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Encanto (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   7.7/10 7.3K votes
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish
Release date: November 24, 2021

A young Colombian girl has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers.

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ayoreinf 29 November 2021

I always say I don't rate originality so very highly, if I did this new Disney fairytale would've been rated much lower (that is, by me, obviously). The story of a group/family of special individuals in which the non special member is the one everything will eventually depend on, has been told before more than once. But having said that, it doesn't make this recent Disney production any less charming or heartfelt. And it doesn't make it point any less poignant.

Disney, as always, excels in story telling and characterization, nobody depicts characters better than Disney. They do it in seconds, almost effortlessly, relying on superb voice acting by the entire cast and brilliant animation that gives us the feeling we watch real flesh and blood actors not their animated reflections. Even the animals, which secondary to the human characters get their characters on screen. A tiger about to prey on rats for one tiny example or donkeys getting gathered by a self doubting strong woman. The animation is so astute it would be mind boggling if it wasn't Disney.

One more point I've got to make is the fact that this family movie is actually about acceptance and understanding as the cornerstone of the family unit. This is the special quality we seem to ignore, but without which it will all fall apart - eventually.

Bottom line - it's a story about what it means to really be part of a family, about the strength of this unit. It's not original or surprising but it's charming, beautifully done, superbly acted and animated. This is exactly what I look for when I go to see a Disney's production, and that's exactly what I got.

statuskuo 26 November 2021

It must be law that Lin Manuel has to write music for anything related to a Hispanic storyline. Perhaps he's stretched thin as the music in this is forgettable. This does not steal away from the sweet message of finding how you fit into a family.

Perhaps it is why the buoyancy of the movie relies on Mirable, a girl not given any special powers her relatives receive is not given to her.

It isn't as "charming" as most Disney animation is. But maybe this a new turn for them. There isn't a villain to speak of. And some of the mystical borders on LSD level trips, but for the most part, it's hard to hate on pure entertainment. It does lag in some points. And also some of the relationships are confusing. Again, just a nice diversion from reality. It's enjoyable enough though I wonder how much of this will be lost to the children it wants to speak to.

jp_91 28 November 2021

"Encanto" I liked but I was not charmed. The script touches on the theme of being yourself, something already seen previously, although in the film it is played with an animated perspective aimed at adults and that children can enjoy without problems. It is mentioned that the film talks about Colombian culture, but focuses more on musicals and fantasy, only being set in Colombia, the culture of that country is not really shown and the characters do not stop being fantasy, which does not bother but it would have been good to delve into the realistic aspect. The direction is good, the soundtrack has good songs and the digital animation is of great quality. Not the best animated film about Latin America, but it does fulfill its mission of entertaining and leaving a pleasant message.

Anurag-Shetty 30 November 2021

Encanto tells the story of Mirabel(Stephanie Beatriz). Mirabel is very irritated because she's the only one in her family, without any magic powers.

Encanto is an excellent film. Directors Jared Bush & Byron Howard have surpassed their previous animated movie, Zootopia(2016). This film is very unique & refreshing compared to most musicals from Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is mainly due to the musical genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The songs are foot-tapping & memorable. The animation is gorgeous. The 3D is duck-worthy. The humor makes you laugh raucously. There are several scenes that make you emotional & tear up, too. The vocal performances are the highlight. Stephanie Beatriz is spectacular as Mirabel. Maria Cecilia Botero is great as Abuela Alma. John Leguizamo is outstanding as Bruno. Maura Castillo, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, Carolina Gaitan, Diane Guerrero & Wilmer Valderrama are brilliant as Felix, Luisa, Julieta, Pepa, Isabela & Agustin, respectively. The supporting cast is perfect. Encanto is a must watch for kids & adults, alike. Go & have an absolute blast!

rannynm 24 November 2021

Encanto is an amazing film full of teachings that brings big surprises and great emotions to the public. You´ll be thrilled with the many beauties and magic in this film.

The film tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz), a girl who is part of the Madrigal family, a family where everyone has super-magic powers. But, is Mirabel of the same alignment as they are? An unexpected event that puts the family in danger, can change everything.

The storyline is well written. I really love the characters. They are funny and nice and the kind of people that everyone likes. My favorite parts are when Antonio Madrigal talks to the animals. I love animals and have always wanted to understand them. Watching this film gave me a greater desire to communicate with animals. This is magical! I also like the part when Mirabel is going to save the family and she says something funny. The special effects are terrific. Everything is super colorful. The background music is extraordinary; the music I like most is the adventure song when Mirabel takes off on her adventure. I love the adventure genre and this music accentuates it. As for costumes, I particularly love the costumes that show their tradition, yet at the same time, are contemporary outfits. They are so beautiful!

The message of the film is that we need to believe in ourselves, Never give up, because in the end you'll find a light.

I give Encanto 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18, plus adults. Encanto releases in theaters and on Disney+ November 25, 2021.

By Anna Clara B., KIDS FIRST!

rgkarim 25 November 2021


The Animation: No surprise, Disney is capable of masterpieces, and they continue to push the envelope for making these movies come to life. Encanto is certainly an incredible display of movement, smooth transitions and numbers that take the energy of Disney and amplify it tenfold to unleash on the big screen. It's dynamic, it's fun, and it utilizes so much of the environment that it presents itself as the musical it set out to be. The design explodes out in an amazing color, fantastic designs, and that campy details that bring you the happiness of a close knit Disney family. It's certainly a core element of the feels of the movie, and will easily capture your attention within seconds of starting.

The Culture: Disney has been big on bringing culture to their films and they once again managed to succeed in unleashing the honorable themes that come with it. Encanto is all about family, and the movie works hard to show that essence in the form of meals, helping the community, and trying to dig deeper into the darker corners that we all might hide. It's a beautiful representation of the work family building is, and tries to bring the other important elements of the culture into every scene they can. There is communion over dinner, the integration of the animals and plants made famous in the South American jungles, and the arts of crafting that are effortlessly integrated into the casa. The musical numbers bring the fervor and fire of the dancing, implementing the usual Disney movements, Encanto's numbers try to mix in a little South American dance spice and it works fantastically. Soon the mythos starts to leak into other elements and brings with it a grand display of the values and nuances that my limited studies have suggested they value. The result is a homely, and welcoming film that the young ones and young at heart will like, and potentially motivate families to dive a little more into cultural heritage.

The House: Encanto's main setting is this central house that the magic family lives in. You might think a house is not the most impressive Disney setting, but you'd be surprised at how well they utilized this enchanted villa into the story. The first is just the setting itself, a massive display of cultural architecture that we mentioned earlier to give symbolic nods to the Columbian architecture. Expanding on that, the rooms that the Familia have contain the magic that Disney can make, and opens the door for lots of new avenues to exploit in the future. Two of the rooms we see are the things of dreams, with the imagination oozing out in the extensive, physics defying, displays they have become as jungles and fields erupt into one magical room. Soon, the house turns into the obstacle course to find the clues to saving the magic as the dark parts of the house emerge. And then, the house becomes an actual character, an anthropomorphized obstacle that has its own means of adding to the story as it protects and pulls the family into its moving embrace. In a comical manner, the house bobs and weaves its own dance, having a lot of fun character though it never speaks a word to the characters it helps on a daily basis. The house was a fantastic piece to connect everything, and one of the biggest Disney elements of the movie for me.

The Music: You've got the Hamilton head manning the wheel on the original songs and he accomplishes things super well with his ingenuity. I found Encanto's work to be a lot more diverse than some of his previous work, but still holding

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