearly about this film is how painfully unfunny it is. Almost every minute of this film they try so hard to make each joke work and nothing ever lands, and instead your stuck watching the awkwardness unfold slower and slower until you can hardly stand to take it anymore. The actors are thankfully better than the last two adaptations, with some big names to star, however that doesn't mean they are by any means good in their roles- and again feels like the film missed a major opportunity. So many huge comedic stars, you think you would be able to get one laugh out of them, but sadly not. Pete Holmes and Ellie Kemper deserve better than this. The film is decently filmed, hardly feeling stale or fake like the forced Christmas atmosphere of the last two flicks, but despite the snowy setting and some decent shots- there is little to be joyful about in this miserable adaptation. The script and story is down right diabolical at times, hurtful, and just sad to watch. Not to mention lead child actor Archie Yates is justb a total brat and honestly makes me wonder who the hell we were supposed to root for throughout this film. In the end, Home Sweet Home Alone takes the franchise up a very slight notch, but it is obviously no where close to as good as the first 2 films, or even the third. Its forced sense of humor and misuse of talent should be a learning point for many Hollywood films here on- simply on how to not make a star-studded comedy. It's about as disappointing as they come, and as forgettable and frustrating as a film can possibly be.

My Rating: 2.1/10.

MissSimonetta 26 November 2021

It's hard to really rage over HOME SWEET HOME ALONE because I am 99% convinced Disney never intended for this thing to be good or even an alternative to the original HOME ALONE. They needed more content for the Disney + subscription service, no matter how insipid or cheap, and so here we are.

There's really not much to say about it-- it looks cheap, the acting is bad, and the writing is beyond hope. They try twisting on the usual formula by making the burglars sympathetic but this actually works against what has made the original HOME ALONE so popular over the last 30 years. Harry and Marv were absolutely in the wrong, and they were at the bare minimum a threat should they catch Kevin (I absolutely believe Joe Pesci when he threatens to bite that kid's fingers off), so all those gloriously violent booby trap sequences are way more fun. Here, my sympathy is with the thieves, who receive far more development than the main character, so it isn't fun watching them get hurt.

Also-- and this might be just me-- but is anyone else sick of the thick layers of Joss Whedon-esque irony that suffuses so many American movies now? It was funny and fresh in small doses years ago, but it's gotten old already. The dialogue in this movie is made even more obnoxious by the fact that everyone, from the kids to the Gen X adults, talk like stereotypes of millenials/Gen Z-ers-- you know, "Oh wow, we left the kid home alone, hashtag reboot."

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