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Happily (2021)

Comedy | Crime | Romance
Rayting:   5.3/10 3.1K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: March 19, 2021

A dark romantic comedy. Tom and Janet have been happily married for years. But a visit from a mysterious stranger leads to a dead body, a lot of questions, and a tense couples' trip with friends who may not actually be friends at all

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User Reviews

ASBKnight 20 March 2021

The first 10 minutes, meh, then the twist really got interesting until it was ruined.

What happened after the first night in the house... damn. What a garbage. :)

It's rare to see such a good opening ruined so badly. There should be awards for this.

thenextrushmagazine 11 June 2021

Fmovies: If your'e after a film that's low key, non-sensical and cinematically beautiful with gaping holes in the script, do it. There's a very awkward logic to this to the story that introduces ideas without developing them, underusing a potentially great ensemble with little room for characters to develop without the satisfying resolution that it should have had. However, in saying that, it's a non-intensive watch requiring little effort to process as viewers are thrown pieces of a puzzle that doesn't fully get put together by the ending credits. Community's, Joel McHale plays a cartoon-like character of the perfect husband, Tom. Somehow the chemistry he manages to kind with co-star Kerry Bishe, who plays wife Janet brings a cynical sense of realism as they're surrounded by resentful friends who find it impossible to fathom their deliriously happy and fertile marriage after fourteen years. Seems simple enough, until we get pulled into a vortex out of Netflix's, Black Mirror where anything goes really. Supporting ensemble standout, Natalie Morales, we know from, Netflix's 'Dead to Me', 'Santa Clarita Diet', so there's no disappointment in her performance given what she had to play with. It's difficult to understand what the point of the story was here as it leads with the idea that marriage is destined to become a state of complacency and misery, before introducing an unexplained architect and puppet master that imprisons Tom and Janet in a luxury mansion for a circle of trust therapy session. Did we lose you? Yeh, there's alot of that in this. Unexplained resentment between characters, serious issues of domestic violence which we weren't particularly invested enough in to appreciate the resolution, and a sex-deprived housewife that flew under the radar for most of the film turning out to be the catalyst for much of the deception the group's captor was wanting everyone to confess. It's confusing, with so many pitchforks in the road, and the film fails to tie it all together, let alone make believable a longstanding relationship and history with this group of people. This was a film, fails to hit the notes of romance, horror but wins out on some comedic moments but I didn't have to watch. There will be some appreciation value for McHale and Bishe fans most definitely.

gab-67599 19 March 2021

This movie had a one good thing going for it and that was the soundtrack. I was buying into the whole sci-fi vibe of this movie but in the end it turned directions and I literally got lost. Good acting, although majority of the time they were glued to each other so not really any skill there. I also was able to finish the movie, so there is another good thing I guess... I would NOT ever watch this again, nor would I recommend anyone I know to see it.

black_dodo_b 19 March 2021

Happily fmovies. The whole movie is based on an intruiging premise, enriched with some decent laughs (if you can find humor in cynicism) and an good ensemble of actors. What keeps the movie from getting boring is the not-quite-right setting/world that serves as a thematic thread.

There are for sure some questionable directional choices and the script could have used a bit more polish, but the movie keeps you intruiged and it doesn't overstay its welcome. So I was entertained throughout the whole thing.

nxcvt-04675 24 July 2021

This film has no point whatsoever, there was no reason for making it at all. The writer should of asked a few people first before making it, they would of said it's a bad idea, and saved people from wasting a lot of time.

puzgolac 10 July 2021

This is one of those movies where you can very clearly see that the writer/director wanted it to be so clever, but they didn't have the talent nor the skill to make it so. The movie is okay-ish (though not great) at creating an interesting premise and atmosphere but, like so many movies that do the first part right, it is really terrible at bringing the plot to a successful and meaningful conclusion. What is worse, it comes complete with an excuse for not giving a meaningful explanation that was, I guess, also supposed to be clever, but was just a blatant insult to the viewers. The supernatural angle was completely unnecessary and just felt half-assed. They should have either developed the supernatural part so it is meaningful, or cut it out completely. Also, some of the non-supernatural parts at the very end were completely unbelievable and ridiculous.

Ultimately, this movie is like a burger from a typical fast food joint - it may taste good for a bit, but there is really nothing of substance in it.

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