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Carter (2022)

Action | Thriller 
Popularity 16
Rayting:   5.1/10 5.8K votes
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean | English
Release date: August 5, 2022

Thrown straight into a dangerous mission with none of his memories intact, a man must escape death while trying to figure out who he is, how he ended up here, and who is the mysterious voice in his ear calling him "Carter"?

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jacksongaming-80094 5 August 2022

Carter is a very ambitious film and the entire film has been shot as a "oner", thought sometimes the cuts are easily visible I appreciate the effort. The camera work is absolutely insane, and though the plot gets overshadowed by the action in this movie, the main reason you will be watching this movie is for the action and it absolutely delivers. Kudos to the entire team who worked on this cuz as a filmmaker myself it is absolutely clear that this was not an easy movie to execute and film and personally I think though this movie has its own share of flaws, they pulled off something incredible here.

cynicsick 8 August 2022

Fmovies: Epic fail at an attempt to create an action movie to seemingly have no cuts. The gimmick it aims for became its worst enemy, unfortunately. Im quite forgivable when it comes to action movies but this one just kept digging its own grave to the point where I'm literally laughing out loud and saying WTF.

ALTHOUGH maybe give this a shot while you're high AF or getting drunk with a bunch of friends, that might have actually been fun but sadly for me I came in watching dead sober with time to waste and this review is what I ended up doing instead. Apologies to those who worked hard on this movie but maybe next time make a comedy instead!

Randy_Dreammaker 8 August 2022

First the things most people want to know: The story takes some snippets from the Matrix, Resident Evil at different places. Switches between English and Korean (mostly Korean), is way to long, and because its non stop high energy action and motion from its opening scene, the final conflict and resolve of the story is nothing more than coming off this speed trip to normal paced reality and a cheesy last second unended conflict scene too suggest it might lead to a sequel or just as a teaser.

Only near the end did it start to get a little boring, mainly because every fathomable cinematography angle and technique ever conceived in film history ran out and had to be recycled.

From a cinematography and filmmaker perspective It is an amazing film to watch, because it uses all kinds of controlled speed manipulation, angles and unedited camera moves that'll make you ponder how it was done. Lots of amazing drone, crane, rail, and angle manipulations I have never seen before.

If you like resident evil, then you know what your getting except this would be the MA-13 or Unrated version.

Some of the acting, mainly by the English speaking cast is poor, what I would expect from a low budget production using inexperienced actors and actresses, but there is nothing low budget about this movie other than the poorly executed and stiff dialog.

A great movie presents a level of believable authenticity, even when not realistic. For the most part Carter pulls this off, despite fighting sequences that would be totally impossible and unrealistic. So it meets that objective.

I gave it a 6 star rating because of the visually interesting cinematography. If i rated it entirely on the story, i might give it a 5 or less because its not very original in concept.

The fact that it was filmed entirely in Korea was a good decision from a filmmaker perspective and it makes sense, because a majority of this movie could not be filmed with live stunt work in the USA due to safety limitations.

It's a decent lazy day weekend movie.

andymhancock 5 August 2022

Carter fmovies. When some reviewers say that this movie isn't for everyone, boy, are they right. This is essentially footage of a 1st-person shooter video game. There is no story, and there's not even any redeeming fight action. You know the martial arts movies where the actors aren't good martial arts performers or lack skill, so they make up for it with shakey cam? This is that, on steroids.

MegaMaexn 6 August 2022

If you know what you are letting yourself in for (i.e. Mindless action, quite a bit of splatter and extremely cool cinematography) then this is it! The story is a bit haphazard and incoherent, but puts you right in the action and doesn't let you down or even breathe at times! Carter would love to be seen as one continuous shot, but the editing falls short at times. However, the cinematography effortlessly switches between life action and CGI (which is noticeable at times), but it doesn't take anything away from the fun the editors must have had putting all the scenes together. And yes, it feels like playing a slightly too long and repetitive video game, but you are still breaking the high score, it's engaging and a lot of fun!

zeki-4 5 August 2022

It's all in the editing and camerawork.

This was an insane ride, using FPV drones, "one-take"-editing (the cuts are in the pans and zooms), practical effects and various techniques, relying very little on CGI.

I have never seen actionscenes (and there are many) shot and presented this way before and the only thing that prevents 'Carter' from becoming a classic and a masterpiece is that the STORY is so-so and rather generic.

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