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Big Bug (2022)

Comedy | SciFi 
Rayting:   5.5/10 4.7K votes
Country: France
Language: French
Release date: February 11, 2022

A group of bickering suburbanites find themselves stuck together when an android uprising causes their well intentioned household robots to lock them in for their own safety.

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kimbpaul 20 February 2022

With the subtitles, the whole film felt like a cartoon, not sure how else to take it. Honestly, if this is what the French call sci-fi, they don't know what they're missing. This is a mess, a hilarious mess, doubt the director intended that. But what do I know...if I was French, I'd probably be embarrassed.

javiergarcon 15 February 2022

Fmovies: First Switch the Audio to French Language (Original) Then caption to English, For some reason the emotional French language is so very different from the English language and you can see for your self, after every breath, smile, emotional sarcasm or even a look it just so different than the English Audio. Now the 10 Stars goes to where they spent so much money into creating the technology, the illusion of technology, and the ideas of how our future might be if Artificial intelligence takes over this is how it would be. The people that give this a 6 to 1 star rating are in denial, are in fear of Artificial Intelligence and feel that this will never happen to them! This movie is a possible future of how Artificial Intelligence can take over if it was given complete control over everything. I like how the girl in this movie mentioned to the teenage boy "Leo" Played by Helie Thonnat, He is asked specific personal hygiene questions that matches a specific figure in history and the Teenage Girl Nina Barelli played by Marysole Fertard says to Leo your exactly like "HITLER" The boy just shrugs and has no idea who Hitler is because schools don't teach about World War 2 anymore in the future and have forgotten the past wars. In there future the Monuments have been taken down and nothing from the past no longer exist unless your looking for it in a museum. I really enjoyed this movie because this is exactly what I warned my son about if he doesn't hold on to our history if not his generation is going to repeat our mistakes. If not his generation his children or grandchildren's generation. Now why is this important to me? I am not going to be alive! Well I would like to think everything I am doing today would be remembered some how and I am doing all of this for some reason. I hope we are not a victim of a massive depressive episode of no one remembering us. If you cant remember your past relatives then don't expect anyone to remember you! So if you want to be remembered then celebrate your past relatives and have the world remembered them. That is how we live forever!

GT-Lar 15 February 2022

This film had potential it obviously had a big budget but a very weak script ... if only they got a better writer this film could of been cool , but overall its a 4/10 at best ...!!!!!

thejdrage 15 February 2022

Big Bug fmovies. I watched this film because I loved Amélie". It is NOT Amélie, but just as delightful in many different ways on its own.

The colors and CGI are what pulled me in and wouldn't let me stop watching if I wanted to. The inventiveness of this futuristic space is fascinating - and one I kinda like!

The AIs he created are very much their own characters and they play a big part in this film about .......... AIs.

It is whimsical, funny, silly. And you're invited along for the ride!! Hope you enjoy it as much, if not more than I did!

faithless4734 21 February 2022

I was very hopeful when this movie started but as it got further along it never really took off. There doesn't ever seem to be a real point to this movie. The goal of getting out of the house is limited and does not occupy the movie enough. The movie seems to be all over the place with no real direction. There is all the flirting with no conclusion and it does not keep attention for the movie to be worth watching. The robots "taking over" is also a weak theme in the show and not captivating enough to make the movie worth while.

foxtografo 15 February 2022

It's just quirky humour but it didn't work for me. That's why the reviews are so polarised.

True, the visual aspect is interesting, even though definitely not very original, I've definitely seen this before quite a few times, it has lots of similarities with many previous Sci-Fi including movies, series and video games.

What failed terribly for me is the writing, and maybe the directing too, I'm actually quite surprised and disappointed on J. P. Jeunet.

The story is not only silly in a bad way, it's quite unfunny and awkward.

The acting and dialogues are very cheesy and the pace dragged quite often, making me lose interest in what was happening.

The background stories giving context to the world was very poorly executed and was quite nonsensical too many times.

Overall, I give some points to the setting and visual style of the movie, but there's not much more than that I enjoyed.. Big disappointment from such an interesting director.

By the way, one more time I read so many reviews blaming Netflix for a bad movie, what is it with those people? How ridiculous!

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